Okay so this guy decides to go to a mosque and stand outside and show his support from Muslims in the American communities. First of all let me say I commend this guy. I think what he did was extremely courageous. I am always reiterating that we are one America.

Which brings me to this crazy psycho Native American bitch. Before I begin let me go ahead and tell you I don’t give a fuck what you think. Right is right and wrong is wrong, and I don’t carry a pacifier. If you read my blogs you better expect to grow up or get the fuck out because I don’t have time to babysit.

First off I’m not a sellout. I don’t think I’m white. I’m not trying to be. Once again with this big ass nose of mine I can’t be white. It just don’t look good. But what I am really tired of hearing about in this country is Native Americans and this Dakota access pipeline. If you want to jump on the bandwagon with that that’s fine, I could care less. But I think we have bigger issues. Like UNITING the fucking country. I’m so sick of people living in one country but trying to have their own space, their own land. Oh this is NATIVE LAND. Man fuck your native land. It’s 2016. This is The United States of America. The Beatles said it best, COME TOGETHER. How fucking hard is it to join forces? There is nothing like living in a land full of people who act like you don’t belong there. This chick had the audacity to tell me that as far as she’s concerned we all basically need to be kicked out of the United States because this is NATIVE LAND.  Then she starts talking about how the white man did this and the white man did that and wiped off their entire population almost. Girl I get it. I understand it’s true it happened. But there is nothing you can do about it today.

When you spend your entire life looking at all the reasons why you are so different from everybody else you will always have a hard time adapting to other cultures. And people are so quick to want you to jump on with their plans and their ideas and their way of life, but they have a major problem with embracing your way of life. Every culture in the United States has something unique and beautiful to offer. But I’m at a place in my life right now where I just really don’t have time for listening to whiny ass bitches. And to me this whole DAPL protest is bullshit. I don’t care if Jesus Christ is protesting. It’s stupid and causing more division.

Look you ask anybody out there who is old enough what they think about the Native American, what they think about black people, what they think about white people and it’s all the same. We all know the history. I don’t need anybody else to give me another lesson on black history or Native American history. It is what it is and it’s done. The reason why I wrote that blog first of all is because I was noticing that some of the Native American Facebook friends that I used to have had these conceited attitudes, and I have to put that shit in check. I don’t care if I have any Native American blood in me.  What the fuck make them think their blood is better than mine? Since when did their blood become better than black blood, or white blood or Puerto Rican blood or whatever kind of blood? I don’t have time for that. Everyone running around claiming Native American blood. But does it benefit? What will I get if I got some of it in me? Will I live longer? Will it give me better luck and prosperity?

If you’re a NATIVE American on this blog and you think your shit don’t stink, FUCK YOU! I’ll say it again, ERICKA COURTNEY Says FUCK YOU. Nobody has time to deal with your ungrateful ass. Everyone else alive today is WORKING for everything they have. If they want land, they BUY IT. You were promised land? So we’re blacks. We didn’t get shit. But many of us own land now because we inherited it or bought it. Yeah some of them are still whining too. I’ll tell them to shut up too. NOBODY wants to hear it.

We have a long way to go to reach equality. But I think we are doing ok. I think we are trying. We still have racial injustice but we are trying to be better. We still have social injustice, but we are trying. Anything that doesn’t unite this country destroys it. And I’m all about unity. Yeah I know certain people don’t like me, well they can kill themselves. I still want unity.

Yes I’m black and I’m proud. Lol but of what? Ain’t a damn thing to be proud of when it comes to skin color. Be proud of having great character. All this PRIDE in race is silly.

I’m proud to be walking, breathing, eating good food, getting my hair done, not being in prison, not killing folks who pissed me off. But proud of skin color? People say they are proud of their color to convince themselves that whatever negative stereotypes are associated with their race doesn’t apply to them.

To all my readers who think the way I think, YOU BELONG! I don’t care about your race or your age or your culture or your language. None of that stuff matters. All we have in life is sex, good food, good music, and sleep. That’s it. And if you have a good family and maybe can find some decent friends along the way and top that off with good health,  you are rich. All this other stuff is just trivial and foolish distractions.