My vision is a website or blog that is self-sufficient that I can eventually earn a living from just by doing what I love. But let’s talk about vision. Every company out there had a vision. And every company out there is receiving money from some type of sponsor, donor or customer.

Do you love your job? Are you or would you be willing to do it for free? No? Ok then. So just because I like what I do doesn’t mean I don’t want compensation.

On my website I am not allowed to have ads because my website is rated R. Having ads on my website would allow me some type of compensation. I don’t have that option.

My vision for a blog is a place with no babysitting. A place where no one can tell you what to say or no one will block you for expressing your feelings. Where no one will judge you for giving an opinion. I like being an adult. And that means I’ve earned my right to say my peace. I believe you have too. And so to compromise what I believe that we are all entitled to I have a Blog where I receive no pay. If you take a look at the other news sources out there they all have ads and they all have sponsors. The journalists are paid. I don’t have that. It’s just me. Many bloggers are compensated. But they are CLEAN and they Filter, block, moderate. I don’t want that. I don’t like it being done to me and I don’t want to do it to you. If I leave a comment on someones site and they delete my comment. To me you are silencing my voice and telling me that I don’t matter. THAT Is why I have my own site.


To my Donors

THANK YOU for investing in me. Thank you for appreciating my work. I can’t say Thank you enough. 💜💜💜