The link above was posted October 26, 2017 check it out.

Update to this story she was found. She’s been reunited with her family.

A Northern California mother whose disappearance made national news was found bound with restraints, but alive on Thanksgiving morning along Interstate 5 in Yolo County, officials said.

Officers received information about 4:30 a.m. Thursday that Sherri Papini, who went missing while out for a jog on Nov. 2 in the tiny town of Mountain Gate, had been found near County Road 17 and I-5.

Papini was released by her captors, and despite being bound with restraints, was able to flag down a passing driver, the sheriff’s office said in a news conference.

“She is safe, in stable condition and receiving medical clearance at an undisclosed hospital,” the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office said. “She has been reunited with her husband, Keith.”

The sheriff’s office did no give additional details as to what injuries Papini suffered, but that her injuries were non-life-threatening.

Sheriff Tom Bosenko said that investigators are looking for a dark-colored SUV driven by two armed Hispanic woman. A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the abductors.

Anyone who see anything is asked to call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office at 530-245-6135.

Investigators believe that Papini was abducted from the area where she went out for a jog, but no motive has been released.

“We are overjoyed with the fact Sherri has been located and reunited with her family,” Bosenko said. “This investigation has not only touched our entire community, but has circulated the nation as well.”


Courtesy: Shasta County Sheriff’s Office

Sherri Papini, her husband Keith and their 2 children

Papini’s husband, Keith Paini, reported her missing when he came home from work and found that she hadn’t picked up their two children from daycare. Her cell phone and headphones were found near where she was reported missing, investigators said.

A private group working with Papini’s family released a new video Wednesday offering up $100,000 to anyone with information leading to the safe return of Papini, according to NBC affiliate KNVN.

How ironic? The same people she’s had problems with all of her life… Hispanics are what she is calling the culprits of her disappearance. Is this a complete lie?

It’s obvious that this chick is racist. Many posts out there of hers verify this. I was trying not to taint her too much, but this is exactly what needs to happen to some degree. The truth needs to come out.

Did the Father In law Rod have anything to do with her disappearance? I’m telling you my vision and I’m not wrong. And when he came on my blog trying to set the record straight, I didn’t believe anything he said. It sounded like a script from the beginning.

I’m telling you she WAS kidnapped. She was taken, so she ain’t lying about this. BUT the circumstances…. Come on. LATINO WOMEN?? Get real bitch. Really girl? Why now? Why kidnap her now of all other days? Why bring her home or allow her to”escape” today? Yall buying it or???

Answer me this. Why would they bind her with restraints if they plan to release her? Are these people qualified to collect the RANSOM? I thought it was no questions asked. Then why do we have this stupid stereotype of a description? This dummy gonna get someone killed.

And NOBODY better give me no bullshit about GOD DID THIS!! I aint trying to hear it. Listen it ain’t no blessing when all these children and women go Missing and their bodies turn up or they go Missing and are NEVER found. God don’t have shit to do with it. It’s the luck of the draw. You can’t say, THANK GOD for this one, but others get ignored by the same god. Prayers are prayers people pray every day for their loved ones. Please don’t come on here with that favoritism garbage.

I also understand that many of you believe everything this family says. I don’t. I had mentioned a description in my blog and gave a 100% description of who took Sherri Papini. I still stand by this and if you’ve followed the story you’d see that someone fits this exact description… I hate to slander.

Supposed there is a set of Dangerous Latinas out there kidnapping white women for no cause. Well damn white girls better watch their backs. And listen you can not go offering $100,000 for every person who goes missing. And let’s just say hypothetically she was kidnapped and held Ransom or just help regardless, what does it benefit her to release all of the information about her attackers? Why would she open up and tell the cops everything? Wouldn’t her life still be in danger? And if people believe that it was someone who did this that was close to her, wouldn’t it be better if she just kept her mouth shut? I would not want to give a description at all. Because opening my fat mouth could get me in trouble again. The fact that we have a description makes me doubt the legitimacy of this.

The only thing she should be thinking about right now is being home and being safe and being close to her babies. And if I was in this situation I would not tell them a thing. If they asked me a question and said who did this… I would say I have no idea. Not unless you’re going to tell me that a witness saw two Latinas and an SUV holding a gun, I’m not buying it.

How is she supposed to have a normal life if she cannot jog? If she cannot live her life in Freedom and in peace without worry or fear of another kidnapping. Talking too much which caused her to become a Target all over again, so why would she do that? In order to catch her captors? I think she better look at her family members.

And yes the blogs are a bit old when she’s talking about her childhood. But there is something that stood out to me. When she mentioned that her father was always being known for standing up to Latinos. You don’t find it a coincidence that the two people she blames just so happen to be Latina women?

End of update…

Another update 11/25/2016

This is from a post made by a woman who wanted to assist her but couldn’t.

A California woman shared on Facebook early this morning how she saw missing mom Sherri Papini on a roadside and called police before she was rescued at 4:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving.

On a Facebook page created to help find the 34-year-old mother of two, who mysteriously vanished while jogging three weeks ago, Alison Sutton wrote:

“I couldn’t stop in time to help you this morning but I did pull over and report to police that I saw you by the road and was certain you needed help.

I am thankful that someone else was able to pull over safely to help you and that you are safe. God bless you and your family.”

Rod Rodriguez III, Sherri’s father-in-law responded: “Thank you very much for alerting the police. We greatly appreciate your assistance.”

“I don’t know that my call helped her,” Sutton wrote back,  “but I am very thankful she is safe and back with her family. This is truly a Thanksgiving to remember.”


Papini was found bound on the side of the road in a tiny town near Sacramento at 4:30 a.m. Thursday – about 150 miles from her home.

PEOPLE has not been able to reach Sutton or Rodriguez for comment. A message left for the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office was not returned.

Now police are hunting for two women in an SUV, who authorities say are armed and dangerous, after Papini indicated they played a role in her kidnapping, police say.

End of update…

And here again the FIL speaking on behalf of the family. Even though the sister said If ANYONE HAS QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CASE, contact ME. How is it that the sister of Sherri requested all information go through her, but this guy is running his mouth?

By the way, did you know that the RANSOM MONEY WAS NOT A FACTOR IN HER RELEASE? LOL wtf!!!

Guys you’re trying to tell me that $100,000 was put out on the table to release her by Wednesday November 23,  2016 and they did not release her until Thursday on Thanksgiving? You’re trying to tell me that no money was given to the captors?

The GoFundMe campaign has stopped accepting donations. Guys is this the weirdest thing ever? I’m telling you I thought that the money was dispersed and everyone involved is happy.

What is the motive behind this ordeal? What was all of this about?

We will all have our theories about what took place. And it’s annoying as hell when the family who reached out for the PUBLICS help all of a sudden goes quiet on the public who MADE them. It’s like you got your money and now you’re gone.

So a reader of mine shared this tidbit below. It’s exactly what she described. Someone looked like Sherri was approached and the woman didn’t want to talk and acted evasive. Was it her? We don’t know. But it’s good information. Listen another thing. YOLO … the acronym for You Only Live Once… really? Is this a coincidence that she was picked up there?





Regarding whether or not she had been married before… well what do you think based on this document?

Is this document accurate? Is this a dissolution of marriage from a man named David Allen Dreyfus

Courtesy of another reader of mine.

This photo is said to have come from the Skinheads site

It is a photo of Sherri Graeff Papini in 2005

Initial story below

We have heard in the last few weeks about a young lady named Sherri Graeff Papini who mysteriously disappeared from her neighborhood in Shasta County California during a jog.

Well this information was released on my blog and I wanted to broadcast it.

The problem I have had during this entire story is that I never really know who she is. I cannot tell who this woman is. She literally has no voice. For some strange reason all of her Social Network accounts were deleted or they never existed. And it was extremely frustrating for me trying to find information on her.

Her husband cleaned up her phone. I guarantee he got rid of her social accounts because of what was on them. He was afraid of what the media would see. He knew that if we discovered that she was racist or prejudiced and that she wasn’t this perfect saint, that she’d be tossed aside like the rest of America’s missing adults. … A link

Skinhead girls

Feminine females standing by masculine males

With the dramatic emergence of Skinheads, males who shave their heads and militantly fight the hippy lifestyle, came, of course, the girl-friends and wives who supported their men. The question immediately a moorose, could — or should — a female be a “Skinhead”? And, the follow-up quickly was, “Should a female dress, act, look or fight like a Skinhead?” Skinhead pioneer Corkey Bowman was quick with the answer, “Males be masculine, females be feminine.” That meant short hair for boys, long hair for girls. Jeans for guys, skirts for gals. Since Skinheads widely became known as “hooligans,” a title they took with honor, Skinheads would show up with shirts emblazoned with the word Hooligan. Eventually, females would be seen with shirts proclaiming Hooligirl. Of course, being a Skinhead is rough and dangerous work, defending turf, pushing back opponents and marching for the cause. Being a citizen-soldier or modern-day Minuteman is not a co-ed operation. Most Skinhead Girls, as they came to be known, realized their role and dutifully provided the support and sustenance Skinheads needed, at critical times.

Some females, however, began to try to be more “Skinhead” in appearance. Sometimes calling themselves Skinbyrds, they would cut their hair short, don boots and, even, call themselves “Skinheads.” The image was inappropriate, however, in that unwittingly some females were taking on the appearance of the very lesbians and mannish-women who Skinheads so ardently put down. Newcomers, especially, tended to become confused, when they would come across girls dressed up as “Skinheads” over the Internet. Amelia Flower, for example, asked, “I want to get into being a Skinhead girl. And do you take girls?” Hippy elements began to propagandize that females were “not welcome” as “Skinheads”, beckoning females to join the ranks of Communists and anarchists who maintained minuscule but annoying websites known as RASH or SHARP, which depicted females and males, Negroes and whites, as “Skinheads.”

Beautiful, feminine and attractive

      Skinheads usually laugh off Red attempts to smear, twist or malign them. Sharon Hutchinson even wondered aloud how any Skinhead could “imitate those so much lower and more animalistic than themselves.” The term Skinhead Girl, of course, can be a misnomer. If it means a girl who works with Skinheads, advances the Skinhead cause and stands by her man, then the term is probably correct. But, if it is used to describe a female who feigns being a Skinhead, herself, it is not a proper usage of the term. So, Skinheads launched an educational campaign of their own depicting girls who are part of the Skinhead cause and who sometimes call themselves “Skinhead Girls,” but who are beautiful, feminine and attractive. They published articles by Skinhead Girls, such as Sherri Graef, stating plainly that “girls should not fight,” but that combat is left solely to men, unless in extreme circumstances of self-defense. Lindsey Oldnag pointed out that she has the “Skinhead Spirit,” inside, but, on the outside, resembles any other, nice-looking woman. Some even recited from the Bible that “it is a shame for a man to have long hair, but it is a glory for a woman.”

Lacy Cox put it this way. “I can’t seem to locate a lot of local Skinheads, but I keep in contact with Skins in other places, who are nice to know. I had a man approach me and ask if I was a Skinhead. I had no clue how to answer. I’d like Skins to recognize me, but I’m not sure of the appropriate dress or words for it.” Richie Rose, Moderator of The Skinhead Forum, posted an appeal for “our brothers and sisters to join together and fight for the cause.” He, then, reflected and deleted the word “sisters,” insisting that he did not wish to imply that females ought to be “front-line combatants,” on a par with males. Skinhead Girl is fine with him and he delights in telling how females are part of his life and cause. Richie explains that females interact with him and other Skinheads by wearing Skinhead insignia and supporting Skinheads, rather than by cutting their hair or donning boots. There have been attempts by Hollywood to corrupt the Skinhead image by depicting Skinhead Girls as whores or prostitutes and Skinheads as drug-abusers or low-lifes. All such propaganda has failed, however, as the wholesome Skinhead image, protecting womanhood, nationhood and mankind, continues to advance.

Well one of my Savvy readers came on and left a link for me to read and after reading this blog written by her I’m a little concerned. I would never have expected this coming from her because she comes off as someone who is so perfect. And although I knew deep down inside no one is perfect it’s still confusing when you hear their description of her versus what you read in her blogs. But see for yourself. Now I understand that many of my readers will fall in love with her even more because perhaps you are skinheads and you share the same ideals. I respect that but for those of you who don’t know what you’re getting in to, I’d like to inform you of this.

As I read these posts from her I decided to share the photo that I thought was more appropriate. Is this lady a privileged white girl who thinks she’s better than the rest of us? Were her parents guilty of treating her like she was untouchable?

I read a blog title today called, Attractive blonde Mom goes missing during jog. And I’m like REALLY? Attractive. What does attractive have to do with it unless you think it’s related.

This whole Latino feud between her and her family has me thinking differently about the case. I still believe she was taken, but was it calculated and staged? After reading these posts by her do you understand further why I was suspicious of the husband? I cannot say exactly what his involvement is, but it goes to show that this information that I’m sharing on this blog is NOT What they’d want people to see. So is it safe to say that KEITH is a skinhead?

If shes reading all this material on it and giving little lessons on the issue, then why would Keith not be part of it? If Keith is part of it, who else in the family is dabbling in this society?

Theres two sides of every one. What they are, and who they want you to see. Seems to me that miss prissy face felt a little bit haughty. THAT would explain the need for BILLIONS of photos.  She truly thinks shes the shit. This goes beyond confidence,  it goes on to shallow as a kiddie pool.

I’d like to be respectful towards her because of the circumstances. But I don’t like the idea that she thinks she can jump ahead in the line because shes blonde with blue eyes. What kind of nonsense did her family put into her?

Well obviously someone holds true value because an anonymous someone has offered an undisclosed amount of money for her return.  The Graeff/Papini family has refused to state the actual dollar amount because they don’t want to put a price on her head.

Thanks to whoever contributed to this blog.



Ok Updated 11/28/2016

“Being white is more than just being aware of my skin, but of standing behind Skinheads — who are always around, in spirit, as well — and having pride for my country. Being white is my family, my roots, my way of life. It’s always there. There’s no denying it. It’s nobility. It’s strength.”

Now I took that clip from her post that she made on that website.

When I first wrote this blog I was kind to her because she was still missing I did not want to get ugly with it.

But now that the delusional bitch has been dug up,  its on.  I’ll give her the Ericka Courtney treatment.  Fair is my middle name. I did not know that white was a way of life. Also did not know that skin color was so important. White is her family?  What pills is she taking?  This chick is a shallow hag. We are all the same.  And we all need more love. Not some stupid drama queen stirring up backwoods racism.

Let me guess she couldn’t make it in the sex trafficking trade for being a stiff frigid twat.

Listen Sherri Papini with the Skinhead in your blood.  Everybody was looking for you.  And people genuinely cared about you.  But to know what a hateful slug you are is a bit disheartening.  I see you in your perfect WHITE world with your perfect white kids. But all I see is FAB. FAKE ASS BITCH. Girl its 2016. Nobody has time for that racist skin tone bullshit.  Maybe if you can get your nose out of Keiths ass, maybe you would realize that Blacks are free and Latinos are contributors to this country.  Sherri Papini,  America is not WHITE COUNTRY you dizzy broad. Its OUR LAND. Its a metropolis.  We ALL fit and we’re all welcome.

We ALL contributed to building this great nation.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe you were the problem? You talk so much about the Latino girls who did not like you in school, but maybe you gave off a bad vibe. Maybe you were a snooty ass hole. You act like you’re so perfect in school even refraining from saying ONE bad word and when you did, that word SLIPPED out. Who Do You Think You Are? REMINDS me of Norman Bates. He wouldn’t harm a fly. But deep down inside,  Norman was a psychopath.  You fit the profile of a narcissistic psycho.  On the surface you’re so shiny and cute. But beneath the surface you’re a raging lunatic.  You look like the kind of mom who’d kill her kids.  Just because they were getting more attention than you.  Do you even know what struggle is?   If people called your dad a NAZI, he deserved it.  Stop trying to play the victim.  Sherri you have two types of people in your life.  Those who are your friends who are stupid just like you and those who believe everything you say.  You have no real friends and you aren’t a SUPER MOM.  What you are is displaced and pissed. I saw your Pin about how tough being a STAY AT HOME mother is. Actually I did it for many years.  The only thing you have to do is interact with your children.  But you are fortunate enough to put your kids in Daycare.  But you’re still complaining.  Sherri the world does not revolve around you.

You said that the fact that you were of German-descent That this must’ve irritated them. But how would they know if you did not tell them?  Why would anyone care what descent you are?

You were getting in trouble for being drug free and white? So I guess Latinos are all drug users.

I wonder if your mom hates you.

One of the worst things for decent parents is discovering that we raised a self centered shallow zealot. We hate that shit. You better hold on your Geek Squad husband because hes the only one who will tolerate your foolishness.  And the only reason he accepts it is because you worship his feet.  I can see your marriage ending tragically in a murder suicide.  You two fit the profile easily because ONE of you is fake as fuck.

The relationships where everyone says ITS SO PERFECT are the ones that end in the news.


Was I harsh? Yup. Do I care? Nope.

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Keep walking

Being aware and having pride

Sherri Graeff      I grew up in a small country town, Shasta Lake, California. My school was predominately white. It was a small enough town that everyone pretty much knew each other. I was known as a really good athlete and my Dad had a reputation for being my biggest fan but, also, for standing up against Latinos. He, even, was often kicked out of the stands for getting in fights and defending himself when the Latinos would call him a “Nazi.” Seems that our simply being of German-descent was a constant irritant to them. I would get in fights, too, having to stick up for myself instead of knuckling under to what the Latino girls said and wanted.

I got excellent grades, 3.9 – 4.2, but grew more and more resentful of school and conditions around me. I used to come home in tears, because I was getting suspended from school all the time for defending myself against the Latinos. The chief problem was that I was drug-free, white and proud of my blood and heritage. This really irked a group of Latino girls, which would constantly rag and attack me. One night, at my volleyball game, my homecoming game, I spotted this gang of Latinos sitting behind my father. As the game was coming to an end, I kept seeing my Dad snap around and look behind him, like he kept getting hit by something. Then I caught, out of the corner of my eye, those little devils throwing ice at my Dad and mocking him by raising their hands in the air, as if they were saluting Hitler.

After the game was over and we shook hands with the other team, I walked up the bleachers towards my Dad. Just at the moment he turned around, I told the Latinos — nicely, actually — to quit their acting up. Then, one of them called me “Hitler,” unleashed a barrage of profanity against me and my Dad and took a swipe at me. That really teed me off. I don’t think I’ve ever been that mad. I lunged back at her, slamming her head between the bleachers and pounding her face. It took three full-sized men to pull me off of her. I broke her nose and split her eyebrow. After they got me out of the gym, I had to deal with the cops and such. She did not press charges, so I was released to my father’s custody.

Girls should not fight

      Which brings me to my point of why girls should not fight. We are just too fragile and break easily. I totally agree with Skinheads that girls should not fight. They should stand by their men. But, sometimes, I guess, you have to do what is necessary, when a Skinhead isn’t on hand. On the way up the bleachers, when I had rebuffed the Latinos, I had split my leg open and it was hard for me to walk. But when my Dad picked me up from the police department, the only thing he kept saying to me was, “Sher, I’m proud of you. You did the right thing. Keep on walking. Don’t let your leg slow you down. Keep walking.” It was a happy feeling to have such support from my Dad.

Two weeks later, I was closing the family pizza-joint we owned, when two cars pulled up. I didn’t even have to turn around to see who it was. I instinctively knew who it was. Three Latino guys and five girls rushed in and jumped me. I put up a fight, but I was clearly outnumbered and at a disadvantage. Jessi, the girl whose nose I broke, was with them. They kept hollering about how they hated Skinheads, how all Skinheads should be “burned alive” and how I and my ancestors were supposedly all “KKK.” I actually laughed in their faces, at the inaccuracy of their statements. I mean, they were so dumb that they actually were funny. How dumb can you be? There wasn’t even a Skinhead anywhere in sight.

Then, I got knocked to the floor and kicked in the face. I took a deep breath and shook my head in disbelief. “Can this really be happening?” I thought to myself. Then, I thought, “Is it worth it?” “Is being white and standing up for myself and my beliefs worth all this pain I’m having to put up with?” Then, I heard the echo of my Dad’s voice, “You did the right thing. Keep walking, Sher. I’m proud of you.” It was that pride that gave me the will I needed, right then and there. I took a deep breath, let out a cuss word and got right back up, swinging. I don’t ever swear like that, ever, but, somehow, the word just slipped out, just as Jessi kicked me in the stomach and the others hit me in the face, a few times. Then, before I even saw it coming, whack, one of them smashed me in the shin with a two-by-four, fracturing my leg.

But, I kept fighting back so tenaciously that they saw that they couldn’t defeat me, so they all suddenly ran out the door. My house was about nine or ten blocks away. I limped the whole way home. I’m not sure how I made it, but I still heard the sound of my Dad’s voice, “Keep walking, Sher. Keep walking.” I guess my point is that even though I didn’t always understand why my life had to be one constant battle, our “family-values” — between myself and my Dad — carried me through. My Dad was always there with me, in spirit. Being white is more than just being aware of my skin, but of standing behind Skinheads — who are always around, in spirit, as well — and having pride for my country. Being white is my family, my roots, my way of life. It’s always there. There’s no denying it. It’s nobility. It’s strength. It will be there to lift me up when I really need my pride, when I need to “keep walking.”

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