Ok so you might have heard that Sherri has gained a lot of publicity. You may not have had Chance to read her “Ransom” note. You may not have had the opportunity to watch this strange video either.

Remember Sherri Graeff Papini went missing around November 4, 2016. She has not been seen or heard from since her disappearance. And this letter below is the Ransom note for the safe return of her. This video is I’m assuming a rebuttal to the silence that was rendered after the initial offer.

Now in a typical ransom note you will have the abductors who are requesting a certain amount of cash for the safe return of someone. But in this case we actually have the reverse and it is where someone is offering a $50,000 reward for the return of her. So basically whoever this Anonymous person is he or she is telling the alleged kidnappers that if they return her, that he or she will provide $50,000 cash no questions asked.


Now I have to admit, this is the most outrageous letter that I have ever seen written with regards to a missing person. I actually find this letter quite disgusting. I don’t understand how someone can offer $50,000 for a person who they do not know and then insinuate that at the end of The Exchange, they will give them more money than they would be able to spend. How rational is that? I understand you’re interested in the safe return but at the same time there’s no need to be stupid. Why would you offer more money after you’ve gotten what you wanted? It doesn’t make any sense. And I can’t say that I find this letter valid at all. I don’t believe in the contents of it not one bit. Is this letter supposed to be from someone who is anonymous? Because from my understanding it was an anonymous donor and Keith actually had to verify that the donor meant business and that this is not a joke. They had to verify that the funds were solid and that if she was returned safely the money would be transferred.
I noticed in the video he said he’s NOT INTERESTED in anyone’s gifts or visions, but specifically in whoever has Sherri. Well I’m not interested in your marketing video. I’m not interested in watching your ridiculous speech. This is the shadiest garbage I’ve seen. What kind of video is this? Who makes a video like this In Good conscience? What’s going on with this family?
I thought this letter was for the abductors. So why are you addressing another party? Why are you referring to this as if it’s someone else who knows EXACTLY what happened? This is not typical. Especially since EVERYONE closest to the story claims that they truly believe that she was kidnapped. So who is this guy in this video?
I need your thoughts on this. I know many of you have watched it, and I waited for things to die down before I posted it. But now is the time to explore it further.
Do you see this letter and video as an act of desperation?
Do you feel that this is a family who is willing to do anything to get their child or loved one back?
If that’s the case, Why take the money OFF THE TABLE?
This guy seems self serving.
Update from Record Searchlight

The reward is offered to “the person who has Sherri Papini,” according to the website, sherripapini.com. It asks that whoever may have her contact a local negotiator to arrange the transfer of money and Papini’s release.

That negotiator is Cameron Gamble of Redding, who operates a missionary service called Project TAKEN and who says he is a kidnap and ransom consultant. He said he did not write the letter or set up the website, but rather the anonymous person did and put Gamble’s contact information in it.

Papini’s sister, Sheila Koester, said she had no knowledge about the letter and that the Papini family members had no association with the website.

“I have no idea. It’s nothing that I knew of,” she said.

Koester said she had a friend help her design a different website, www.HelpFindSherriPapini.com, to give the public information about her sister’s disappearance – what she may have been wearing the day she went missing, a Google map of the area she went missing from, and numbers to call if they have any information about Papini’s whereabouts.

Unlike the website Gamble is working with, Koester emphasized that anyone with information about her sister’s disappearance continue to call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office gave an update on its investigation Thursday evening, saying it has served about 20 search warrants to obtain data – electronic, bank records, cell phone and email records, cell tower information, social media accounts – to look for clues about Papini’s disappearance.

Deputies said they’ve followed up on 400 tips, but none have turned up any “credible information.” The Redding Police Department and the FBI’s Cellular Analysis Survey Team have assisted detectives in the investigation.

Deputies, along with the general public, have knocked on doors, talked with residents, conducted probation searches, checked on registered sex offenders and other “suspicious subjects” and haven’t received any leads.

Why would anyone consider this letter as serious? It’s so obvious that it’s staged. And for the family to state that they don’t know what’s going on with it, but then again I’m hearing that Keith himself verified that the letter had clout.
What did these men do with this girl?
Does anyone know when Sherri worked at AT&T?
Let’s talk about her salary. What do you think she earned annually? Let’s talk about her selling clothes online?
Listen I understand getting rid of the old and bringing in the new, but I’m not seeing this family as financially stable as they try to appear.
This seems like a call for help, but not to benefit Sherri.