Below you will find more details into the beginning stages of their marriage. Its ALL public record. Apparently people are interested in reading every detail that pertains to them. Again Thanks for the Leg work to my readers! I appreciate all of your efforts.


Just in case you’re new to this story. Sherri Graeff Papini went missing about 3 weeks ago. Her husband Keith Papini states that he found her phone on a jogging trail near their home in Redding California/ Shasta County. He states  that he discovered her phone on the ground and there was blonde hair entangled into the earphones that were attached. Law enforcement did not see any signs of a struggle or any signs of an abduction at the same time Keith Papini insists that his wife would never have left on her own and that she had to have been taken against her will. They have two young children together and when Keith discovered that his wife hadn’t picked up the kids from daycare, he became alarmed. There are currently no leads in the case however it is still an active investigation.


Our Story

All the good stuff!!

Once upon a time…

How we met
Once upon a time...

It all started with a first kiss in middle school. He was in seventh grade, I was in eighth. I never imagined my middle school first kiss would turn out to be my husband! I moved away and we lost touch for several years. I moved back to Redding and ran into Keith in town. We exchanged information and arranged a date. Keith picked me up at my apartment. The ‘first date’ was nerve racking! Lots of catching up and sharing stories. The following day Keith called me and I said that I wanted to take HIM out. I told him to meet me out at the docks at whiskey town lake. I set up a candle-lit dinner by the water. He showed up and had a gift for me… It was a box filled with the notes I had written to him in the eighth grade! I couldn’t believe he kept them! It was a great night. By our third date we were head over heals in love and have spent everyday together since.
I have never been so happy. We alway laugh and always smile. We enjoy eachothers company and make a great team! We’re best friends and a perfect couple. I am happy to say that I will soon be Mrs. Keith Papini and will spend the rest of my life in love and full of joy.

He proposed!

He made me the happiest girl in the world!
He proposed!

Keith had planned this HUGE trip for my birthday this year. We started the trip by going to Vegas. EVERYTHING was a surprise. Keith took me to Cirque de Soule and The Phantom of the Opera and TONS of other fun things. We had dinner with my family that lives there so Keith and his Mom could meet everyone who lived over there. It was WONDERFUL. I couldn’t believe he took me to see my family. He is such a great Fiance! Then we flew back and took off to the second half of our trip to Half Moon Bay. Half Moon Bay is ‘our spot’. We go there every year. The day of my birthday he took me downtown to the bakery to get me a slice of cake. He said ‘We have to be back in the room by 3 o’clock.” I couldn’t figure out why, but I just went with it. We got back to the room, it was a little before three and there was a knock at our door. A man entered introduced himself then brought in a massage table! I was so excited! Keith got me an hour long massage! It was GREAT! After the best massage I’ve ever had Keith said that we had dinner reservations at a VERY nice place. We got all dolled up and headed out the door. I was speachless when we pulled up to the Ritz Carlton!!! We still had 15 minutes before our table was ready. We were sitting in the lobby and Keith said “Let’s go outside.” We walked outside to the courtyard near the bluffs. The view was AMAZING. You could hear the sound of the crashing waves. It was so romantic. He walked me over to a little gazeebo and said that he wanted to read me my ‘birthday card’. The sun was setting on the ocean, the waves were crashing…
He read me a 2 page tear jerker. I was cryining my eyes out. I went to wipe away my tears and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes he was on one knee! “Sherri I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you Marry me?” I almost fainted. Then screamed “YES!!!!” I was shaking while he put on the ring. We grabbed someone to take our picture then walked into the Ritz for dinner. People were congratulating us! It was like a movie! I could barely eat my dinner because I was so emotional. I think I cried (happy cry) for 3 days. Everything was perfect. Now we are going to celebrate our engagement and plan our wedding.
I am so happy. Words can’t describe the emtion I felt that night. PERFECT~

Keith and Sherri’s first apartment

In Redding..
Keith and Sherri's first apartment

Keith and I decided it was time for him to move in with me in December 2006. He moved into the townhouse I had been renting for the past 2 years. It was an interesting test to our relationship. Luckily, Keith grew up with an older sister and wonderful mother, so he was already adjusted to the territory of living with girls. I however, DID NOT have brothers and was unaware of just how foreign living with a guy was going to be. Of course we got on each others nerves and got to know each others habits. Thank goodness before we decided to get married. Aside from driving each other CRAZY we became a lot closer as a couple and built a great foundation to our marriage. We shared everything; bills, chores, toothpaste, food, laughs and the occasional good practical joke. Keith and I have so many funny stories and great memories from our little townhouse on Shiloh Court. Here are a few of our favorite memories…

For some odd reason Keith and I couldn’t brush our teeth together without laughing. We had to turn our backs to each other to keep from laughing even though sometimes turning our backs just made us laugh harder.

It was a run on gag to pour a cup of cold water on whoever was in the shower. I started it one day to get back at Keith for leaving the toilet seat up and he ended it by filling up a HUGE pot with cold water and dumping it on me.

I was sick for the first time with Keith and he was in charge of taking care of me. He decided to make my favorite, tomato soup. He made it so fancy; fanned out crackers, sprinkled cheese, a little parsley leaf on top. It looked gorgeous. He was so cute. When he brought it to me the spoon was practically standing up in the warm soup. He only forgot one tiny little detail… “Honey did you add water to the soup?”

When I’m around Keith and try to ‘act cool’ to impress him it usually turns out like a scene from I Love Lucy. The first time I decided to be romantic at home, I cooked a lovely dinner lit candles and had a great movie picked out. After dinner we went upstairs to put in the movie. I had decided I was going to go in for a kiss gave him that look, leaned over the bed…… And fell right off the edge. I’m sure our neighbors heard the thud I made. The rest of the night Keith couldn’t look at me without grinning and laughing.

There were so many funny moments that kept us laughing for those 2 years we lived in that little memorable townhouse.


The life of a Bride

Wedding expo

I’ve decided today that everything is going by WAYYY to fast! I’ve started making a video diary of the planning fun and excitement. I really think I’m going to miss planning my wedding once it’s all over. I started the video with the bridal expo. It should be called “Bridal Zoo”! It was INSANE! Hundreds of brides under one roof fighting for space to talk to local vendors throwing elbows to get the last business card and free piece of chocolate. I was a little bumbed that I would have to face…



Lauren and I headed off to Chico to try again. I had high hopes that the dress I had envisioned exsited, but after 5 dresses my faith was getting a little shaken. The women at Davids bridal were wonderful. Very helpful and attentive. The assistant asked me if I liked any of the 5 I tried on enough to buy. I said they were beautiful, but I didn’t think any of them were ‘the dress’. I described my dream dress to her one more time and she came back with another dress. Lauren was such a trooper….


I love him more and more everyday

Keith continues to surprise me. He continues to do little things that light me up and make me grow more and more in love with him. The wedding planning is stressful and it’s starting to get more and more stressful as the days go by. When I start to break down, Keith puts me in his arms and builds me back up. He is my rock. He is my best friend and team mate. I wouldn’t be able to handle this without his love and support that he gives to me so freely. Keith, you are my soldier! Thank you…


Back to the grind!

The holidays are now over and it’s time to get back to planning the day I’ve been dreaming of my whole life. That’s right- My wedding day! – This week alone I’m meeting up with Lauren, Jamie and a potential photographer. My poor wedding binder was gathering dust through the holidays but now it’s time to get back to the grind. YEAH. This weeks task: Save the date cards and choosing our photographer. I LOVE BEING A BRIDE!!!!!



After the fiasco with our reception site, Keith and I decided that there were a few possibilities.. Run away and have a desination wedding in Half Moon Bay, change our date, or find a reception hall that we didn’t really care for… After a looooong talk and carful consideration Keith and I both decided on changing our date to 10-10-09. Here is what we came up with for objectives;

It’s an easy anniversary to remember
October matches our wedding color scheme…


First wedding DRAMA!!!

SOMEONE GOT TO THE RECEPTION HALL THAT I WANTED AND BOOKED IT TWO DAYS AGO!!!!!!!!!! I lost the hall that I wanted. Now I have to find another one. I know there are things that I am not going to be able to have and I will have to deal with that, but I really wanted this reception hall and it was by FAR the least expensive in Redding… AUGH now I have to figure out someway to fix this fiasco… My first big wedding situation. Let’s hope that I learn some good technique through this…


Marital Prep classes

Keith and I are both Catholics and are so happy and honored to be married in the Catholic Church. There are a lot of things we need to do as Catholics in order to be wed in the church. One of which is marital preparation courses. They’re not that bad, a little awkward, but they’re not that bad. We are almost through the first half of the classes. ‘The marital inventory’. They go over a series of questions Keith and I answer and then they determine if there are things we need to work on or…


Our engagement party

Our engagement party was great! It went by way too fast. Kathleen and Rod were just so wonderful for planning the whole party. Kathleen made her delicious fettuccini alfredo with chicken and Rod made his famous spaghetti and meat balls. There was pretty appitzers and an ‘Aunty Pam’ salad and even Suzanne yummy garlic bread. Aside from the amazing food, it was wonderful to have our families come togehter and celebrate our engagment with encouragement and blessings. So many of our friends…


The second meeting for St. Josephs

Kathleen, Lauren and I met with the coordinator for St. Joseph’s church to talk about all the particulars regarding our wedding ceremony. Having the church wedding of my dreams has proven to be more difficult then I thought it was going to be. It turns out there will be a 5:30 vigil (confession) on Saturday and it is the same schedule in EVERY CHURCH IN REDDING. It’s right smack dab in the middle of the time that I wanted to have our ceremony. It lasts for an hour which means we will either…

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Church meeting cancelled!

I recieved a phone call from the woman at the Church who is also the ‘wedding coordinator’. She re-scheduled my appointment a few times when I scheduled it and now has cancelled! It’s a little bit frustrating ONLY because she is impossible to get a hold of to schedule anything. I’ve been told that I am starting to plan ‘too early’ but these types of situations are exactly why I’m trying to get everything handled ASAP. So I didn’t get to go the the church. I didn’t get any of my questions…

These stories are all listed in continuation. Click link to read them in their entirety.

Ok listen it’s Public. If you publish it online then obviously she or they wanted someone to read it. I don’t care if you’re deceased. I don’t care if you’re missing. I don’t care if you’re endangered. As a blogger if someone presents some information to me and it could give me insight as to who you are I am going to post it.  I don’t consider it wrong at all. I have so much public information about myself online and if anyone else decided to do some digging there is absolutely nothing I can do to stop it. So please don’t give me that whole it’s wrong or it’s not cool or it’s bad to post the information. It became public the moment she put it on the World Wide Web.

It’s unfortunate that the circumstances are what they are. But I’m not going to hold off on posting things. Her Facebook page has thousands of followers who care about her missing status. Some are just being nosey. Either way, they have a right to know.

According to this post and everything I read from Sherri. She is infatuated with Keith Papini. She’s like a school girl who got asked out by her crush. The way she describes her love for him and how on the clouds she was at that time, it’s OBVIOUS that she was out of touch with reality. That’s a really high pedestal to place someone on. Keith literally seemed like her EVERYTHING. Of course I don’t think she was completely naive, but deeply gone into lala land. I have been there before. Her life really felt like a fairytale at that time.

But what went wrong? We can see the stories about her feelings for him, but what does he have to say about her? Was he as ecstatic and over the hill full of bliss as she was? Was he barely breathing? Did he not know whether he was coming or going when it came to her? The photos say so. But with the disappearance of her and the skeptical opinion behind him “finding” the phone on the side of the road, everything is up for questioning. You may not agree with these methods but the public has the right to know. If you’re going to summon money from the public, and I know you’ve raised $50,000 + since her disappearance and Keith isn’t working, AND she’s got a donor willing to fork up another $50,000 for her even though CHILDREN GO MISSING and I guarantee you that this person hasn’t done it for them, you’re damn right I’m going to ask questions.

Updated 11-28-2016


So I think it’s fair to say that Keith Papini works for Best Buy in The Geek Squad Department. Yes they tried to Spruce it up by making it look so Grand. But really he just calibrates TVs in people’s homes. Calling it ISF certified and Elite. Well above you will see that that is the exact description for a Geek Squad employee. I did the work looked it up. As  you can see above what the top salary would be for an employee in California.


Lol look at the titles of the pages I have open. I really like doing this.… the link IF you don’t trust me.