Okay so I got my first pie last week or the week before that. I was just trying it out because I have heard so much about it and I absolutely love sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie so I’m always on the lookout for a new pie.

Yes that was a long run on sentence. Oh well who cares. Anyway the pie that I first got from Walmart was a little bit disappointing. Now it’s strange but It was too sweet and it had too much nutmeg. I  really did not like it. It was a decent pie but that too much nutmeg and too sweet was not good for me. So I decided to try out the Walmart brand pumpkin pie. That pie was not good. It was not the worst tasting pie but it was not the best tasting pumpkin. I was so disappointed in that pie that I said okay fine just buy me another Patti LaBelle pie. Well to my surprise the second batch and the third and the 4th were all good batches. Lol 😅😅😅😅😋😋😋

I’m certain that Ericka has gained 10 -20 pounds!!! Yes I just referred to myself as a third person. Duh! Listen the pie is good. I finished another one last night. I’m Fucked and won’t be able to wear anything next summer but a moo moo.  Usually in the fall I get thick because the food is good!!! It’s my favorite time of year! I can’t be helped. There’s pies and cookies and poppy cock and cobblers and apple cider and mmmmmmmmmmm!!! I love food!!! Lol ok anyway. Get the pie. I’m hitting the gym this weekend. I’m barely squeezing my fat ass into my jeans. And I got a Dunlap. My belly dun lapped over my jeans!! Haha haha I got a million of em.

Worst thing too is my daughter’s don’t like it at all. They don’t like pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie which forces me to eat more than the usual amount. All the struggles of life are weighing me down right now. The burden and responsibilities are upon me.

You know what I hate about being an adult? I can do whatever I want. You know when you’re a kid and your mom gives you one slice of cake but you’re furious and you want more? Well as an adult I can eat the whole fucking cake. LOL and nobody will stop me and nobody can. But when I look at my wardrobe and say, the damn dryer shrank my clothes, then it’s a problem. I’m at that place right now. So I’m going to warn you folks if you eat the pie please use self-control. Don’t eat it as a replacement meal like I have done. The other night for dinner I had pumpkin pie and coffee. I’m an adult I can do what I want. But I’m suffering the consequences now. Just say no!