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Young blonde gets TAKEN in Project TAKEN
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A California woman who says she called 911 to report spotting Sherri Papini on a rural California roadside before police rescued the missing California mom early Thanksgiving morning says Papini “was looking panicked and frightened.”

“I saw this woman with long blond hair in the right shoulder of the freeway and she was waving a piece of fabric that looked like a shirt, waving it up and down trying to flag someone down,” the woman, Alison Sutton, tells PEOPLE. “It was obvious: She needed help.”

(In an interview with Good Morning America, Papini’s husband Keith Papini said that when he reunited with Sherri, she weighed only 87 lbs. and her long, blonde hair had been chopped off. He told GMA that Sherri had been thrown from a vehicle with a chain around her waist – which was also attached to her wrists – and a bag over her head.)

Sutton and her 14-year-old daughter had already been on the road for eight hours en route to a Thanksgiving celebration. They were traveling north between 70 and 80 miles per hour when they passed Papini standing on the shoulder of Interstate 5 in rural Yolo County.

“I was going so fast, it was like she came out of nowhere. It startled me,” says Sutton. “She was really close to the side of the road. I said to my daughter, ‘I could have hit her,’ ” if she had swerved.

Sutton adds: “I remember thinking she must be cold, because whatever she was wearing didn’t look like it was warm enough for the conditions outside. It was probably in the mid-30’s.”

Unsure of where she was, Sutton drove a few miles and then pulled over to call 911.


Ok SOMEBODY IS LYING! Now it’s CLEAR THAT the 3rd report was real right? She was rescued.

Remember the first lady who saw Sherri saw her in Redding at a gas station.

Right here.


She tells a story about the woman looking reserved and cautious and being accompanied by two MEN.

The second sighting of Sherri is in YOLO. The first woman saw long blonde hair with no bruising but couldn’t stop to help. The second person helped her. The first woman was a liar then even though She saw Sherri exactly where she was rescued?

Why would she lie? But let’s say she did lie. Let’s say she was part of the hoax. Well they need to get their stories straight. Everyone knows that the FIRST ACCOUNT is usually the correct one. This woman had no reason to lie. Even I questioned the validity of it initially. Because I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t help her.

But shortly after that help came. Is this really a big deal? Of course not. But lies and deceit isn’t good. This woman saw long hair, but he publicly stated the opposite.

That letter or statement was so misleading. Full of mental pictures. After that post I wanted to delete every photo of theirs off my site.

A general question. How many of you think that Keith is angry over what happened to his wife? Did he ever mention the truck or kidnappers and how he wanted justice for his bride? Did he seem genuinely pissed off from the horrific crime against her or more upset about the media? How many times did he say, FIND THE PEOPLE WHO DID THIS!! Did he ever go Liam Neeson?

Cameron Gamble even mentioned in the Ransom video that he wasn’t seeking justice, but that they just wanted her back.

He even goes on to say that it didn’t even matter who they were. Lol hot damn. Imma kidnap her next time because they don’t care about shit!

Update… just a little one

The abductors of Redding mother Sherri Papini may have branded her and cut off her hair while holding her captive to send a message and humiliate her, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

“I would think that was some sort of either an exertion of power and control and/or maybe some type of message that the brand contained,” Bosenko said. “It is not a symbol, but it was a message.”

Bosenko declined to elaborate on the brand’s appearance. Papini’s blond hair was cut, Bosenko said, because her captor or captors were “very sick” and “may have wanted to not only cut it off not to change her physical appearance but also as to humiliate … to wear her down.”

Does it really matter what color the hair was? Do we really need to hear about it being blonde? Lol like should we all just bow now or kill ourselves because we’re not blonde?

I’m starting to feel insecure in my womanhood because after 42 fucking years, I’ve been missing out on the good life! I WISH my momma had told me that there’s no future in being Sandy Brown, which is the color of my hair. I wish the gods had alerted me to my flaws. Listen to my fellow non blondettes, TRY to find yourself. And if you can’t, go befriend a blonde that way you’ll have some chance of survival.

To the Gracious blondes, thank you for honoring us with your presence.

Keith branded her. Our, MY Sherri, Our girl, . Yep he did it.

And can someone tell Bosenko to stay off the crack pipe. That guy is the most UNRELIABLE Sheriff I’ve ever seen.

Where is Ted Bundy? He would have done a number on her. Sherri Papini was kidnapped by a friend because no enemy would treat her so well. 3 weeks missing and a bag over her head the entire time. Never saw anything, never heard anything. She’s so good at survival but can’t provide anything to help someone from becoming a victim?

And now her parents Loretta Graeff and Richard are saying they haven’t seen her, but instead spoke to her on the phone. Are you fucking kidding me? But let me tell you something that I realized. I think something must have happened in the family because the mom is sharing photos from a year ago. And when I saw the photo of her page yesterday because somebody sent me a message and said”  Ericka check this out I think she posted a recent photo,” turns out I don’t believe that photo was recent. But regardless of that fact why is mom sharing old photos? Like photos that are a year old. Shouldn’t she be creating new memories since her daughter is home?? The father is saying that Sherri needs to heal. I understand that, but she won’t even show her face to her own father? She won’t even show her face to her own mother? What is going on with that and then not to mention she waited a whole 24 to 48 hours to present herself to her children? Her babies? What was that all about? If she was released from the hospital within a few hours of being rescued why all the dramatics with her reveal? And YES it was a few hours.

Have you ever stayed in the hospital before? Have you ever dealt with the discharge? The discharge where they take three to four or more hours to release you after you’ve already gotten your diagnosis from the doctor?  It’s like the doctor comes in, he tells you what’s wrong with you, he writes your prescriptions and then they tell you you will be discharged soon. You might as well go ahead and watch TV or a movie or paint your nails or something because it is going to be a while.

Another thing, if her situation is so traumatic, why is she home? She should be in an institution somewhere getting a psychological evaluation. She should have never gone home after a three-week ordeal of being brutally raped or assaulted and branded. Bullshit. Who goes home immediately after a three-week ordeal like that?

Do you know what rape and assault victims go through? Do you know how traumatic and horrible that ordeal is? The last place this woman should be is at home. She should be in an institution right now talking about her ordeal discussing what happened trying to come to grips with reality. She should not be at home looking at her children and her husband. She would not be mentally prepared for that if things went down the way her husband is describing it. She should have went to an in-patient facility immediately.

Being a victim makes one suicidal, they feel helpless. You cannot tell me that this girl is healing at home. She needs psychiatric care. Her mother hasn’t held her? Her father hasn’t kissed her forehead? What kind of crap is this?  She should be shaken. She should be paranoid! Her children should not be seeing her like that.