I guess they don’t call this the Dirty South for nothing. LOL what a trifle little skank. Girl how do you have a shower and the bottom of your feet is dirty? Did you get in the tub and bathe? Typical trailer trash. And then she has the audacity to blame her own son. The officers in this case did an awesome job. Kudos. That poor kid almost went down for a homicide. Lol

No this story is not funny, but the criminal is stupid.

What a disgrace to mothers every where. I wonder is there something else that the detective isn’t saying. He must have suspected that she was high and lying. Probably a Meth addict. They are notorious for killing their children. It’s good they will get the boy away from this killer.


SANFORD — A 27-year-old Oviedo mother was ordered held without bail today after her arrest on charges that she strangled her one-year-old daughter with a string of Halloween lights and blamed her 2-year-old son.

Kristen Marie DePasquale was arrested Monday.

Her daughter died Thursday night at Oviedo’s emergency room.

DePasquale told an Oviedo police detective that about 10 p.m. Thursday, she left her daughter, Mia Rice, in the living room watching television with her 2-year-old son while she took a shower in the master bedroom.

She was gone about five minutes, she said, when she heard her son upset, saying he was sorry for hurting his sister, according to her arrest report.

When DePasquale walked into the room, she saw her daughter with a string of Halloween lights — pumpkins — around her neck, she told the detective.

The child’s feet were on the floor, but she was crouched, DePasquale told police.

Police Sgt. Matthew DePanicis tried to revive the child with CPR, the report said, but she was pronounced dead about an hour later at the emergency room.

Oviedo police Detective Christopher George noticed that the shower was dry, that DePasquale’s feet were dirty and that she had on makeup and was wearing jewelry, according to the arrest report.

The striped towel that she said she used when she got out of the shower was dry, too, he wrote in the report.

The marks on the child’s neck were consistent with the braided string of pumpkin lights, he wrote, but they were deep and would have required more force than a 2-year-old boy could muster.

Volusia County Medical Examiner Marie Herrmann, who performed an autopsy, ruled that the child was the victim of a homicide — not an accident — and had been strangled.

She agreed that the amount of force used was beyond the strength of a 2-year-old boy, the report said.

She also pointed out a mark on the back of the child’s neck that indicated someone had used a device to tighten the string of lights, the arrest report said.

It would have taken four to six minutes to strangle the child with the lights, she estimated.

DePasquale stopped answering questions from the police the night the child died, according to the report.

She also refused to take a drug test, according to an attorney for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

On Monday, DePasquale asked for a lawyer, and a short time later police arrested her, accusing her of premeditated murder and child abuse.

At a brief court hearing this afternoon, Seminole County Judge Mark Herr ordered her held without bail.

She stood with her head down, hands cuffed. Her only word was “No,” when the judge asked if she had any questions.”

“Good luck, ma’am,” the judge said as the hearing concluded. “I feel for you.”

Afterward defense attorney Tim Caudill said, “This is a terrible tragedy for everyone involved. …. She’s very upset. She lost a child, a child she loved very much.”

He would not comment on whether she is guilty or innocent