I’ll say this.

They have gotten away with this. They are golden. They made it to 20/20 so even if it is a Hoax, lol people will still support them. After all, GOD FORGIVES and nobody is perfect. I’ll go on being the big mouth blogger who continues to spread the truth and the con artist will win.

People will believe anything you tell them. Did you see Cameron Gamble strut his stuff on the scene? And you wonder why I do this? I can spot a crook and a bullshit story miles away.

All of these boys are in this together and you’ve been duped. Look at the crocodile tears.

Then Keith Papini Took a photo of the phone on the ground before he presented it to the police. Who does that? He took a picture! Are you serious? Did he take a photo because he KNEW HE’D Be the #1 suspect? This was calculated. Completely premeditated.

If you are looking for your wife and you see her phone on the ground, you’d take a picture of it or just pick it up?

And he Cameron Gamble has kidnapping simulators? But he doesn’t do this for the critics, he does it for the small number that matter. This is a plot to suck sympathy and drain resources.

Why would anyone contact Cameron Gamble? His business was extremely difficult to pin down. His site was of no existence before this sham. The only way anyone would know who Cameron was if it wasn’t for his ties to Bethel Church. BSSM.

Thanksgiving Night or day? Who cares? What kind of question is that? Sherri Papini asked the cops whether it was Thanksgiving Day or night.

Then Keith Papini says HE WAS NAUSEATED LOOKING AT HIS WIFE. That’s YOUR wife! What kind of husband says that because her appearance changed? What if she had cancer you MORON?

Someone goes to say that perhaps it was someone trying to break her will. HE STATES that it was an occult. An occult from the Bethel Church or her family? Yes occults will attempt to break your will, but it’s through brainwashing. You don’t get jumped into an occult, you get jumped into a gang.

Keith states that Sherri Papini would NEVER LEAVE ALL of THAT. All of what sir? A stay at home mom with a husband who works at Best Buy? You don’t live in a mansion . You don’t live on a ranch.

Her description is indeed a needle in a haystack.  Keith says that it’s more logical that a woman would approach two women in a SUV than 2 men. Sherri states that the women kept their eyes covered. The entire time they kept their eyes covered!? While they drove too? While they chopped off of her gorgeous blonde locks?

Keith said that their faces were covered the entire time. How would a car pull up and you see two people with masks on their face and you STILL approach them?

How did they cut off her hair with her head covered?

How can you say she was beaten as a reporter WHEN YOU DIDNT SEE IT?!?!

Sex trafficking victims aren’t beaten if you want to earn money from them.

This girl was not trafficked.

They are all getting paid and Sheriff Is straddling the fence. He’s acting as a double agent.

The scenario that Keith is painting is the one I gave on my blog. Someone making an inquiry while she was out jogging. But she doesn’t remember WHO it was.

Listen, you’re going to believe what you want. It really doesn’t matter. But let me explain this. When the emotions are the center of a story, you have left all reasoning at the door. It’s impossible to show compassion for this family AND be objective.

Yes I find it extremely coincidental that she was found on Thanksgiving. Thanks….Giving. Thank you for giving.

I’ve mentioned this before. Give at your own discretion. But don’t say you weren’t warned.

Everyone in this story that’s showing their face has something to gain. And they have nothing to lose. What can really be done if we discovered it’s a HOAX? Lots of civil lawsuits?

What arrest can be made? The Sheriff says that it looks like the phone was placed there. Well duh! By who? Keith! Who else?

He seems to arrive at the scene earlier than anyone else.

Sherri Papini, 34, went missing on Nov. 2 and was found alive on Thanksgiving Day on the side of a road roughly 150 miles from the Papini family home in Redding, California.

It was very early that morning on Nov. 24 that Keith Papini said his home phone rang.

“It was my wife screaming in the background, yelling my name, and a CHP [California High Patrol] officer that seemed somewhat confused at the moment, like, ‘What is going on?’” Keith Papini told ABC’s “20/20” in an exclusive interview. “And [the officer] said, ‘I need you to be calm. I need you to be calm.’ … I already know it’s her. I can tell her voice.”

At first, Keith Papini said he didn’t know what going on, whether his wife was hurt or not. He can only hear her screaming.

“I get the phone and, [I said], ‘Oh my God, honey.’ And of course she’s screaming,” Keith Papini said. “It’s very emotional. And, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you, Oh my God, you’re here. You’re back. Where are you?’ And then the phone gets taken away from her. Like, super quick.”

Getting that phone call and hearing his wife screaming made him feel “very mixed emotion[s],” Keith Papini said.

“I’m panicked but I’m happy because at this point this is the first time I’ve heard her voice,” he added. “I know she’s alive.”

Watch Keith Papini’s emotional interview, in which he describes searching for his wife and then reuniting with her for the first time, on ABC’s “20/20” FRIDAY, Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. ET.

Soon after getting the call, Keith Papini said he told the couple’s two children their mother had been found. He said he told their 4-year-old son, Tyler, first.

“I sat him down, and I was on my knees and he was standing up,” Keith Papini said. “And I said, ‘You know what, buddy? I found mom,’ and he got the biggest grin.’”

He then told their 2-year-old daughter, Violet. “I wanted to do it one by one,” Keith Papini said.

Keith Papini told ABC News in an exclusive statement this week that when he was reunited with his wife at the hospital, her face was “covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beatings,” the bridge of her nose had been broken and her signature long blond hair had been chopped off. He added that his wife weighed only 87 pounds when she was found.

On the day she was found, Keith Papini said his wife told him she had been in a vehicle with her alleged captors and that one of her arms was chained to something inside the car.

“She was bound … she had a metal chain around her waist,” he said. “She had a bag over her head … she was chained anytime she was in a vehicle.”

Keith Papini said his wife told him that at some point her alleged captors stopped the vehicle and opened the door. “They cut something” that freed her restraint that was holding her in the vehicle, he said, then pushed her out onto the road and drove away.

“She screamed so much, she’s coughing up blood from the screaming, trying to get somebody to stop [on the road],” he said. “And again just another sign of how my wife is, she’s so wonderful. She’s saying, ‘Well maybe people aren’t stopping because I have a chain that looks like I broke out of prison’ so she tried to tuck in her chain under her clothes.”

Why is he milking the story? Because SHE will make an appearance one day and EVERYONE WILL TUNE IN to see Supermom. Lol what a circus. These people are some serious characters.

Why did Keith’s tears refuse to fall?

At the end of the day. The con artist always wins and the hard-working blogger continues to write. That’s life. Next story?