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There is a supplement blog post to this one that gives insight into the person that Sherri Graeff Papini is or at least was in 2007. The post is directly related to her skinhead affiliate.

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Shasta County sheriff’s officials say the husband of a missing Mountain Gate woman doesn’t appear to be involved in her disappearance, based on both a passed lie-detector test and other evidence.

Lt. Anthony Bertain said Keith Papini “continues to be cooperative in the investigation” and passed a polygraph test Monday.

“The results of the polygraph examination indicate he has no involvement with the disappearance of his wife,” Bertain said. “Sheriff’s Office Detectives have confirmed his whereabouts on the day in question and there is no physical evidence at this time suggesting he had any involvement.”

Sherri Papini, 34, has been missing since Wednesday. She was last seen going for a jog about 2 p.m. near Sunrise Drive and Old Oregon Trail.

Bertain said his office is still trying to figure out whether Sherri Papini’s disappearance is “voluntary or involuntary,” but family members have said she would never abandon her two children, ages 2 and 4.

Investigators are still reviewing surveillance footage and cell phone and email messages obtained through search warrants, Bertain said.

He encouraged the public to “be supportive of the family as well as law enforcement efforts as these are stressful circumstances.”

“The Sheriff’s Office is aware of the multiple theories about what may have happened with Sherri Papini,” Bertain said.

Anyone with information on Sherri Papini is asked to call dispatch at 530-245-6540 or the Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135. Tips also may be submitted via email to

I love writing these types of blogs.

Sherri’s disappearance may be part of a broader picture.

I’m thinking as a jogger. And I can see that her 

An excerpt from the news…

{The Shasta County sheriff previously said an abduction was possible, but investigators did not yet have any evidence that’s what happened. They are still trying to determine if Sherri going missing was “voluntary or involuntary,” according to the Record Searchlight.

But her family says her disappearance is completely unlike her — and the discovery of her abandoned cell phone and earbuds near her running trail has fueled their concerns.

“She is my wife, and I know everything about her,” Keith says. “I know that my wife would never leave me and never in a million years leave our kids.”

Keith believes his wife “would have to have been either snuck up on, or there would have been multiple or maybe two people, because my wife is very aware. She wouldn’t have allowed somebody to get that close to her unless it was unsuspecting”

The abductor, he says, is probably a stranger: “My gut says it is a person unknown to myself and Sherri. My gut tells me it is just low-life people.”}

I don’t agree with Keith here.

This is not some thug. If it was he’d have left her body on the trail. He wouldn’t have taken her. Why would someone take her? They could have killed her on the spot. Her husband says she’s very AWARE. I’m getting more vulnerable feelings from her.

Are they wealthy? Is there going to be a ransom? There have been several beauties snatched up on jogging trails in the last month or so.

Her sister reaches out.

A controversial excerpt from the story.

Keith said he received a text message from Sherri at 10:37 a.m. on the day of her disappearance asking if he was coming home for lunch. “I usually don’t bring my personal phone in on my job,” he told ABC News. “So I didn’t respond to that message until 1:39 p.m. that day.”

When Keith returned from work around 5 p.m., Sherri wasn’t home. He called the police immediately, authorities said. “Knowing that she didn’t pick up our kids — there is no way that ever happens … she would never in a million years not pick up our children on a time that she normally would have,” he said.

The news is reporting that she took a jog at 2:00 P.m. That’s not true at all. If she had started her jog at 2 o’clock then that means when her husband messaged her at 1:39 p.m. she would have responded. She decided to take an earlier jog that day because she was hoping that her husband would come home. Also anyone stating that they saw her walking alone at 2:00 saw A BLONDE WOMAN. They didn’t see Sherri.

Another discrepancy in the story is that the news is reporting that she usually picks up the kids and then she takes a jog after that. I said it in my first blog about her that that does not make any sense at all. Why would a woman go and pick up her children from daycare knowing she’s going to be running on a remote Trail? I honestly don’t think she intended to pick the children up and take them on the run with her. So it’s more logical that she would leave the children at daycare and go pick them up after the workout. I’ll say it again unless she had a plan babysitter at the house who will take care of the children while she went on a jog, then it’s highly unlikely. And I don’t believe she would leave the children at home alone while she went on an hour jog.

Another thing to question.

Her husband states that he went home immediately after work only to discover that his family wasn’t there.

His children had not been picked up from daycare and that they were picked up by a family member. The strange thing is this. How out of touch is the daycare center and the father and his relatives? You mean to tell me that the daycare NEVER contacted the father FIRST regarding his left behind children? You mean to tell me that NOT EVEN THE RELATIVE called or texted him to say, I have your kids? Lol Did anyone leave a voicemail? He should NEVER have gone home completely in the dark. It seems like he’s the emergency contact for those children. Why wouldn’t the daycare call him?  Strange right?

There’s always the next of kin. You can’t reach mom? You call dad. Can’t reach dad? You call the next of Kin. I need to see a relative coming forth saying that they contacted Keith repeatedly and tried to inform him that they had his kids.

I cannot say that the husband is guilty. I’m telling you she was taken. Under what circumstances, I cannot say. Its strange that the next of kin would pick up the children from daycare and he wouldn’t be alerted ESPECIALLY if this was a RARE occurrence. And from what they say, it was. So why didn’t Keith know where his children were?

Whenever there are circumstances like this,  EVERY ONE and everything must be looked at.

Inside Edition is reporting that the father called the Daycare center and was told that his children weren’t there. I just can’t ignore this.

Makes no sense. Yes this seems irrelevant at this time because we have a missing person. But this is an extreme red flag.

When things don’t add up, it’s either somebody  fabricating or the media fucked up.

This is a link to their wedding photos if you haven’t had the chance to view them.

It gives light to their love life.

Another thing in question. Did they delete their social media accounts or did they ever have them? I’ve never seen a couple as photogenic as these two NOT have a Facebook.

Her sister Sheila Graef Koester has one, but neither Keith nor Sherri are listed as friends.

What I’m not liking? We don’t know much of anything about her. So far we’ve been told she is a super mom. But that is it. That is not enough. Her husband gives more insight in to she is by explaining that she is cautious and would never leave him or her children.  But that just does not feel like enough. We need to connect with her. And if she had social media they should not have taken it down if they did.

I also can’t help feeling that the husband scrubbed the phone. When you really look at this story for what it is we really don’t have anything at all. They really haven’t told us anything.

The only thing we see is what they want us to see. And that is a PERFECT world. I suppose that I’m so used to digging up dirt on folks and believe me, I’m good at it. But there should be a thumbprint on social media. Where was Sherri keeping their life? Did she have just old fashioned photo albums? Lol nobody owns an Apple iPhone and not have social media. Sherri would have to have somewhere where she shares her thoughts. Sherri would have to be talking somewhere. A place to express gratitude for her life. She was supposedly wrapping up a gift for him before she took her jog. Everything we see about Sherri revolves around Keith. By the way, is Sherri a Stay at home mom?

Where is her income coming from? Keith works for Best Buy. What does he do there? What’s his income? Children are extremely expensive and from my understanding Keith is not working at this time. Questions are being raised about whether the GoFundMe account is supporting him. In this situation what is supposed to happen? If it wasn’t for GoFundMe what would he do?

Who- Sherri Papini

What – Suspected abduction





And in today’s world? How much?

Listen I’m going to use my gift to tell you what I see but I have not been doing this for 10 years only to rely on that. I know that Keith was cleared by law enforcement but I’m not 100% convinced. I want to be. But I am questioning if they were as happy today as they were when they first got married about seven years ago. Was Sherri happy? I know they called her a super mom and that is all well and dandy but I’ve been a mom before and I’m a mom right now and that is extremely difficult and it is very stressful.

He assures us that she would never have left him. But I know she wouldn’t leave her children.

With cases like this I usually go extremely over the top. Because I have to look at everything. So let’s talk about another missing persons case from the same neighborhood. Another blonde hair blue-eyed beauty. But she’s just 16.

Tera Smith

Went missing from Redding California after going for a jog.

¶Shasta County Secret Witness is still offering a reward of up to $20,000 for information leading to locating Tera, and the Virginia-based National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also continues to ask the public for help in finding her.

Tera, who would now be 26, disappeared during the early evening hours after leaving her rural Tarcy Way home dressed to go jogging.

Her then-martial arts instructor, Troy Zink, who is now 39, reportedly told authorities on the night of her disappearance that she had called him at work on her cell phone and asked to meet near her home.

Zink, who has denied any involvement in Tera’s disappearance, told sheriff’s deputies that she asked him for $2,000. When he refused, the teenager became upset and asked for a ride to the intersection of Old Alturas Road and Old Oregon Trail.

It was there, Zink told deputies, that he dropped her off and then drove alone to Hang Glider Hill, west of Shasta Dam, to pray. He claimed he returned to his Redding home about 11:30 p.m., deputies have said.

Smith, as well as countless others, doesn’t believe that story.

“We know what happened,” he said.¶

I don’t like to cross the stories but in this case I have to. Now obviously I cannot accuse the same person who was a suspect in the Smith case, I don’t know that guy or what he looks like I’m just tying the community together and looking for similarities.

Zink was a married man who was cheating on his wife with 16 year old Tera. It’s reported that in her journal she was planning on ending their sexual relationship. She had written it in her journal.

I have to assume that old Oregon Trail is very long. I don’t live there so I don’t know but when I have two stories of women going missing and that street is brought up I have to mention it.

Another point to ponder. I am going to assume that this path is extremely remote and that no one else walked or jogged on this path that day. Reason being no one else noticed her phone or her earbuds. Looks to be hot pink and black.

Some screenshots from Facebook

Yes I do read everything! I will scour your Facebook.  I don’t just blog for the locals, I blog for everyone. This story is in the UK.

I consider myself one of the best bloggers in situations like this because I try to bring answers to you in one place. I pride myself on gathering enough information to form a rational opinion.

You may not have a social network account but SOMEBODY always tells your business.

Thank you for answering our questions.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking why a mom who is a stay-at-home mom would have to put her kids in daycare. But this guy who is answering all the questions is acting like a spokesperson for the family.

That’s an unnecessary expense but I’m not paying for it. But it is something to consider.

Their photos look staged and overly professional. I know there are many happy couples, but something is off.

Everything is too perfect. Perfect photography for everyday scenarios. I understand the wedding being perfect, but these two look like magazine folks.

I don’t understand their finances but they appear to be trying to look like MORE than what they are.

She’s a stay at home mom but the kids are in Daycare even though she’s described as a SUPER MOM. lol doesn’t add up. Supermom would imply something completely different. Like actually being able to clean up the house AND Grocery shop with your kids. I did it with 3 little ones. I gotta figure out this super mom thing. I worked full time while my kids were in Daycare. I didn’t get a break. Let’s NOT call her super mom. Let’s just call her Sherri Papini.

Were they in debt? Are they in debt? Are they using credit cards to survive? The only way children that amge can be affordable in Daycare is if the parents are willing to pay at least $2-300.00 a week. Perhaps they were subsidized under a government program or they are in PreK… which is free? I’m only questioning it because THEY SAID she was a Super Mom.

Another thing. I know nothing about the SISTER but I don’t understand why she said.

“She absolutely loved and adored her children and did anything for them,” Sheila Koester, Sherri’s sister, told Dateline NBC.

Say what? I don’t think it’s good to talk about her in PAST TENSE. Is she dead? Because if not, I’d curse somebody out for saying that about my sister. You’re supposed to hold out hope. But 5 days after she went missing, her sister says this. Perhaps it’s just nerves. But if you want people to take you seriously, you gotta stop talking about her like she’s dead.


The status has changed from MISSING to SUSPICIOUS Circumstances and Voluntary Missing by the DOJ.


This is not good.

Are they thinking that Sherri staged this disappearance? Was she running away from a life she hated? Was this the dream life she always wanted? Did another man come into her life and convince her to leave it all behind?

As of November 16 2016 the FBI is now involved in the case. Not sure if this will make a difference, but it’s better than nothing.

Update Sherri Pappinis mother speaks out about her daughter’s disappearance.

Sherri’s mother and father, Loretta and Rich Graeff, have spoken for the first time about her disappearance, stating that their daughter would not voluntarily leave her family.

“I believe that she was abducted, that someone knew her, someone took her. She wouldn’t leave her babies, she wouldn’t leave her family like this,” Loretta told KRCRTV.

“Somebody has taken her, and we want her back. And I don’t care what the cost is. Just give us information, do something. If they want money, you can have money, we just want Sherri back.”

She said when she realised her daughter was gone she broke down and had cried many times since her disappearance but her emotions had moved on.

“I can’t cry because I’m mad. I’m mad. I’m very mad, that someone took our daughter. Just snatched her out of thin air. I love you, Sherri. We miss you, we want you home. Your babies miss you. Keith misses you,” she said.

Sherri’s husband Keith was interviewed for most of today by the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office. He beat a lie-detector test and the sheriff’s office released the following statement.

“The results of the polygraph examination indicate he has no involvement with the disappearance of his wife. Sheriff’s Office detectives have confirmed his wh

ereabouts on the day in question, and there is no physical evidence at this time suggesting he had any involvement.

Hmmm we are still missing some information.  Does she have a car? Does she drive? And where are her keys? I can’t put my finger on it but something is off. Something is still wrong. Are you trying to tell me they live in the hell hole neighborhood where you need to lock your doors and she did not take her keys with her on her jog?

The answer is in the details.

Ok so SOMEBODY sent this link to a blog that was ALLEGEDLY written by Sherri Papini. Of course this is under her maiden name I presume Graeff. Now YES there are other people by the name Sherri Graeff out there, but none that I see in Shasta County. Here’s the post.

Keep walking

Being aware and having pride

Sherri Graeff      I grew up in a small country town, Shasta Lake, California. My school was predominately white. It was a small enough town that everyone pretty much knew each other. I was known as a really good athlete and my Dad had a reputation for being my biggest fan but, also, for standing up against Latinos. He, even, was often kicked out of the stands for getting in fights and defending himself when the Latinos would call him a “Nazi.” Seems that our simply being of German-descent was a constant irritant to them. I would get in fights, too, having to stick up for myself instead of knuckling under to what the Latino girls said and wanted.

I got excellent grades, 3.9 – 4.2, but grew more and more resentful of school and conditions around me. I used to come home in tears, because I was getting suspended from school all the time for defending myself against the Latinos. The chief problem was that I was drug-free, white and proud of my blood and heritage. This really irked a group of Latino girls, which would constantly rag and attack me. One night, at my volleyball game, my homecoming game, I spotted this gang of Latinos sitting behind my father. As the game was coming to an end, I kept seeing my Dad snap around and look behind him, like he kept getting hit by something. Then I caught, out of the corner of my eye, those little devils throwing ice at my Dad and mocking him by raising their hands in the air, as if they were saluting Hitler.

After the game was over and we shook hands with the other team, I walked up the bleachers towards my Dad. Just at the moment he turned around, I told the Latinos — nicely, actually — to quit their acting up. Then, one of them called me “Hitler,” unleashed a barrage of profanity against me and my Dad and took a swipe at me. That really teed me off. I don’t think I’ve ever been that mad. I lunged back at her, slamming her head between the bleachers and pounding her face. It took three full-sized men to pull me off of her. I broke her nose and split her eyebrow. After they got me out of the gym, I had to deal with the cops and such. She did not press charges, so I was released to my father’s custody.

Girls should not fight

      Which brings me to my point of why girls should not fight. We are just too fragile and break easily. I totally agree with Skinheads that girls should not fight. They should stand by their men. But, sometimes, I guess, you have to do what is necessary, when a Skinhead isn’t on hand. On the way up the bleachers, when I had rebuffed the Latinos, I had split my leg open and it was hard for me to walk. But when my Dad picked me up from the police department, the only thing he kept saying to me was, “Sher, I’m proud of you. You did the right thing. Keep on walking. Don’t let your leg slow you down. Keep walking.” It was a happy feeling to have such support from my Dad.

Two weeks later, I was closing the family pizza-joint we owned, when two cars pulled up. I didn’t even have to turn around to see who it was. I instinctively knew who it was. Three Latino guys and five girls rushed in and jumped me. I put up a fight, but I was clearly outnumbered and at a disadvantage. Jessi, the girl whose nose I broke, was with them. They kept hollering about how they hated Skinheads, how all Skinheads should be “burned alive” and how I and my ancestors were supposedly all “KKK.” I actually laughed in their faces, at the inaccuracy of their statements. I mean, they were so dumb that they actually were funny. How dumb can you be? There wasn’t even a Skinhead anywhere in sight.

Then, I got knocked to the floor and kicked in the face. I took a deep breath and shook my head in disbelief. “Can this really be happening?” I thought to myself. Then, I thought, “Is it worth it?” “Is being white and standing up for myself and my beliefs worth all this pain I’m having to put up with?” Then, I heard the echo of my Dad’s voice, “You did the right thing. Keep walking, Sher. I’m proud of you.” It was that pride that gave me the will I needed, right then and there. I took a deep breath, let out a cuss word and got right back up, swinging. I don’t ever swear like that, ever, but, somehow, the word just slipped out, just as Jessi kicked me in the stomach and the others hit me in the face, a few times. Then, before I even saw it coming, whack, one of them smashed me in the shin with a two-by-four, fracturing my leg.

But, I kept fighting back so tenaciously that they saw that they couldn’t defeat me, so they all suddenly ran out the door. My house was about nine or ten blocks away. I limped the whole way home. I’m not sure how I made it, but I still heard the sound of my Dad’s voice, “Keep walking, Sher. Keep walking.” I guess my point is that even though I didn’t always understand why my life had to be one constant battle, our “family-values” — between myself and my Dad — carried me through. My Dad was always there with me, in spirit. Being white is more than just being aware of my skin, but of standing behind Skinheads — who are always around, in spirit, as well — and having pride for my country. Being white is my family, my roots, my way of life. It’s always there. There’s no denying it. It’s nobility. It’s strength. It will be there to lift me up when I really need my pride, when I need to “keep walking.”

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Whatever happened, I’m Feeling that Sherri blames Keith. It’s ALL his fault. There’s some type of negligence or something he was supposed to take care of and he didn’t. Either he overlooked something or didn’t adhere to something. But she feels like he failed her in some way. She’s really NOT very concerned for him.

Whatever lead to her disappearance, he is directly linked to it. I still FEEL intuitively that Keith is not being honest. Perhaps not an all out lie, but omission.