I’m going to show you how to decide whether to monetize your site.

Monetize=convert into or express in the form of currency.

“Monetize your site! they scream,  if you want to use your blog to make income”.  But little do they know, it’s not worth it. On an average I get 250,000 views a month. During my peak, I’m easily hitting 700,000 a month. That’s a lot of views right? Well I’m a popular girl. Poor but popular. But for me the option to monetize wasn’t available.

Not in the literal sense, but figuratively speaking, my site was doomed from it. By the time I looked into Adsense, I’d already had 475 vulgar blogs. I was not about to delete it. My content is not kid friendly. I remember clicking the Adsense button and the yellow alert popping up informing me that my site was Adult based and that Adsense isn’t gonna work.

Oh gosh I was shocked. Oh the nerve!

You have two options here though. First things first. Do not put any content on your blog until you are 100% sure of its content. Unless you don’t mind deleting or modifying content to try and get approved. Each site on Adsense has to go through approval and they do it one blog at a time. Yes they are that serious. Advertisers don’t want their products on your XXX site.

So you have to decide what’s more important.

Monetize – keep your content appropriate for the ads. Allow the advertising to be placed on your site wherever they choose. Wait until your account acquires $100.00 before you get the first payout. Strictly monitor your comments or turn off commenting.

Don’t monetize – (see how I did that?) Write whatever you want. Keep the content that matters to you and your readers. Complain profusely about not having ads, but know that you’ve made the right decision for you.

Blogging is all about expression. But too many people take our work for granted. They see an add on your website and think you’re rolling in the deep. But in reality for 6 months you’ve only earned $21.00. That’s why the saying is that blogging is no way to live.

Can you make a living at blogging? Yes you can. But first of all you’d need to leave WordPress. I’m not sure if the business plan would allow Adsense for ANY content. But if you’re serious about making money, you have to leave. WordPress doesn’t allow other ad companies.

We bloggers are a dime a dozen. And a lot of us entered this realm for All the wrong reasons. And it shows when I go to a lot of different web sites. I can see the ones who do it because they love it, and the ones who thought they’d get rich.

Another thing to consider. Why did you start blogging? It’s because you had something you wanted people to see or you had something to say that you wanted people to hear.

WITH that being said,  you need to find your first love and continue writing, or you can sulk and refuse to ever write again. In that case I could hardly call you a writer. As a writer I’m up at 4:00 a.m. looking for information, gathering knowledge to present to my readers. I take it seriously. That’s why I use my name. That’s me and my blog is a representation of who I am.


Does it matter more to get paid or does it matter more to be free? Well if you’re lucky, you’ll find a few of your readers who’d donate a few bucks to you because they enjoy you or your blog. Be grateful! Yes you are the shit, but they make you famous. Out of all the blogs they can be on, they found you. So say thank you!

As you see, I have a PayPal link on my page and my readers have the freedom to donate as much or little as they like, or none at all. I’m still going to write.

How to blog

Guys yes you can write a blog post and walk away. But if you want to try to earn a living at or at least get a tiny check from Google, you need material.

I’m working on 700 blog posts. I’m a serious blogger. Some people have 1 page and they think they are bloggers. No what you’ve done is write ONE essay and gave up.

How are you expecting to make a name for yourself or earn anything if you’re getting 100 views a month. That’s not a lot of impressions. Adsense isn’t going to take your blog for advertising.

Matter of fact you need to be somewhere along the 13-20,000 monthly view mark before they’d consider you. So get to writing or creating. The application process is 1-7 months from my understanding. And once you’re approved, all you have to do is watch your content.

Understand that the Advertising market fluctuates. The same views that earned you $25.00 this week will earn $11.00 the following week. So you can’t be discouraged.

Good luck!

Happy blogging 😊😊😊