Hey chick, with your desperate ass, give the man his ring back! If you’re not going to marry him, give it back! What a shitty thing to do. An engagement ring is with the intent to marry. If you break it off, you have the responsibility of returning it.

Was he your upgrade? Did you NEED him in order to own a piece of jewelry? I personally think you’re a gold digging HO. GIRL you already gave up the kitty cat and you already lived with him doing wifey shit. If he didn’t cheat and break your heart, be a good little slut and give it back.

He should NEVER HAVE purchased that for her. Sir it’s just pussy. You ain’t gotta prove nothing like that to her.

Ok my final thought? He should get half for being a dummy and buying something that he couldn’t afford. Another thing, STOP TRYING TO BUY WOMEN. Women who are for sale are hookers and call girls and THOTS.


On a different note, maybe he cheated. BUT that would be the only reason I could see her acting like this. Even so, that’s a lot of money. Give him the ring back or pawn it and split the profits.


Story below…


A Manhattan couple are between a rock and a hard place.

Bradley Moss and Amy Bzura were scheduled to walk down the aisle last month, but never made it to the altar.

Now the jilted groom wants the $125,000 engagement ring back, but his ex-fiancée vows she won’t return the sparkler, according to a suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Moss, 31, and Bzura, 27, began dating in June 2012 and lived together on the East Side for more than three years. On Nov. 7, 2015, Moss proposed to Bzura and she accepted, the court papers said. To her delight, he presented her with a square emerald-cut diamond engagement ring.

The handsome couple, who registered at Bloomingdale’s, were to be married Oct. 29.

Friends and family showered the couple with gifts from Vera Wang champagne flutes to Baccarat vases.

One of Bzura’s friends posted an Instagram photo gushing, “Literally dying to be a real bridesmaid of Amy [and Brad’s] wedding! See you 10/29/16 #amysthemoss.”

A week before the nuptials were scheduled, Bzura beamed on social media that she could not wait to be Mrs. Moss. She also posted to her Instagram: “I can’t wait to be your nagging and annoying Jewish wife. You mean everything to me and I can’t wait to say ‘I do’ and make you the happiest man in 2016!”

But for reasons not explained in the suit, “the marriage did not occur.”

On Nov. 3, Moss wrote Bzura a letter demanding she return the rock. But she “has willfully and maliciously refused,” the suit says.

The suit calls for the return of the ring, or its value in cash, with interest, along with punitive damages determined by the court.

Moss, who hails from Woodbury, LI, runs a pipe-supply company based out of Lyndhurst, NJ, according to his LinkedIn page. He’s a fitness enthusiast who
has run marathons.

Both Moss and Bzura, an advertising professional formerly of Marlboro, NJ, refused to comment.