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California looking to tax the Pot business

{LOS ANGELES — California’s legal marijuana industry is expected to involve everything from backyard growers to sprawling fields in the farm belt, storefront sellers along rural roads to chain-store like outlets in Los Angeles.

 State tax collectors are taking initial steps to get a hand into that vast, emerging economy, with billions of dollars at stake in the future for the state treasury. State analysts have estimated that state and local governments could eventually collect over $1 billion annually from the production and sale of legal pot.

Just how big a job that will be, no one knows.

The state has no reliable way to predict how many new retailers will enter the marketplace when marijuana becomes legal in 2018. It’s estimated there could be 25,000 cultivators who will have to register and begin paying taxes.

But it’s only a guess how many operations making money off the fragrant, sticky buds will try to remain hidden in the black market.

“It’s just going to be the wild, wild West out there,” predicted Jerome Horton, who sits on the state’s tax-collecting Board of Equalization.

The panel on Tuesday started framing its job, approving on a divided vote a proposal to request funds to begin gradually adding staff in anticipation of collecting taxes from the legal sale and cultivation of marijuana.

The board’s action came three weeks after voters approved Proposition 64, which legalized the recreational use of marijuana in the nation’s most populous state.}

Ahh good ole USA hating drugs (in public) but still finding a way to capitalize off of it.

There is no way this country is disgusted with the drug businesses. They are just upset that they can’t collect anything from the deal. But even at that it stimulates the economy.

The United States is a Capitalist country. It was founded on capitalism. We buy, sell, trade EVERYTHING. WE started out selling buying and trading HUMANS until finally somebody stepped up and said, this is wrong.

The drugs won’t cease to exist in this country. But let’s say all ILLEGAL drugs dealings were eradicated. Guess what we’d have then. PHARMACEUTICALS. YEP that’s right. They are insisting that we stay on drugs and they despise alternative medicine.

Look at what marijuana can do.

But the United States doesn’t want to make it legal nationwide?

Get real. This PLANT is amazing and it saves lives and makes living life for many more bearable.

I’m all for legalization of it. But I get disgusted when I write a story of an elderly woman a month or so ago and the Police department in her city flew in over her house and ripped her plant from her back yard. She had one plant in her yard to assist with her condition. Or people in California will be able to smoke marijuana recreationally but I will go to jail if I live in a state where it’s not legal.

How much sense does it make? They are going to tax it. And that’s exactly what they’ve been waiting on. They have been waiting for the opportunity to approve it and make it legal but they also were waiting to find a way that they could basically capitalize off of it.

If this country is so against drugs why do they put drugs on the streets to catch criminals? Like what kind of system are you running where you’re the law, but you’re also the pusher?

A lot of us are too young to remember this. But remember when alcohol was prohibited? They finally made it legal and they tax it to death. Remember tobacco? They don’t want it to the point where you can manufacture it privately in your home, they want to create it so that they can slap their price on it and put whatever carcinogens in it. They want to make the money.

Remember when Cuban cigars were banned? Lmao what a joke.

Let me just go down here and buy 50 guns, but I’ll be arrested if caught with a joint? It’s all about the money. Let me go purchase 25 bottles of Grand Marnier. That’ll solve my problems.

I can’t sell cigarettes on the streets or CDs but YOU will put heroin on the street? I can’t sell a hotdog on the streets or T-shirts without a vendors license, but you put drugs on the street?

Listen guys, I don’t know how many people agree with me on this. But I think we should make it legal everywhere.

I’ve heard people say that drugs in general should be legalized. I don’t agree with this at all. Like the shit is illegal and people are still acting like zombies from Bath salts and K2.


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