This will be short and sweet. Hillary Clinton isn’t winning because she’s a woman and men don’t want a female president.

Remember, they let black men vote before women. Through all that hatred and racism towards blacks, WE WOMEN were still on the back burner. Most of them don’t like us. They think we should be seen and not heard.

We need to empower ourselves as women and just flat out reject this stupidity. I’m single and loving it and don’t want to be tied down with some narcissistic personality male. We can have our freedoms and express ourselves without their help. If you’re a woman who is fortunate enough to have a great guy who supports women, keep him. But if you have a disrespectful bum who calls women bitches, tell him to fuck off.

That’s why I don’t do religion. It keeps women subservient. It teaches that the man is ahead of the woman and that she is never to hold a position of power over him.

You can’t blame the outcome when most Americans are Christian or Catholic. powerstruggle


They don’t want us educated. They prefer us young and dumb.

Regardless of the outcome, life goes on and we’ll be fine. But raise your standards and don’t give shit to these bums who don’t respect you or other women. Don’t ever let a man get comfortable with disrespecting you.

I’m looking at the results right now and Donald Trump is in the lead with only 4 points to go. Why? He’s a male chauvinist who found his target audience of bigots, rapists, racists, sexist folks who would vote for him.

You think I wasn’t standing for the pledge under OBAMA. I might burn a flag under Trump.

Think about this. What if he pulled a fast one on Americans? What if he’s not going to be the disgusting vile nutcase I suspected? What if he just catered to the fools in the audience just to get a rise? Time will tell.