You know when you have friends or certain family members who come over and you have to entertain them? They need constant attention and they are extremely needy. You spend your time catering to them and correcting their bad ass kids?

You know the kids who insist on spilling the red Kool-Aid on your carpet or who put their feet up on your couch? Those kids. You are so happy to see them,  but they start getting on your nerves after a while.

Thats how it feels when I write a sensationalized story. The visitors are overwhelming.  They ask a billion questions.  They email all day and night. They take over and as a blogger I just sit back and watch in disbelief.  There’s this adrenaline rush initially to feed them and give them everything you have.  But after a while you look around and realize,  there’s nothing left to give.  Then you watch your daily viewer count decrease from 25,000 to 15,000 to 10,000. Its bittersweet.  You love the guests but you just want to relax and take your bra off and toss your wig on the floor.

There’s a sigh of relief when Finally the guests are gone. Now its back to you and your household.  You can go back to clipping your toenails on the living room floor.  You can go back to sitting on the couch with your hands in your pants. You can go back to running out the bathroom naked to get more toilet paper.

Ahhh the guests are leaving.  Now its just about dealing with the neighbors who pop in from time to time to check on you.

Or that last minute visitor who missed EVERYTHING!  THAT crazy fucker comes on a month after its dwindling down and says, WHO IS yada yada yada and whats the story?  They don’t know shit! Lol and I’m like LOOK DAMMIT where were you 2 months ago?  I don’t have time to explain all this shit.

Thats the life of a blogger.