A neighbor stepped in to take care of the abandoned pups.


According to sources the family skipped town and left their two dogs behind. A buddy of Keiths who was spotted at the Papini home on Sunday December 4th spoke to the New York Post and said that he was there to walk the dogs. A neighbor said that they don’t think the family will ever be returning. According to sources he had lived in this house on Sunset dust Road since he was five years old. As to where the family is going now,  another neighbor told the Post that they have absolutely no idea, but perhaps they’re going way up north in cold country with their wealthy relatives who took them in not long after she was found.

The question I have for this ordeal is why didn’t they take their dogs with them? Your dogs are like your babies they are your children they are your kids. And they look to you to take care of them. Now I understand it’s going to be just about feeding them and making sure they have water and being walked.  But isn’t it more than that though? I thought we form a personal emotional bond with our pets. I know I do. I love dogs so this is a little bit strange for me that they did not flee with them. Because I thought that they were part of the family. And this makes me think maybe they aren’t going to some big extravagant mansion somewhere in cold country. It makes me think that something else is going on.

Look we know the neighbors are in cahoots with them okay? That’s not hard to figure out. Why would they mention wealthy? Because they want you to think that the money that you’ve donated they did not need it. But the truth of the matter is they needed it desperately. If they had wealthy relatives when they needed the ransom or decided to use the Reverse Ransom, why didn’t they mention this family member or what have you? Now I understand secrecy and things of that nature, but we are all aware of someone who is a celebrity who more than likely has siblings that are poor. That poor relative is aware of the wealthy one and vice versa. What would be the problem with them saying, “yes I have a distant relative that is coming forth and trying to help the ordeal?” I find that more believable than some anonymous donor who came in town for just a week or so who offered this money and he or she was a complete stranger. That doesn’t make any sense. So why are they trying to sell us on the wealthy bit right now? Because they know what they’ve done. They know they took the money and they know they ran.

Do you know what taking dogs away from children is like? Children have a bond with them as well. That will be heartbreaking for them to have to leave those dogs behind. Because the children grow so accustomed to them.





On a lighter note. I read the funniest thing today about this case. Because I could use a good laugh.


The commentor says, ” I knew the dogs were behind this the entire time. Now they finally have the whole house to themselves.” Very funny.