Woman recalls spotting missing California mom Sherri Papini frantically waving for help on side of highway

A California woman gave a chilling account Friday of how she encountered missing mom Sherri Papini on a darkened roadside and called police.Alison Sutton, 43, said she was driving north on Interstate 5 near County Road 17 in unincorporated Yolo early Thursday when she glimpsed a clearly distressed blond woman in her headlights off to the right.”When I saw her, it really startled me. She was really close to the road, like almost out in traffic,” she told the Daily News.

“She had some piece of fabric in her hands and was waving it up and down. I’m thinking it was a shirt. She was waving it like a flag,” she said.

“The woman I saw had long blonde hair and was not appropriately dressed for as cold as it was. She didn’t have a jacket,” she explained.

“She didn’t look like she was hurt, but she did look scared. It was just the feeling that I got. It was just a really brief moment, and I was driving at freeway speed. It was dark. It was just luck that I saw her at all,” she said.

“The way she was waving the fabric seemed frantic,” Sutton recalled. “I realized if she was that close to getting hit — willing to be that close to freeway traffic — she must really need help.”

Sutton was about halfway through her 12-hour journey from Ridgecrest to Crescent City at the time and decided to pull over with her 14-year-old daughter in the car a little ways up the road.

“I didn’t really know where I was. I drove far enough to find a road sign and called 911,” she told The News. “I got through to a dispatcher, and they said they’d send somebody out.”

Sutton had no idea who the woman was until an officer called her back later that day.

The officer told her Papini was picked up at that same time and location. He asked her if she knew anything else that could help the investigation.

“I am so thankful that she got help and she’s back with her family,” Sutton said Friday. “It’s one of those things that feels rather miraculous, and I basically ended up being a witness to it.”

Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko told “Good Morning America” that Papini was released by a female captor shortly before she flagged down a passing motorist who called authorities.

It’s not clear if Sutton was the caller or one of multiple people who reported seeing the mother of two on the side of the road about 130 miles south from where she went missing Nov. 2.

Sheriff Bosenko said Papini was found bound by restraints and that it was a California Highway Patrol officer who responded to the scene and managed to put her in contact with her husband Keith Papini via cell phone.

“She was very emotional to be released and hear her husband’s voice and then a few hours later to be reunited with him,” the sheriff said.

Sutton said she couldn’t tell if Papini was wearing any restraints when she saw her.

Papini was treated at a hospital in the Sacramento area for non-life-threatening injuries and released, officials said.

Bosenko said investigators were looking for two Hispanic women considered armed and dangerous and driving a dark SUV.

He did not elaborate on a possible motive but said officers have spoken with Papini and hoped to get more information soon.

It was not clear if Papini knew the women she said abducted her, police said.

“Obviously she was emotional and quite upset, but elated to be freed, and so we were able to get some information from her,” Bosenko told ABC News. “Then, in the days following this, we will be following up with her.”

Her husband was cleared as a suspect after passing a polygraph test.

Redding Mayor Missy McArthur announced on Twitter Friday that Papini reached out to her personally to show her gratitude for local efforts to find her.

“I just got a call from Keith and Sherri Papini tearfully thanking our GREAT community for all our efforts to bring her home. Thx everyone!!!” McArthur tweeted.

Say what?

Didn’t look injured or hurt. Couldn’t tell if she was wearing restraints. Waving cloth like a flag?

Thats a side motion. I’m trying to picture this with her hands tied in front of her. I’m trying to see how that would work.

‘It turns out Keith had been told she was okay hours before and he even beat the sheriffs down to where she was found.

‘He called me last night when I was at work.

‘He was back to the Keith I know, he’s got his mojo back, he was like, ‘I got this’.

‘I told him, ‘Keith I told you to stay strong and have hope because you never know.’

Ken, 63, a lab analyst at a cement firm, said he had watched his son struggle with his emotions in the weeks before as realistic hope of Sherri returning began to fade.

  • Sherri Papini is ‘doing good’ after she was discovered dumped by the roadside on Thanksgiving Day – three weeks after she disappeared
  • Police are now hunting for two Hispanic women considered armed and dangerous, and driving a dark SUV, over the kidnapping
  • Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko said that the description was based on ‘voice recognition’ – suggesting that Papini wasn’t able to see her captors
  • Her husband Keith had promised their two children  that ‘mommy’ would be home by Thanksgiving
  • Her father-in-law Ken said that her return was nothing short of a ‘miracle’
  • ‘None of us imagined it might actually come true,’ he told DailyMail.com
  • Sherri vanished on November 2 while out jogging near her home 
  • The 34-year-old was found on Thursday at 4:30am 150 miles away   
  • Her sister Sheila Koaster said that social media and national news coverage ‘was an intricate part in bringing her home to us’
  • She declined to say whether a ransom had been involved in the release 


So he made it there BEFORE the Sheriff’s? Wow imagine that. Lol so… what could have been done during that time? What’s strange though is that they said AFTER he got the news, he rushed to be by her side. So… somebody is getting confused again. Because if he were there with her and she was transported, why wouldn’t they allow him to ride with her?

That’s his wife. His boo, his girl. So naturally he would have rode with her. Right? So what’s with all the, HE RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL to be with her?

Voice recognition? Lol they sounded Latino? What if they were disguising their voices? She recognized them simply by that. She NEVER saw them either? Nothing? Not a glimpse? Man what a crock?


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In an interview with DailyMaill.com on Monday, California resident Christine Everson revealed that she spotted a woman who looked remarkably similar to Sherri just two days before she was found last week.

Everson said that she was at a rest stop on the outskirts of Redding, just miles away from Sherri’s home, when she noticed a woman looking ‘scared’ while sitting in the passenger side of a vehicle.

She attempted to speak with the woman, who she described as ‘subdued,’ but could not get her to engage in a conversation.

At one point she even asked the woman point blank if she was Sherri, but did not get a response.

Everson said she later called police to report the possible sighting, and it is unclear if they followed up on her tip.

The woman that Everson saw was in a dark SUV, just like the one police have stated they are searching for, but was with two men and not two women.

Everson also noted that while her hair was unwashed, it had not been chopped off, and there were no visible marks or bruises on her face or body.

She also revealed that she believes her senses were heightened in the moment due to the fact that she was also abducted as a young girl.

Another red flag she revealed was the fact that the men had both left the vehicle while the woman remained inside.

Everson described the driver of the blue truck as around 5ft 6’/5ft 7’ tall, wearing a beanie, jeans, dark shoes and a dark jacket.

She said he was Latino in appearance, but lighter skinned.

The second man was tall and was wearing Jeans and tennis shoes. He was Caucasian and had redish/brown hair.

Sherri was found roughly 36 hours later, 140 miles south of that rest stop.

Okay so we are to believe that she was held captive for 3 weeks by two women who she never had the opportunity to see. How did she sustain facial injuries? I suppose they beat her up with the bag over her head. Two different accounts by two different women who don’t know each other both say the same thing regarding her lack of injury.