Authorities say a Millmont, Pennsylvania woman shot her boyfriend in the chest because he grabbed her by the hair and rubbed a slice of pizza in her face during an argument.

Local newspaperThe Daily Item reports reports that 34-year-old Brandon Doan maintains he “gently smooshed” the pizza in Jennifer Boop’s face on October 12th. Doan said he did not remember what he and Boop were arguing about specifically prior to the incident, but added that he had thrown Boop and her two daughters out of the home they shared, and “became angry when Boop didn’t promptly pack up her belongings to leave.”

Police say Boop told them after the shooting that she called 911, then called her mother and Doan’s mother before trying to help stop the bleeding. Police say Boop told them she didn’t mean to fire the gun but was trying to scare Doan into letting go of her hair.

Boop’s defense attorney argued that she “was bullied” by Doan, and that charges of attempted homicide and aggravated assault were not justified given the evidence. Based on Doan’s testimony, however, a district judge on Tuesday has ordered 31-year-old Boop to stand trial, and she remains in county jail on a $25,000 bond.

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