December 2015

The NYPD is looking for a trio of female kidnappers they say beat a woman with brass knuckles, cut her hair and threatened to brand her after snatching her off her New York City doorstep earlier this month.

Police say that the victim, whom they knew, was about to enter her home on Grand Avenue in the Bronx on Dec. 4 when the trio of attackers tossed a hood over her head and forced her into an SUV.

Authorities say that the trio then drove around and took turns punching the victim in the head and body while wearing brass knuckles.

Police said the victim and the suspects knew each other from the neighborhood, and the assault appeared to stem from a “neighborhood fight.”

One attacker heated a piece of metal with a small blowtorch and threatened to brand the victim. Another attacker then snipped the woman’s hair and threatened to cut her.

They eventually kicked the woman out of the vehicle and sped off, leaving her behind and badly bruised in an unknown part of the borough without her iPhone, jacket, keys and jewelry.

It’s not clear if the woman suffered any lasting injuries. It’s also not clear if she knew her attackers.

Authorities released images of the three attackers on Friday, but their identities weren’t immediately available.

Neighbor Tiara Downer was surprised to hear of the attack.

“Those things don’t usually happen in this area, at least not in this neighborhood,” she said.

“It’s disturbing, we do a lot of mentoring groups with young women to prevent things like this,” she added. “It’s more disturbing, you know, this is the kind of thing we’re trying to stop.”

Officers are currently looking for three suspects in the brutal assault that the victim was able to identify on social media.

Police have described three out of the six suspects: a woman with blonde hair and a medium build, a roughly 22-year-old woman with brown eyes and long black hair who stands 5 feet tall and weighs 130 pounds, and a thin woman with long black hair.


Okay first of all I really don’t know who my audience is. I’m certain that I have Men and I have women and there might be some other foreign entities out there that are reading my blog. I don’t know. Anyway don’t get any ideas okay? I cannot afford to have my signature weaves chopped off.

So how did you feel after you read this story? This happened back in New York in December 2015.  I honestly could not believe my eyes. I had to check and verify and make sure the site was legitimate. Turns out it was or it is. One of my  readers shared this link with me and I decided to make a post on it. I love finding stories that are very similar to a high-profile case. Because it challenges us even more. And it makes you think, wait a minute, this happened to someone else, so I suppose it could have happened to this person in the high profile case. Or you think wait a minute, this person stole this idea from this story.

But there is a key element here that I’m certain you guys noticed. They already had a beef. No I don’t mean like a steak. I mean they were already in a state of fighting, but it carried further.

 That is a plus when it comes to the New York lady, but for the California girl its not the same. She doesn’t get off that easily.  The New York lady has all the components that make sense. She has a motive. But that is something that we do not have in the Papini case. She has been given ample time to give us a motive to why she went through that alleged ordeal.

Did you just question why it’s her responsibility to give a motive? Well I tell you if you think it’s not her responsibility you are dead wrong. Every victim or every alleged victim should have their own motive attached to their case. If it was not so important, why do detectives look for it?

This girl was attacked from behind and a bag was placed over her head. How does she manage to identify her attackers? Was she with them for 3 weeks? Of course not.

I realize that every situation is different. I’m not being a dick. What I’m saying is we have what’s called probability and likelihood. What measures are used to figure out those two?

The extent to which something is probable; the likelihood of something happening or being the case.
“the rain will make the probability of their arrival even greater”
synonyms: likelihood, prospect, expectation, chance, chances, odds

“the probability of winning”

Well they are synonymous right? So we figure that the Papini ordeal is the 2016 version? Basically what is the likelihood that this will happen to you or me WITHOUT motive?

Raise your hands if you’ve ever been kidnapped. Well as a kid I was attacked from behind and well… yeah HE got away and I went home. The point I’m trying to make is there are always extenuating circumstances that lead to a kidnapping or a beatdown and we don’t always know what that is. We don’t ask a serial killer WHY WHY WHY!!! Well you can but you won’t like the answer. They’ve killed so much that they hardly remember EVERY victim. Kidnappers need a motive.

What are some?

Sexual gratification



The drugs made me do it.

Domestic cases


Sexual gratification… an attacker doesn’t need you for 3 weeks for gratification

Money, an attacker who is In his right mind wouldn’t kidnap a person without means

Power and Intimidation, You will be kept for a long period of time or killed Immediately ( typical of serial killers)

Drugs, he won’t even remember doing it. They were just trying to get rid of their kid or you got in the way of their life, money may be a motive too, but in that case after they realize that they fucked up by taking you, they’ll kill you or toss you

Domestic, a mother or father kidnaps the child or another relative

But behind every case there is a plot. Even if a person is murdered at random there’s STILL a thicker plot somewhere. We may not know what it is at the time, but it’s there.

Where is the Papini plot?

By the way I’m still wondering what happened to her keys. From My understanding the neighborhood is pretty rough, did she leave her doors unlocked?


Let’s talk about what you would consider just a typical hate crime. First of all the initial component is hate. Black guy walking down the street in the predominantly white rural community. Few white guys drive by in  a pickup truck.

They proceed to harass and taunt him. He eventually stopped the truck and they all get out and they grab this guy and start beating the shit out of him. They take this guy put a bag over his head and beat him down some more. After that they take some rope and tie his legs together and strap them to the bumper of the truck. They all jump back inside of their vehicle and drive off meanwhile dragging this guy all over the countryside.

In the morning time someone finds the body. Oh my goodness look what happened. They called 911 and the cops show up.

First question, WHO, then WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW

Every one of those questions need to be addressed.

You can’t just assume it’s random and walk away. Duh!! Of course it’s random. But why? Because this does not usually happen in our community. Well that could be one answer. Well we see that it’s a black guy so we start to thinking, does this remind us of anything else we’ve seen or heard. If it does we begin to compare and contrast. If there’s a similar story we’d dive deeper into it looking even closer for similarities.

We’ve been doing this in the Papini case. Actually we’re just kinda starting. We all thought in the beginning, ” Another missing jogger”.

But when the information starts to roll in, that’s where the answers lie. Without information all you have is speculation. And when the KEY PERSON who has all the answers is tight lipped, that makes for a shitty investigation.