A 17-year-old girl has been arrested for allegedly stabbing a pregnant woman to death in Los Angeles, California last month.

Multiple sources report that the teenager, whose name has not been released by police because she is a juvenile, turned herself in to police on Friday. She has been charged with the murders of Jasmine Preciado, 22, and her unborn child.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Preciado – the mother of a 3-year-old girl and three months pregnant at the time – got into a fight with the unnamed teenager and two men near the Venice Beach boardwalk on Nov. 21. She was stabbed multiple times before the alleged assailants fled the scene, leaving Preciado to bleed to death. Los Angeles County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told People, “The stab wound in the neck is what killed her.”

The 17-year-old suspect currently remains in custody, and is scheduled to appear in juvenile court on Jan. 10. It is not clear if she has entered a plea deal at this time, but multiple sources report that she has denied all charges. The two other men involved in Preciado’s death still remain at large.

A GoFundMe page has since been created by one of Preciado’s friends to help pay for her funeral.

“She was taken from us along with the new life that she was carrying inside of her,” the description reads. “The people who did this did not consider that they were taking away a mother from her child, a friend, and most importantly they prevented a life from even coming into the world. Please donate what ever you are able to, to help contribute to the memorial services of the beautiful person that Jasmine was. All of the money raised will go towards her funeral services and her daughter.”

“She loved her daughter,” one of Preciado’s cousins, who wished to remain anonymous, told KTLA. “She’s going to be missed … We just want justice for her daughter.”

She had been on a date with her boyfriend when the stabbing occurred, they told the local station.

“Did you know that by hurting Jasmine, you hurt her daughter? You hurt her family, and you hurt her friends,” Preciado’s cousin, who only identified herself as Christina, told NBC.

Preciado’s boyfriend was unharmed and it’s unclear whether the suspects knew the slain woman.

What was this? A hit? Was this a robbery? Was the vehicle stolen?

So they went after her and not him? Was he present? Ugh I hate questions!!!!

Ok so after reading 6 different stories her boyfriend was present. She got into an argument with a man and she was stabbed to death. Did she know the man? Women don’t just typically get into arguments with strangers? Did her boyfriend try to help? I don’t see anywhere where he is mentioned. Her boyfriend should be able to show defense wounds if he were present during the attack.

 I just can’t shake this feeling that there’s more to the story. This was something personal like perhaps the man she got into an argument with was someone that she knew. Also guys like this tend to travel with other girls. And they usually choose some young girl to be their flunky and do their dirty work for them. The young girl might have been convinced that she could not be tried as an adult for whatever she did. So that’s why perhaps she decided to go along with it. But of course guilt has made her turn herself in and I wonder now if she’s going to spill the beans on exactly what happened. Because she should realize by now that she was set up. I think she did somebody’s Dirty Work.

Stabbing deaths are very personal. Even if they are random. But the fact that she was ambushed on the Streets isn’t sitting right with me. Of course it happened. But my question is, did she say something slick at the mouth to a stranger, then he went and got his lil cousin, they stole a SUV, then went back to the scene to find the girl? Is this even possible? Yes. Likely? Hell no. This story is missing the REAL motive. Does she have a jealous ex? Was she due in court? Was a custody battle in place?

You can’t just let these stories slide. Yes the girl committed this crime, but for what reason? 17 and 22 aren’t usually in the same circle. We need more.


Previous story

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Family members of a 22-year-old pregnant mother who was stabbed to death in Venice spoke with Eyewitness News Thursday.

Jasmine Preciado was a mother to a 3-year-old girl and pregnant with her second child when she was killed in a brutal stabbing at Windward and Pacific avenues.

“They killed not only her but a baby, an unborn child. It’s caused us a lot of hurt and we’re all suffering now. Now her daughter’s not going to have a mom anymore,” her aunt, Jackie Bustamante, said.

Her heartbroken mother, grandmother and other family members struggle to cope with the loss.

“I love my baby. She was always happy and I just adore my child,” her grandmother, Sophia Quesada, said.

The deadly attack was captured on surveillance video. In the footage, a scuffle appears to start on the left side of the screen. Then a woman runs onto the sidewalk and turns, appearing to hold a knife in her left hand.

Police are searching for two women and a man suspected in the murder who all fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

“She would give you the last sweater on her back if you were cold. I don’t know why someone would do this,” her friend Maya said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to raise funds for her funeral and can be found at www.gofundme.com/jasmine-preciados-burial.

Authorities are following leads, but no arrests have been made.