Look I don’t know what it is about people that feel the need to come on my blog and correct my grammar and my sentence structure. Listen I have no formal education. I’m not a journalist, but tell me why I have thousands of readers. Because my content is good… sometimes.

Am I perfect with what I write? Nope. Do I get ghetto? Yup. Am I intelligent? Hell yeah. Do I always show it? Nope. Do I give a flying fuck what you think? Hell to the nah.

I want people to know that when you go low, bitch I go lower. I’m not Obama. I don’t go high. I’m not above petty. I’ll join the petty bus right with you. You kill my cat, I kill your family. ( I’ve never killed anyone). And I’m allergic to cats. But still. And don’t correct me on the YOU’RE NOT ALLERGIC TO CATS, but their saliva … ugh people.

Negroes (all of y’all)  I’ve been on sites that I know have REAL JOURNALIST and been like, wtf. And they are paid and went to school. Bitches I’m not paid and I didn’t go to school. I just like writing about EVERYTHING. If you like my shit, good! If you don’t. Who cares? I’m just Ericka. That’s it. So stop trying to put your little ugly convictions off on me. That’s why it’s called BOX OF CHOCOLATE BLOG. I HATE MISTAKES! Omg I hate typos. But for my site, which I run and own and receive no income from it, they will appear. Ugh I understand your frustrations. Just try to overlook it and read the fucking 600+ blogs that I’ve written you picky controlling bitch!

I don’t mind feedback but when I’ve written what I think is a great blog but some fuck face comes on and corrects my phrase, I really want to choke them to death. Did you even read the blog or are you just looking for grammatical errors?