First and foremost he will NOT repeal Obamacare. But for the jackasses out there who cheered for this, you are one dumb fuck. First of all what President’s first order of business is to take away Healthcare for millions of Needy Americans? Elderly folks, disabled, children, people who bought in to healthcare markets. By the way, don’t knock it till you try it. ACA is amazing! Trump won’t repeal it.

Every news source is reporting this. That is political suicide. What kind of selfish ASSHOLE has a problem with people getting subsidies from the government? But it’s ok to pay billions towards war and inmates? But AMERICANS don’t deserve healthcare? You’re a special kind of stupid.

The Mexican Wall and removing Mexicans from America. Lol really? You fell for that? Trump hotels are staffed heavily with Mexicans. Mexicans do the work that Americans don’t want to do. They are farmers! When is the last time your ass went out and grew your own vegetables? When is the last time you were a sharecropper? You plan on raising cattle and poultry? LOLThey are some of the hardest working people you could meet, but you think he’ll build a wall to keep them out? Nah what he’ll do is try to enforce legalization. He’ll be strictly focused on undocumented immigrants.

In order for Trump to build a wall he’d have to include EVERY alien. And they come from UK, Australia, Africa and every other CONTINENT. You cant say youre getting rid of foreigners, but limit it to one group. You cannot swear to infiltrate terrorist by removing and banning all Muslims. Good luck with that. You do realize that many are Americans by birth and they fight in our wars alongside us.


You folks who voted for Trump really got played. Trump played you dummies. Trump wants to die with a good name. Every body talking about Republican vs Democrat, but George Bush had no problems with chilling with Barack Obama and Michelle. They were together just relaxing. But you’re over here all tense.

You will never get the president you voted for. Trump will only go so far. You fell for his promises the same way a naive woman falls for the promises that the man is really good man. He doesn’t care about what he says.  The only thing he cares about is winning. He doesn’t remember half the shit he spat out. He doesn’t remember those promises.  Why do you think He’s changed positions 4 times!?! He used to be a DEMOCRAT! And right now that’s all that Donald Trump cares about is the fact that he won.

I don’t like him at all. But EVERYBODY KNOWS that the loudest mouth is the slowest to action. He ain’t gone do shit!

You voters who think that Trump is your Savior. You might want to go check his website for changes. He’s had many talking points removed. Trump wants to die with a good name and the sad thing about it? Some hill Billy toothless dummy will be angry because he didn’t follow through on the hatred that they’ll try to kill him.


Yall who voted for Trump obviously didn’t read his BIO! Trump is very liberal on a lot of issues.

So you racist pond scum of the earth, it looks like your Golden Boy is not as stupid as you hoped he’d be. He’s on camera saying ITS AN HONOR TO MEET President Obama. What did you think he’d do? Spit in Obama’s face? You think he’ll give this up for YOU? You think he’ll start wars where his family lives for your approval? He sat down at what was supposed to be a 15 minute meeting but it turned into 2 hours of he and The President discussing YOUR future. Trump said he’d like to have more time with Obama. Lmao!!! But you think blacks will be shipped back to Africa. Trump wants this kind of power. He thrives on this and he likes being LIKED.

But I read one chick say this. “Donald Trump better do what he says he’ll do! That’s why I voted for him!” Let me explain it to you like this.

Bitch he already got the pussy. He don’t owe you shit. That’s YOUR fault you were too stupid to see that he was running game on you.

Her threat continues with, And if he doesn’t deliver what I want, in the next four years I would not be voting for him! First off child. You DO realize that although the Republicans control the house and the Senate right now, THEY DIDN’T WANT ANY PART OF TRUMPS CAMPAIGN!?! lol they distanced themselves from it publicly. George Bush and Laura were hanging with the Obama’s. Thats a beautiful life and Trump and Melania want ACCEPTANCE. They won’t throw it all out because you’re racist and sexist. I guarantee you that they will compromise. And it’s too late to threaten now. He got your vote. He’s Always wanted to be President. Donald Trump will get what he wants by any means necessary.

The next year will take an interesting turn and many Republicans will hate Trump. Why? Because they’ll realize that they were duped. Republicans, you played yourself. By being so damn hateful and prejudiced, you deserve exactly what you get.

Trump is elated to meet the President. Yall mad? Watch this video. 4.4 million already have. I love the part where Trump says OBAMA IS A GOOD MAN. He repeats it twice.