Unless further information develops.

Sherry Papini has been cooperating “courageously” with investigators and has provided additional information about her captors in “very intense” interviews, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said.

He described her alleged captors as an older and younger woman, both hispanic. The younger suspect had long, curly hair and a thick accent, he said. He said she had pierced ears and thin eyebrows.

The older woman had straight black hair with graying color and thick eyebrows, Bosenko said. He said Papini could not describe more about them because they took steps to keep their faces hidden from her.

Bosenko said investigators showed Papini surveillance video of several “SUV-style vehicles” that had been in the area around the time of her abduction. Papini told them none of the vehicles was a match, he said.

As he had already done, Bosenko confirmed that Papini was branded during her captivity.

“I will not get into details of where the brand is located on her body, or what was branded, for the integrity of the investigation,” he said.

In response to a question, Bosenko said there’s no specific information to indicate human trafficking or a cartel’s involvement. He also said he cannot say whether Papini was targeted or taken at random, and has no information about possible motive.

That being the case, Bosenko said that, “Until we identify the suspects, the public should remain cautious.”

Bosenko said he plans no more press conferences, news releases or one-on-one interviews unless new information develops in the case.

Oh so now she was able to see some things. Okay so now she can give us a little bit of a description now that they’ve had quite a bit of time to actually get as far away from the crime scene as possible? LOL yeah I’m sitting here thinking about how many Latinos that I know that actually have gray streaks in their hair as older women. I’m also sitting here thinking right now about those thick ass eyebrows which is a pretty typical trademark for Latino women. Either their eyebrows are Pencil Thin or they’re thick as caterpillars. They could have been ITALIAN TOO!


And think of everything that we still don’t know. They could have been MEXICAN!!!!! Do you know how many cultures have the Latin dialect? Do you know how many people out there speak Spanish? They could have been CUBAN!!


And now her parents Loretta Graeff and Richard are saying they haven’t seen her, but instead spoke to her on the phone. Are you fucking kidding me? But let me tell you something that I realized. I think something must have happened in the family because the mom is sharing photos from a year ago. And when I saw the photo of her page yesterday because somebody sent me a message and said”  Ericka check this out I think she posted a recent photo,” turns out I don’t believe that photo was recent. But regardless of that fact why is mom sharing old photos? Like photos that are a year old. Shouldn’t she be creating new memories since her daughter is home?? The father is saying that Sherri needs to heal. I understand that, but she won’t even show her face to her own father? She won’t even show her face to her own mother? What is going on with that and then not to mention she waited a whole 24 to 48 hours to present herself to her children? Her babies? What was that all about? If she was released from the hospital within a few hours of being rescued why all the dramatics with her reveal? And YES it was a few hours.

Have you ever stayed in the hospital before? Have you ever dealt with the discharge? The discharge where they take three to four or more hours to release you after you’ve already gotten your diagnosis from the doctor?  It’s like the doctor comes in, he tells you what’s wrong with you, he writes your prescriptions and then they tell you you will be discharged soon. You might as well go ahead and watch TV or a movie or paint your nails or something because it is going to be a while.

Another thing, if her situation is so traumatic, why is she home? She should be in an institution somewhere getting a psychological evaluation. She should have never gone home after a three-week ordeal of being brutally raped or assaulted and branded. Bullshit. Who goes home immediately after a three-week ordeal like that?

Do you know what rape and assault victims go through? Do you know how traumatic and horrible that ordeal is? The last place this woman should be is at home. She should be in an institution right now talking about her ordeal discussing what happened trying to come to grips with reality. She should not be at home looking at her children and her husband. She would not be mentally prepared for that if things went down the way her husband is describing it. She should have went to an in-patient facility immediately.

Being a victim makes one suicidal, they feel helpless. You cannot tell me that this girl is healing at home. She needs psychiatric care. Her mother hasn’t held her? Her father hasn’t kissed her forehead? What kind of crap is this?  She should be shaken. She should be paranoid! Her children should not be seeing her like that.