You know guys we talked about that time when we were slicing an apple or we’re cutting an orange or cutting a piece of pie and we just accidentally stab ourselves to death. Remember that time that happened? Yeah, that never happened. But according to the lady in this story it happened to her boo. I don’t understand it’s not like you’re married to the guy … just leave!!!!!! Lol

And then to make this worst, This Woman’s  story it’s just ridiculous. It’s like lady be creative. Come on all you have is he did it himself?


An Ohio woman has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her boyfriend to death, according to police.

Bobbi Amos-Camacho, 43, reportedly called police late Saturday night to report that her boyfriend, James Rowe Jr., 42, had “accidentally cut himself while sharpening a knife.”

When police arrived to the house, however, they said they found Rowe lying face up on a bed in the bedroom with multiple stab wounds, police said.

He was not breathing and multiple attempts of CPR and other life-saving measures were not successful, according to reports.

Investigation at the scene by detectives indicated that Rowe was killed by multiple stab wounds to the torso and arm, police said.

Amos-Camacho was transported to the sheriff’s office for questioning and was later charged with murder.

Police are reportedly investigating what led to the stabbing.

Some of Rowe’s family members took to social media to express their sadness.

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Family member Chuck Rowe wrote, “I got to work today till 6pm. When I get home, I will drink a couple beers in honor of Jimmy. May you Rest in peace, love ya buddy.”


Chuck Rowe really? You gotta work today until 6? Wtf kinda statement is that? Love ya buddy? Lol