As authorities hunt for two women who allegedly kidnapped Sherri Papini, friends and family of the 34-year old California mother of two are struggling to make some sense of her mysterious disappearance. “Why did they beat her and break her nose and brand her and burn her”? Joyce Travis who is the friend and former coworker of Sherri tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue on newsstands Friday. “Everyone wants to know, why,  everyone wants the answers”Travis said. “I am sure that Sherri doesn’t know either, I am sure she is just as confused today.” 

“When Sherri Walks in to the room everyone turns around and looks, and she is the girl you can’t hate because she is so nice, says Travis who met Sherri when the two worked together at AT&T. “Everyone who knew her were all distraught she was gone and hoping and praying she was found safe and sound. And as time went on it was getting despairing.” 

Travis believes that Sherrr was likely abducted by sex traffickers. “I believe it was an abduction from the beginning because of her size. She is so tiny, and I can just imagine her running up the side of the road and someone thinking she is a teenager and taking her for sex trafficking. She looks like a kid.” 

Friends have also rallied around her against those who claim the case as some kind of Twisted hoax or speculation. “It makes no sense you would do anything like that to yourself.” Keith’s coworker Nick Hurley tells PEOPLE. “For me, knowing her and how she was with her kids I knew right away that someone forcibly took her. There was no way she would leave her kiddos.”

Travis says that because of the branding,  it was almost like they didn’t want her to be beautiful anymore.