I don’t know what to do anymore. Is this it? Am I destined to be this way forever?!? Will I forever be Fried Chicken Ericka or will I grow up and refine my tastes? Guys please help me. I’m Dead serious and you guys think it’s a joke! The only time I get respect is when I’m furious. Other than that, I don’t think I’m getting the respect I deserve! 

What are doing to prove to the world that you’re an adult? I’ve had kids, I’ve paid taxes. I drive, I have healthcare, I’m responsible for two teenage daughters. But I still don’t feel grown. Are we all just going through the motions and doing what everyone else is doing? 

I’ve been looking at other grown women who are actually doing stuff and successful and it’s like Watching an animal in a zoo. I’m observing their behaviour. Lol I’m trying to understand their habitat. And I’m impressed with that species. They really are doing stuff. But I’m torn between being a bum or doing something. The end result is the same and that’s what stunts me every time. Like is there a reason to try? Am I selfish to keep all this goodness that’s inside of me to myself? I’ve THOUGHT about doing tons of stuff. But nothing has stuck except blogging or writing. I’m trying to think of something I can do to make the world a better place than how I found it.

 I’m thinking that if I was rich would I still crave Chicken? I tell you this, I’m not paying $100.00 for a chicken plate when I can get it cheaper! Just because I have millions doesn’t mean I want to make you rich with serving barnyard pimp! It’s just chicken. What about burgers? I’m eating them now from AleHouse and they are DELICIOUS! just because I’m rich do I have to start spending $75.00 for a single burger? Fuck that! Imma still eat the same shit. Right now I’m pretty poor, but I eat whatever I want. I go wherever I want… within my budget, but I’m not really seeing the difference between the wealthy and myself. They just pay more for EVERYTHING! Ok yeah I don’t have a house or fancy cars but I’m overweight so that means I’m eating alot! I’ve struggled with this for many years. Watching people step on others to get ahead. Watching people put everything in to their lives to live and look and feel a certain way, but I’m over here thinking, CHILL OUT. Life ain’t that big a deal. Yeah I freak out sometimes like in the video. But mostly that’s because I feel that way sometimes. It’s an eye opener when you just don’t realize where you’re going. And because I don’t know what the future holds its a little scary. Don’t you think? I am at the dumbest place in my life. I don’t care about anything and I care about EVERYTHING! 

ITS a whole other kind of foolishness. If you have a bit of this going on in your head, its all good. Me too! You aren’t alone. It’s the easiest thing to do is talk about myself. Since I really don’t take myself too seriously, I don’t have a problem with coming off completely ignorant on life? Because honestly, none of us have the answers. We really don’t know shit. 

It’s almost time for this year to be over. How many people stood by their 2016 resolutions? Lol I tried wholeheartedly.