NEW YORK – Conor McGregor celebrated his spectacular main event triumph at UFC 205 by announcing he is set to become a father and insisted that his impending parenthood would make him more ruthless in his dealings with the Ultimate Fighting Championship hierarchy.

McGregor finished Eddie Alvarez with a second round stoppage at Madison Square Garden to win the UFC lightweight title and become the first fighter in organization history to hold two belts simultaneously.

He then revealed that his partner Dee Devlin is due to give birth to the couple’s first child in May.

“I am aware of my worth,” McGregor said. “I want what I am due. I know what I bring to the company and how valuable I am. That is more important than ever now I am about to become a daddy. They have got to talk to me now.”

McGregor indicated that he is seeking an equity stake in the company, which was sold to the WME-IMG group for $4.2 billion in July.

His victory against Alvarez broke a series of records as UFC arrived at the Garden for the first time and came back to the state of New York after a 19-year gap following a change in legislation.

UFC president Dana White indicated that the Garden’s gate receipt record and the UFC pay-per-view record had both fallen.


“It feels great,” McGregor said. “It feels familiar. I saw it so clearly, so consistently. I am very confident in my abilities and what I am going to do. I back it up with work ethic. I never slip, I never take a second off in this game. I am very satisfied and grateful and happy, but I am not surprised.”

McGregor twice dropped Alvarez with straight left hands in the opening round, then put him away with a four-punch combination in the second before referee John McCarthy stepped in to wave it off.

I’m all about Conor McGregor. He’s living the life he’s always wanted and hate or love the Underdogs on TOP!

Beating DIAZ was a huge challenge for him. Alvarez?? Not so much. Aldo, meh. Listen McGregor has his haters and he’s fueled by them. He hears everything they say and rises above it to make em eat their words!

He’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to do. Believing in himself when nobody else does.

People are saying he’s acting like Mayweather. To that I say, FUCK MAYWEATHER. What’s wrong with being cocky? You take the humble likings of Benson Henderson who gave the win to Cerrone who I hate by the way and which one you like better? You got two choices bitch. Either like the one who says, ” Thank Jesus I won and have a fucking altar call at the end and piss Dana White off or the one who relishes in HIS OWN ABILITY!

I believe in a man taking credit for his own work. NOT GIVING HONOR to another Man. You did that work! Be proud of it.

Congratulations Conor McGregor. You will get exactly what you want and are willing to fight for. He’s hungry for it and that’s why he’s eating good. A lot of these fighters aren’t hungry. They are just names on a roster. Staring at the menu for an hour won’t get you fed. Deciding what you want and ordering it does.