A woman, who asked to not be identified, said she spoke with Channel 9 about her discovery of the videos to prevent other women from having to go through a similar experience.SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – An Orlando man was charged with sexual cyber-harassment and stalking after his ex-wife told deputies she found sexually explicit videos of her posted on Facebook.
  • “It’s very damaging to all people involved,” the woman said. “If we get ashamed of it and don’t talk about it, it’s going to happen more and more. So if that happens to you, it is important to speak up.”

    The state attorney’s office said investigators spent months gathering evidence and interviewing those involved before arresting and jailing Marcelo Garcia on three charges.

    According to a police report, three videos of the woman performing sexual acts were uploaded to a Facebook account.

    “The postings were videos that were personal, [that] were taken when I was married to this individual,” she said. “During 23 years of marriage, different videos were taken. They were supposed to be confidential.”

    The Seminole County Sheriff’s Office report said the woman learned of the posts after her brother-in-law received a Facebook friend request from someone using her new husband’s name.

    “When friends and family found his friend request, of course they accepted it,” she said.

    Her husband told investigators he didn’t create the account in question.

    Garcia was also charged with criminal use of personal identification in the case.

    “I hope that this sets an example and a precedent for any other cases that come in the future, because this has gotten out of hand,” the woman said.

    State legislation commonly referred to as the revenge porn law was enacted last year, making it a first-degree misdemeanor to post sexual images or videos of someone without permission.

    What a disgusting thing to do? After you end a relationship you expect things to remain civil. But when someone does something this treacherous against you it makes you realize that you really can’t trust anyone or that you never really knew who you married.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making sexually provocative videos when you’re in a committed relationship to someone. The problem lies in what exactly happens to those videos or those photos once you two break up. And that is something that a lot of women and men have a problem with. They don’t know the character of the person they started dating or the character of the person that they married. SO they assume.

    I’m going to tell you something. Before you enter into any type of long-term Union with anyone you need to know how they are going to behave when they are angry. See when people are getting their way they keep their mask on. They grin and smile in your face and act all friendly and act as if everything is okay. But the moment you oppose them, or you challenge them, or you demand change, then all of a sudden the fangs come out.

    One of the best ways to tell the character of anyone in your company is to tell them No. The moment you begin to say no, or you try to end things, or you try to assert yourself, you will see what people’s true colors are. You will find that those who you thought were with you are not with you at all. They were with you because you were dancing to the beat of their drum. But the moment you create your own Rhythm all of a sudden they are no longer interested.

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