Palm Bay, Florida police say a woman has been arrested for connection to the death of a 5-year-old girl.


According to News 6, on Nov. 25, Jacqueline Chiara Bjorndal, 22, found Aubrie Alcott dead in a pool. Police said Bjorndal, who was babysitting the 5-year-old girl, was smoking meth and marijuana when she let her go outside to play with her pet pig by the pool.

When Bjorndal’s roommate arrived at the house 20 minutes after Aubrie went outside, he saw a dark shadow at the bottom of the pool. He retrieved the girl, called 911, and the operators walked him through CPR.

“We got a little girl who fell in the pool, and she’s not breathing. Her lips are blue,” the roommate said.

Aubrie’s mother told Bjorndal not to let the girl anywhere near the pool, police said.

“The mother knew that Aubrie couldn’t swim and she didn’t want her back by the pool,” said Lt. Mike Bandish with Palm Bay Police.

Bjorndal has been charged with Aggravated Manslaughter by Neglect of a Child. She is at Brevard County Detention Center with no bond, and her arraignment is scheduled for Jan. 5.

How do you leave your child at home with that? The best thing about this woman is that she has some nice hair. But you can look at her and tell she is clearly on something. And I know her appearance Didn’t change drastically after the arrest. She woke up like that.