Omg, that Mugshot though. First rule of thumb, if you’re not interested in marrying him, don’t stay with him. Better yet, the SOONER you discover that he’s NOT the one, drop him. I’m not saying that that would have prevented her untimely death, but it would have kept him from feeling like his time was wasted. Sounds like she might have been stringing him along. You know us women. “Oh I’ll just stick with him until something better comes along”. That’s USING someone. Thats deception. And you’re kinda acting like a HO. I’m just saying. Now the rules are different when you’re very young for the most part. Everyone is sleeping with everybody and the very thought of marriage gives some guys penis recessions. But when you’re with a grown ass man, Girl you better watch that shit.

Now, for what’s its worth, she saved another woman’s life, but at what cost. If you aren’t sure, it’s best to walk away. ESPECIALLY when you know he’s truly interested in a relationship. images-55

I realize that she is a mother And she’s leaving behind 2 children. SO in lieu of those details, to the rest of you women out there who are dating with NO INTENT, wake up! Stop acting like men don’t have feelings. Stop acting like all you have to offer is sex and selling yourselves short. According to her friends she was a sweet lady. Well, Jason Eric Eaton felt used. He felt like she wasted his time and efforts. He even went out and bought an engagement ring. Come on! Really? I’m not saying he was right, but someone has got to accept responsibility for this. If she didn’t see him as a potential candidate or as a stepfather for her children, WHY WAS SHE THERE?


Story below



GREENSBURG, Ind. – A Greensburg man is facing a murder charge after allegedly admitting to killing his girlfriend after she declined his marriage proposal, reports CBS affiliate WTTV.

According to court documents, Jason Eaton, 43, walked into the Greensburg Police Department on Tuesday with a woman and asked to talk to an officer. He told the officer that he had killed his girlfriend, later identified as Wendy Sabatini.

Officers were sent to their home and Sabatini’s son, who reportedly thought his mother was at work, let them in. He had just arrived home from a school-related internship.

The station reports that Sabatini’s body was found in a bedroom. Police said she died of an apparent gunshot wound to her head. A firearm was found in the bedroom and seized by officers.

Eaton was detained at the police station. He spoke with officers and said he approached her in the bedroom with an engagement ring to ask her to marry him.

She declined before he was able to ask.

Eaton allegedly said he then retrieved the gun from a nightstand and shot her in the head from behind. He eventually left the home and went to the home of the woman who he went to the police department with. He allegedly told her he “messed up” and said he thought he killed Sabatini.

In addition to the murder charge, Eaton faces a firearm sentencing enhancement.


Friends discuss Wendy…

Several people gathered at Polsinelli’s Bar & Grill Thursday evening to remember former Logansport resident Wendy Sabatini, who authorities say was killed at her home in Greensburg Tuesday.

Police say Sabatini was fatally shot Tuesday evening, Oct. 25, by her boyfriend, Jason Eric Eaton, 43, at her residence about an hour southeast of Indianapolis, according to a probable cause affidavit filed through the Decatur County Circuit Court.

Friends said Sabatini had only lived in Greensburg for a couple of years. Before that, she called the Logansport area home for about two decades. News of her death came as a shock to them.

Lora Collins has known Sabatini for around three years and said she learned of her death early Wednesday morning.

“I had seven missed phone calls,” she said, “and they said it was about Wendy. I couldn’t even imagine something like this. It’s one thing to lose a person to illness or an accident, but not to this.”

John Sabatini was married to Wendy for 15 years, and the couple have two children together. He said he got the phone call around 10 p.m. Tuesday.

“I thought it was about my son at first,” he said, “and I was asking ‘what happened to my son?'”

When he heard that it was about Wendy, John said he was completely speechless.

But the meeting at Polsinelli’s Thursday night wasn’t to talk about Wendy’s death. It was to reminisce about what her friends and family called her amazing life.

John and Wendy had met in the early 1990s at Rumors nightclub in Rochester, where she was a waitress.

“And I couldn’t take my eyes off her,” John said. “There was just something about her. She was always smiling.”

Throughout their marriage, John said Wendy and their children explored the country together while John was racing BMX bikes, and she was always supportive of his passion. Calling Wendy a great person, John also said she was the best mother to their children.

It’s that positive attitude and can-do spirit that Collins said makes her smile when she thinks about Wendy.

“If she wanted something,” Collins said, “Wendy went out and got it. But she was also so humble and had an awesome personality, and I will always remember that laughter.”

Kori Downs works at Polsinelli’s and has known Wendy for around five years. She said she owes a lot to Wendy, especially her health. Downs said she used to be overweight and Wendy took her under her wing.

“She trained me,” she said. “Who I am today is because of her.”

The two women have taken several vacations together over the years. Downs laughed as she recalled having push-up challenges on the beach during one spring break trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama.

“She was just so uplifting and inspiring,” Downs said.

Mary Pearson owns Polsinelli’s and said Wendy was a frequent customer when she lived in Logansport. Through those visits, Pearson became friends with Wendy. At Polsinelli’s, Pearson said, everyone became friends with everyone else.

“This place is sort of like Cheers,” she said.

And so there probably wasn’t a better spot Thursday night to gather and reminisce about Wendy’s life, in a place where friends said she really was just part of the crowd.

“She was beautiful,” friend Toni Colter said, “both inside and out.”


Let’s explore that she was afraid of him. Well there were PLENTY friends that came forth and gave an account to her, but NOTHING of the relationship. They never said she was afraid or that she had a restraining order against him. They never said that he was violent and had a terrible temper. Those are key elements that people would go by. If you’re dating a man and he’s a bit crazy, you do what you can to leave. Most importantly, women always tell someone. We can’t help it. We tell everything. Her co-workers would have known, her children would be speaking out about it. Somebody would know something. And that’s missing from this story. Was Jason just PERFECT every second of the day? Did he never misstep?

Another thing, guys she was shot with her own gun. The gun she kept in her nightstand to protect her, killed her. I’ve read that this isn’t the first time he’s been rejected by her for marriage. So WHY WAS SHE THERE?

Yes he needs to take it like a man so to speak and accept the rejection. But if he’s already asked you and you’ve declined, what do you think? He’s changed his mind? Of course not. We’ve been taught, MEN HATE REJECTION. BUT who really likes it? I hate being told NO. No sucks!

I’m not saying she deserved to die, but there’s gotta be more to this story.