Disclaimer: If you have a problem with what I post on MY site, who cares? If you aren’t going to donate, contribute verbally to the content, or share the content,  then you’re just a SPECTATOR. WHAT the FUCK makes you think I want to hear your opinion? My TRUE fans would have no problem with my posts or a request for donations. THEY know they don’t have to give.  Keep your little snide comments to yourself and don’t ever tell me what to write or post on my blog. I’ll ban you so fast it’ll make your head spin. You’re in my house,  show some respect!


It pisses me off when I see criminals get support but hard work not paying off. It pisses me off when the blatant crook gets financial backing and donations but the person with integrity gets nothing. I’ve had hundreds of thousands of viewers on my blog. I’ve had 5 donors. I’m not a criminal. I’m not a con artist, but people would rather give to liars and ANYBODY who is religious regardless of their crimes and deception.

A man can rape a baby and somebody will still give to his cause. The world is so ass backwards right now. Organization after organization assisting drug addicts and violent convicted felons. But a blogger like me says please donate and a piece of shit wants to say they lost respect for me.

You give to your pastors, trying to buy your way into the kingdom. You literally pay a man to read a book to you that you ALREADY own every Sunday. But your pockets are thin or empty when it comes to writers. You have no respect for the Work and time that goes into this.

People look at Certain professions and act like they aren’t worthy of compensation. Were you entertained? Does it give you something? Then consider helping. We pay comedians to make us laugh. We pay Sports figures MILLIONS to entertain us. But a blogger can’t be donated to?

Be respectful to all bloggers and writers. Stop with the exploitation. Next time you’re on any site give a couple bucks. It does a lot for under ground writers. 

How dare you come on somebody’s site trying to tell them what to post? Enjoy the content, Donate IF YOU WANT, stfu, repeat. Lol

What will be changing.

Emails, I will NOT BE your personal email consultant.  Stop emailing me asking me questions on the case.  Its annoying.  Many of you are draining and consuming. Stop it!

Does Websleuths allow you to privately email them and address your concerns?  If they do,  someone is PAID to do it. I’ve been doing it for FREE for 10 years. Not anymore.  I don’t mind FAN email.  I love that.  But a complete email discussing the case? Stop it!  Discuss the case on the site.

Some of you are trying to overstep your boundaries. No censorship is exactly that.  But I will not be allowing disrespectful comments.  I hate banning people.  Its stupid.  But I will. Especially if its directed at me. I don’t deserve it.  Stop it!

When you come on my blog and get upset that I demand respect,  thats the same thing as an abusive boyfriend getting upset because I see my value or worth. I aint having it. You’re upset because you thought you could take advantage.

Listen I understand that many of you want everything for free. I get it. Everybody has their hands out.  Just remember,  you get what you pay for and you get what you ask for.

The purpose for this POST?

After realizing that blog after blog of stories like the Papini case or Aleah Beckerle case or Casey Anthony (which is where I first became known) where all families are extremely crooked, ONE case, Aleah Beckerle, is a 19 year old disabled girl who can’t walk or talk and is wheelchair bound, but her mother claims someone walked into her house and kidnapped her invalid daughter. I killed that story. I gave countless hours to research, 8 weeks straight, making videos, posting everything to get this Childs name out because she has NO VOICE and nobody cared. Even going as far as creating a Facebook page for her and received Not 1 penny. I worked so hard and we all contacted Nancy Grace before her show ended and she plugged Aleah. She still hasn’t been found, but I fought like hell. But yet the religious zealots managed to donate $50,000 to her drug addicted mother. But my motives are questioned? Fuck everyone who has a problem with my work. I had a link on my blog for a personal GoFundMe and omg, now I’m greedy and selfish and self serving. Really? I took it down because people made such a fuss. Not this time. Oh no not this time. And people are actually donating. I’m not going to let anyone stop my blessings. There are followers out there who respect what I do. I’m grateful for them.

I’m human. I get tired of the same garbage all the time. I fight to bring awareness but at the same time, I have to deal with naysayers. Where is your Blog? Where is your blog and personalized video for Aleah Beckerle? You haven’t done half the shit I’ve done, but you have the audacity to come on my site and challenge me? All I know to say to haters is FUCK OFF. That’s all I got for ya.

I wish I could stop choosing these sensationalized stories. It’s like I choose them and they aren’t popular then all of a sudden I start writing….ugh. I can’t wait for this damn Papini story to be over. That way I can see who my real fans are. I don’t mind visitors, but your fans know you and they accept you as you are.

I’m Ericka Courtney and I approve this mother fucking message.

Yes I was pissed when I wrote this.