I have developed a no-compromise attitude when it comes to my personality. And it is so important that I always maintain my true self. I cannot ever find myself in a position where I am not allowed to be me.

As a woman who is a citizen of the United States and the young girl who grew up on these streets,  I had no way of understanding why my voice was so important. I had no idea why it was so imperative that I be authentic.

I used to be one of the most popular bloggers you could read from.  I wrote about whatever I felt and I said exactly what I meant, but at the same time I was always so concerned with my appearance and what people would think of me.

I did not want to come off as overly aggressive. But today those things have to change. It is more crucial that I always stay true. Even if it’s a post with 50 expletives, you are going to hear it.

I did not create this monster. And as far as I’m concerned I am not a woman I am Ericka Courtney.  You are going to respect me based on my name alone. My vagina has absolutely nothing to do with it.

I did not create the gender roles, I did not create the male and female chromosome. I am just here just like you are trying to survive.

My main purpose for being so vulgar is because Society is always telling women how to speak how to think and how to act. And I am not putting up with any of it. I am going to do and say and be whatever the f*** I feel like it. Now you may notice that the swear word is censored.  I didn’t do that,  my tablet does it automatically.  I don’t want censorship.  I was commenting on something yesterday and the guy told me to get out of the country if I didn’t like Trump. Then he asked if I’d ever considered that.

I replied, Have you ever thought about killing yourself.  Some self righteous bitch got offended. Trying to demand that I fix my words.

I told that bitch that I’m her god and that she should bow before me and kiss my feet. I wasn’t joking.  I meant it. No I don’t require everyone to Bow but if you’re an idiot why not?

You may not like my words, but those are my words. There is no time for censorship. There is no time for biting your tongue and holding your peace and letting God fight your battles. That’s not me. I am a God and I fight my own battles. I’m like Kanye West.

Listen folks for those of you who did not support Hillary Clinton just say you have your reasons. I get it. But Donald Trump won. And he stood on the American Stage and said whatever he felt like and he did not care who he offended.

I have those same Goddamn rights. And believe me I am going to exercise it. I am going to be even more disgusting, I am going to be even more vulgar, I am going to offend people even more. That is the ship you will be sailing on. I am the captain and I do make frequent stops. At any given time you don’t like the way my ship is being ran get the fuck off.

I need men and women to always stay true to yourself. It does not matter what other people think. Do what you want. Stop worrying about how you look to the public eye.

When a guy like Trump wins or is in a position of power,  that fuels me. It further lets me know that its ok that I’m a bitch. My rule is always treat people the way they treat me.

Many times people choose to take the high road. I don’t believe in taking the high road I’ll take the low road and I will get in the mud right with you. I will get down and dirty with you. People always feel like they can say some slick shit to you but when you fight back all of a sudden there’s a problem. The issue is they did not expect you to treat them the way they are treating you.