Well I’ll be John Brown. What does a man have to do to be a monster in her opinion? Lol

Story below…

todd-resized.jpg“He’s not even close to it… He wasn’t doing it for enjoyment. He was doing it because he was mad and he was hurt,” she added.

“Given what your son has admitted, your son is the definition of what’s known as a serial killer,” Begnaud pointed out.

“I hate that,” Tague said, choking up. “I know that’s what they say… he was a very misunderstood.”

But Sheriff’s deputies say there’s no misunderstanding. Kohlhepp is responsible for at least seven murders. His dark past came to light when 30-year-old Brown was found on Kohlhepp’s property. She and her boyfriend Charlie Carver were missing for two months.

“She was banging very hard on the container,” Spartanburg Sheriff Chuck Wright said. “She was bound. There was a chain from the top of the cage to something else that went around her neck. She was distraught, panicked.”

Her boyfriend Charlie Carver was not as fortunate.

“She said she witnessed him being shot,” Wright said.

After being taken into custody, Kohlhepp asked to speak to his mother. She said he told her everything and said, “I’m sorry, mom.”

“Did he cry?” Begnaud said.

“Mmmhmm,” Tague said. “His eyes looked horrible. They were red.”

“Why did he kill her boyfriend?” Begnaud asked.

“Because he got nasty and got smart-mouthed,” Tague said.

“Why did he chain that girl up?” Begnaud asked.

“Because he didn’t know what to do at that point,” Tague said.

“She saw, evidently, him kill her boyfriend, and he didn’t know what to do with her, he couldn’t turn her loose. She’d go get the police,” Tague said.

Last Saturday Kohlepp took Sheriff Wright to his property. He showed him where he had buried Carver and two drifters he murdered after allegedly hiring them to work on his property.

“He was very polite and remorseful, actually. I said a prayer with him,” Wright said.

What would take everyone by surprise was when Kohlepp also admitted to gunning down four people in a notorious cold case that became known as the Superbike Murders. Kohlhepp had wanted to return a motorcycle.

“They laughed at him, made jokes at him,” Tague said.

“Everybody’s hurt. He hurt everybody,” Tague said of her son.

But according to one of the relatives of the victim, he states that Todd came in and actually purchased one motorcycle and he took the motorcycle out and ended up damaging it and eventually it was stolen. Then he came in again to purchase another bike and some of the team mates said don’t mess this one up, or questioned whether or not he would mess up the new bike as well. He grew very upset about this and apparently that led to the murders.


Something that small just set him off. Nobody deserves to die over a comment like that.’

Lucas said Kohlhepp’s name was among a list of customers he gave authorities more than a decade ago.

But he never heard Kohlhepp’s name as a suspect until last week.

‘That’s a huge, huge weight that’s been lifted,’ Lucas said.

But he wonders, ‘how many more victims — how many more families are sitting worried to death about their loved one and have no answers?’

Taken to the Woodruff property last Saturday, Kohlhepp showed investigators two grave sites.

Authorities identified the people buried there as 25-year-old Meagan Leigh McCraw-Coxie and her husband, 29-year-old Johnny Joe Coxie, of Spartanburg.

They had been missing since December.

Meagan was shot once in the head and her husband suffered several bullet wounds to the torso.

Her mother reported the couple missing on December 22 last year, four months after they had posted pictures of a new baby on social media.

Spartanburg coroner Rusty Clavenger said that he believed the victims had been buried around eleven months ago, shortly after they disappeared.


He said both bodies had been discovered in shallow graves and fully clothed.

They had been identified through their ‘extensive’ number of tattoos and dental records.

Officers said they did not yet know the motive as to why the married couple were shot dead or the type of gun or bullets used.

Tague says her son told her there are no more bodies on his property.

‘There’s nothing else you have to worry about,’ Tague says Kohlhepp told her.

She’s defended her son before. At age 15, he was sentenced to 15 years in an Arizona prison for binding and raping a 14-year-old neighbor at gunpoint.

His mother asked for leniency, according to court records obtained by WHNS-TV in South Carolina.

‘Todd knows he did wrong and he’s sorry, but they won’t even give him a chance to make a good life out of this.

‘They don’t even stop to think that he even walked the girl home. Does that sound like a dangerous criminal?’ she wrote to an Arizona probation officer in August 1987.

Kohlhepp’s parents divorced when he was an infant. He moved in with his father in Arizona around age 12.

Kohlhepp had psychological problems from a young age, records show.

An Arizona judge wrote in 1987 that he was ‘very bright’ but also ’emotionally dangerous’ and preoccupied with sex.

A memo detailing a psychiatric evaluation notes that he grew up in South Carolina and Georgia and had counseling from around age nine.

The memo, with a Phoenix hospital’s letterhead, states that as a juvenile he threatened suicide, destroyed his bedroom with a hammer, hit other children and killed goldfish with bleach.

A 1987 presentencing report says a neighbor described Kohlhepp as a ‘devil on a chain.’

The excuses we make for our children.

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