So a week ago I put this poll out there and I wanted to figure out what people were really thinking. Yeah I know the numbers are small, but it’s still accurate.

And as you can see more people believe that Sherri is not a victim.

Here’s a quote for you.

Hitler convinced the Aryan Nations that Blonde hair and blue eyes were superior. But strangely enough, Nobody realized or seemed to notice that Hitler had brown eyes and dark hair. It makes you think doesn’t it?

Basically this man was able to pass his convictions off to everyone else but he himself failed to meet his own criteria.

Imagine having your ego stroked. Someone who looks at you and they brand you as theirs. Just let that digest. The person who is stroking your ego and inflating you is someone who does not fit the mold of what they are glorifying. How did Hitler do that? Just simple flattery. Just a simple technique of buttering someone up could make them yours forever. Is it reverse psychology?

If I write a blog and I call it ‘ Blondes have more fun’  but you look at me and you say she’s not blonde so why is she saying this? I’m saying it because apparently I’m a brunette and I’m not having fun. But I’m only saying it because I want something from the blonde and I’m going to say whatever I have to say to get it. That is the only reason why we glorify people. We want something that they have, we want something from them. So why is Keith glorifying his wife?

Imagine a superstar. He travels all over the world and he does concerts in many venues all across the country. When he gets to Miami Florida, he says Miami Florida in the house! When he gets to California he said what’s up California! When he gets to Australia he said what’s up man glad to be here! When he gets to London he says what’s up it’s foggy here!. He literally acts like every state and every country is the best place he’s ever been. He compliments every one of them. But why? Because they gave him something And he wants something from them.

So I want you to think about this case and I want you to tell me why you think Keith Papini is kissing his wife’s ass. I want you to tell me why he is selling her story. I want you to tell me why he is her spokesperson.

You ever had your child run up to you and say Mommy you’re the best. Mommy you’re the greatest? Mommy I love you. But somewhere behind that compliment you knew there was an objective. You knew there was a motive. And you just gave in because they look so cute. What is going on in the Papini case?

Are you trying to tell me you don’t think Keith is doing some major ass-kissing? But ass kissing for what?

What did he do? You ever see the cheating husband running behind the wife like a puppy dog? Thats what’s going on here. The problem is we don’t know why.

Another story is running about Keith saying that Sherri Papini is so traumatized that she can’t go back to that same house ever again. Lmao!!!!  Oh gosh I’m serious I am trying my hardest to be a serious blogger right now. I am trying not to laugh but this is fucking hilarious. Did anything take place in the house? Keith Papini is stating that they would love to have a new house or another house but they can’t afford it in other words. He says that the cost is an issue.

Got a question for you.

“She didn’t get into a vehicle on her own,” Keith said. He said guns were involved and that Sherri did what her captors said.

So if you weren’t forced into the vehicle does that still classify as a kidnapping?  So basically she was not startled? Is he saying that the girls drove up in the SUV and pointed a gun at her and said get in the truck and she got in?

“[Sherri] told me she took a piece of cloth and rolled it up like it was Violet and she rocked it,” Keith said in an interview that aired Friday on ABC’s 20/20. “She was so strong.”

So if she was able to take a piece of cloth and fold it up is that safe to say that her hands were not bound the entire time?  Is it also safe to say that her captors left her alone for periods of time in the room or wherever she was held captive without any binding? Where is she getting this cloth?

Keith previously said Sherri was found with a bag over her head and chains around her wrists and waist. Her hair had been chopped off. The woman who called 911 after seeing Sherri on the side of the road told PEOPLE she looked “panicked and frightened.”

Now I don’t think that’s exactly true.  I think it’s impossible for her to have been found with a bag over her head. Especially considering the first person who saw her saw her face and saw her hair. Why he’s saying that? No idea.

By the way head over to The Daily Beast. The Cameron Gamble story is phenomenal. They did their homework.