So the mother says he did all of this to hurt her.

The man, who police identified as Christopher Cadenbach, had a $100,000 bond issued for his arrest in connection with a previous domestic violencedispute, but on Saturday afternoon when he met with this mom and two sons at the park, he said “he wasn’t going to be taken alive,” according to reports.

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His mom reportedly told police that Cadenbach said he wanted a “suicide by cop.”

Police said Cadenbach left the park in his mom’s car with the two boys, 5-year-old Ethan and 4-year-old Owen, and then she called police.

Police issued an Amber Alert for the children Saturday night and a park ranger spotted a vehicle matching the description of Cadenbach’s at Cliff Cave Park in South County, police said.

A helicopter overhead saw someone moving towards the vehicle and officers moved toward the scene, but they immediately heard gunshots, police said.

Officers say Cadenbach shot and killed his children

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“He was apparently shooting his children. We tried to engage him and it appears he took his own life,” said St. Louis County Police Department’s Deputy Chief Kenneth Cox.

A GoFundMe started by the family for the boys described them as happy kids.

“A mother who was trying to protect her children, will now have 2 funerals for these babies. These babies also have 2 older siblings as well. This family is struggling emotionally and will be finacially for these unexpected deaths,” the campaign read.

Cliff Cave Park will be closed on Sunday for the investigation, which is ongoing.

Dead were Ethan Cadenbach, 5, and Owen Cadenbach, 4, and their father, Christopher Cadenbach, 43.

St. Louis County Deputy Chief Ken Cox said late Saturday that the father was being sought on a warrant for domestic abuse issued in Franklin County.

Cadenbach had spent Saturday with his children and his mother, Diane Cadenbach, in what Cox described as a “pleasant day at the park.” He did not indicate what park.

Later, however, Cadenbach began making statements that alarmed his mother. He said he “wasn’t going to be taken alive” and talked of “suicide by cop,” Cox said.

Cadenbach then left in the car with his children. Diane Cadenbach called police, who issued an Amber Alert for the children shortly before 7 p.m.

Shortly before 8 p.m., a St. Louis County park ranger spotted the car described in the Amber Alert in Cliff Cave Park in south St. Louis County.

A county police helicopter then arrived, and its crew saw a man moving toward the car.

“He was shooting his children,” said Cox.

County officers approached on the ground, and in a scene that Cox described as “pitch black,” exchanged shots with the man.

Cox said that Cadenbach apparently took his own life at that point.

It was “a tragic and sad ending,” Cox said.


My goodness, “he did it to hurt me”. Those are some powerful words.

Look at these adorable little boys!

Ladies pay attention to character. Look at the character of a man. Know his fighting style. Know if he’s the type to fight dirty. Men and women who fight dirty are notorious for this. If everything little thing you do warrants an all out attack from him, you have yourself a tyrant.

The community reaches out to the mother 

He didn’t just hurt her. He hurt their friends, their family. He crushed a community who will never understand why this happened.

There is no consolation.