The battered 3-year-old Brooklyn boy whose ongoing abuse was missed when child welfare agents went to the wrong address, has died, relatives said Sunday.

Little Jaden Jordan, who suffered a fractured skull, a lacerated kidney and a lacerated liver, died Saturday evening after his family took him off life support, his heartbroken dad said.

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“It was devastating, when they first turned the machine off. It’s hard, you know,” the boy’s father, Guseyn Aliyev, 37, told the Daily News.

You know, the doctor said that that’s it, he’s never going to come back after this.”


Young Jaden clung to life for five days after he was found Nov. 28 in his Gravesend home unresponsive and covered in feces, authorities said.

The boy was rushed from his W. Fifth St. home to Coney Island Hospital last Monday, just two days after the city’s child welfare agency investigated an anonymous tip about the abuse, but took no action, sources said.

Guseyn Aliyev said taking his son Jaden off life support was “devastating.”

Cops charged the mother’s boyfriend, Salvatore Lucchesse, with four counts of assault and endangering the welfare of a child. The charges are expected to be upgraded to murder.

Lucchesse, 24, has admitted he was in charge of babysitting Jaden for the boy’s mother, Raven Haynes, at the time of the tragedy, but insisted he did not hurt the boy, according to police sources.

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He told authorities that he tried to save the boy’s life by performing CPR and dialing 911 when the boy slipped and hit his head in the tub.

Jaden showed no brain activity late Tuesday and was transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia in Manhattan, where he died.

Workers from the city Administration for Children’s Services were tipped Nov. 26 to horrific conditions at Jaden’s home.

But three investigators went to the wrong address right next door and didn’t figure it out until three days later — the same day the anonymous tipster said a little kid was locked in a dog cage inside the apartment.

A 911 call came at 4:24 p.m. Monday, but ACS would not say whether investigators found the apartment before emergency workers took Jaden to Coney Island Hospital. Neighbors and a police source said the adorable boy was forced to stay inside a dog cage and was menaced by a pit bull.

Lucchesse has a history of domestic abuse allegations. He was arrested July 30, 2015, after a fight with his sibling, a police source said. The case stalled when the sister declined to cooperate after initially calling the cops, the source said.

Lucchesse’s rap sheet also includes three other sealed arrests, along with a dozen NYPD domestic incident reports — four involving the same woman He additionally was accused of choking his 5-year-old nephew in 2011. Cops from the NYPD Special Victims Division investigated, but doctors found no evidence of an injury, so no charges were brought.

As relatives mourned Jaden’s death Sunday, the hot-tempered Lucchesse whined about not getting enough to eat at Rikers Island, where he swaggered around bragging that he bravely saved the child’s life, a jail source said.

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