Kala Brown, a woman who was locked inside a metal container for more than two months, filed a lawsuit in civil court on Thursday seeking damages from suspected kidnapper and serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, reports WLOS, a local ABC affiliate.

Brown was discovered by detectives searching Kohlhepp’s property in rural South Carolina when they heard a banging coming from inside the container on November 3.

Brown was found chained up “like a dog,” inside the container after she went missing along with her boyfriend on August 31, according to police.


Brown’s suit alleges that after going out to the property “for the purpose of work that involved cleaning up,” Kohlhepp “presented a firearm and took Miss Brown hostage,” and “chained and locked her inside a metal shipping container.”

The suit seeks damages, alleging that Kohlhepp “forcefully kidnapped and imprisoned her, threatened and actually committed physical assault and battery upon her person, and intentionally and negligently inflicted severe emotional distress upon her.”


Brown’s lawyers allege that she was subjected to intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, assault and battery.

Brown, 30, told investigators that she witnessed Kohlhepp shoot and kill her boyfriend, Charles Carver. Carver’s body was later found in a shallow grave on the property.

Police suspect Kohlhepp’s involvement in a total of seven killings.


This story was actually terrorizing. This story is terrifying and the fact that this woman went through this terrible ordeal. She watched this man kill her partner in Cold Blood. Kohlhepp is responsible for at least 7 deaths. And I’m not sure if you’re familiar with his story, but it’s shocking indeed.

He is a real estate Guru who owned a large piece of property and on that property he buried the bodies of his victims. At least three bodies were recovered from his property and after those bodies were recovered he confessed to killing four other people about 10 years ago. That case was able to provide closure or a sense of closure for the family that had lived in turmoil for all these years and had no answers.





Kala is fortunate to be alive. Imagine the horror of being locked in a cage. Her frantic rescue was a long time coming. She is empowering herself by suing this creep. It’s the least she can do.

I wish her the best in her recovery. She is a true survivor.