So I wanted to bring up a sensitive subject regarding minimum wage. We all know that over the last couple years there has been a huge discussion about what the minimum wage should be.

McDonald’s employees are going on strike and they are standing in front of their restaurants protesting and demanding more pay or better pay. And all across the country for example California employees are frustrated because they don’t feel like they’re earning a decent income to provide for themselves. We are aware that the minimum wage is a Countrywide or is it a Statewide thing? I think it’s state to state.

So how much exactly should we be making an hour? Is $15.00 too much?

I’m going to say that for many states $15 an hour is perfect. Example: California and NewYork. But for other states not so much. But then that wouldn’t be fair.  But the cost of living is different. And that is basically what I am basing this on. At least for now. So let’s talk about a person’s work. What do we think we are worth when we go to work? Well that is subjective to the type of work you do and the amount of work or the amount of effort you put into your job.

Let’s go there. The worst places for customer service.



Basically most fast-food joints have shitty service. Is the service bad because the pay is bad? Is this a case for you get what you pay for? I think that might be the case in a lot of situations. Let’s take McDonald’s for example. How do people treat workers at McDonald’s? They treat them like shit. They call them Burger flippers, they consider them unskilled and they really have no respect for them.

I worked at McDonald’s before and my Customer skills were impeccable. But I still ran into assholes. People treat you like you’re beneath them.

But does lack of better treatment demand a need for higher pay?

What are we really talking about here?

We are talking about the quality of work and the amount of physical labor that each employee does during their shift.

Do you think that the educated and tradesmen should make more?

Let’s say you’re a Forklift operator. You’re earning $12.00 an hour. But you find out that McDonald’s is starting their employees out at $15.00. How would you feel?

If we pay skilled workers less than unskilled then we will have a problem. That will throw off the course and it will create a disaster. So before we can  begin to debate or even consider raising minimum wage for fast-food workers we need to first look at our skilled and educated workers to determine whether or not they are making what they deserve.


Honestly in this case you cannot start at the bottom. You must start at the top. I know that sounds rude or disrespectful but that is the truth of the matter. Because it is not fair to pay someone who went to college for two to six years to get an education only to be outbid by an unskilled Burger flipper. Let’s just call it like it is. I’m all for raising minimum wage for fast-food workers. But I don’t think it should go over $10 an hour.

So raising minimum wage for non skilled jobs will cause a domino effect for the skilled and educated worker.

But I gotta be honest. There is a part of me who does not want to see non skilled workers get a raise at all. And that’s because a lot of the times the attitudes I see when I’m in that type of environment they act like they don’t have a care in the world. A lot of them are extremely lazy and rude. But then again I’ve been in the same types of stores and seen exceptional employees. And you know they aren’t being appreciated  because they don’t have a decent living.

So whose responsibility is it to get you the kind of pay you want? Is it your responsibility to go to college and get a better education or get some education and go out there and find a better-paying job? Or should you stay where you are and continue to fight for your rights for better pay?