Okay for those of you who don’t know what Happy Festivus is, it’s a celebration that George Costanza’s dad came up with. George Costanza is a character from Seinfeld. Seinfeld is a comedian. A comedian is someone who is paid to make you laugh. Laughter is what we do when we find things comical or Funny. Funny is what I consider myself when I make a blog like this. This needs to stop. 🙂

Okay so it’s that Dreadful time of year again where we look to all our friends and family and question how they truly value US. We want to know if you guys appreciate us or not.

So we spend countless amounts of time trying to figure out exactly what to buy that person. We want to pick them up that perfect gift. That perfect gift that makes them say oh my God I love it. Well this year is going to be different for me. You know why? People aren’t giving me the best gifts and I am a really good considerate Gift Giver.

I really take my time and try to figure out each individual personality and give the gift based on that. But that must come to an end. I’m sick and tired of being taken advantage of. So this year I’m telling you guys what I’m getting for my family and friends. Now technically I think I only have maybe like one friend. And that’s my ex husband Erick. He’s my best friend. So I’ll probably think about his gift more. Because he’s a great dad to our girls.

But the rest of them. Your shits going to be practical.  I’m certain that my brothers don’t read my blog. Well one is a major Seminoles fan and Ericka (me)  is getting him a prank gift of Gators memorabilia. 🙂 My other brother is getting alcohol.

My sister in law’s are getting Bath and body Works! I’m showing up with a bunch of shit in the bag and I’m telling them pick what you want. I honestly do not have time to go down the list and find out what people want.  I honestly don’t even care. Shit I should get Moo moos for everyone!!!! Omg that would be great!

The kids  will probably get the Chargers to their devices back. I would get my sister something but she’s not talking to me so fuck her. I’m sitting here thinking about how awesome my Festivus list will be this year. I really don’t have much to do at all.. I know you guys are jealous.

Don’t spend too much time stressing over what to do for people. Just focus on what this season really means to you.  Ultimately it’s supposed to be about friends and family. Don’t lose sight of that.