Okay first things first, do not assume that because you are a grown woman that you are not at risk for human trafficking.

Secondly do not assume that because you do not have a drug addiction that you could never find yourself in the position like this.

I would Like to just call it sex trafficking but the proper term for it is human trafficking. And it is becoming even larger in the United States.

Let’s look at the children who could easily find themselves victim to human trafficking.


The needy.
Those who desperately need attention or affirmation are prime targets. You can recognize these by their frequent selfies on social media, their posts and comments always centered on themselves–even if negative–or their personal put downs that are said in the hopes that someone will counter them. To a trafficker prowling on FB or Snapchat, these are easy targets. They can start sending them messages of affirmation and adoration, and the needy teen will feed off them to the point that their feeling of self worth is totally dependent on the trafficker.

2. The lonely.
Kids whose parents are gone most of the day, or who shuttle back and forth between multiple families end up with a lot of time on their own. That can lead to choosing wrong friends or unhealthy activities. A teen might get addicted to gaming, or they might end up in a relationship online that parents don’t even know about. A trafficker knows if they can get a teen to come to them with their emotional needs and believe the trafficker (posing as a friend, confidant, lover, etc.) is the only person who can meet those needs, they have them.

3. The angry.
Kids recognize when they are given money and freedom but not parental time, effort, and yes, boundaries. A child knows when parents are more focused on their own problems, career, or anything else over family and are leaving kids to emotionally fend for themselves. For some, that results in a bitterness leading toward rebellion that a trafficker can exploit. They can start up a relationship (again, usually online) where the teen can complain about their parents and get lots of sympathy, which turns into the trafficker suggesting the teen run away with offers to help them find a place, get a job. If the teen does, the trafficker has set themselves up as the only resource to help, and again, the power is all theirs.

4. The confident and clueless.
A feeling of invincibility mixed with naivety is a dangerous combination. These are the kids at the mall who will accept a ride home from a stranger to impress their friends with their hot, older new friend. These kids will take a dare that leads them to dangerous places and relationships. They might be drawn toward the older guy everyone is warning them against, just to prove a point, or just because it feels powerful. All a trafficker has to do is show up and be attractive.

A major part of the fight against trafficking is awareness. For many, the most important awareness they can have is not what a trafficker looks like and does, but what a potential victim looks like and does. For all the parents out there, please take a good look at your child.

Here are some of the ways you can be lured.


The majority of women who are in online dating, They are desperate and lonely, they are always seeking attention, they post thousands of photos of themselves. They are always flaunting their bodies and showing off. I personally dont think there’s anything wrong with that. You can do what you want to do. But you might want to think about the message you are trying to convey to the public. You are so busy trying to get likes,  you don’t even really know who’s watching.

So many women out there are Instagram whores it’s ridiculous. They are so busy trying to become Instagram and Snapchat famous. It’s so dumb. And they think that they are invincible. A lot of women who are missing today are not dead, they are sold into sex slavery. You will probably never see them again.

download-1This isn’t a joke. And where it used to be immigrants coming here and being held captive, investigators are seeing more United States citizens who are being held captive and used as sex slaves or labor workers.

Lures used by the Trafficker

1. Misleading “Friendships” – Some recruiters befriend teens and adults for the sake of trafficking them. After they develop trust and a seemingly solid friendship, the recruiters initiate a weekend vacation or gig, only to deceive them into trafficking.

2. False Job Advertisements – Traffickers will advertise paying jobs (nanny, waitress, model, etc.) in a foreign country. When the applicants arrive and are picked up by their supposed boss, their paperwork is often taken and they are forced into work conditions vastly different than they had been led to believe.

3. Family Arrangements – In some cases, a family falls on financial hard times and is willing to sell a child for money. Parents are often promised their child will be taken care of and given a proper education. Sadly, the buyer rarely holds up to his or her part of the deal and the children or adolescents are resold into the trafficking industry.

4. Abductions – Many trafficked victims are kidnapped on their way to school, work, or home and later sold into slavery.

5. Sham Lover – Some women unknowingly marry a recruiter and are then sold by their husbands. Other women are pimped out by their boyfriends and forced or manipulated into commercial sex.


So do you see how it is possible that even an adult can find themselves locked away in a cage or in a foreign country working as a slave because they thought fell in love with a nice man they met online?

Again human trafficking knows no gender. Someone who you think is your best friend could lead you into a trap of sex trafficking.

They are called recruiters. It is their job to bring back victims for their pimps. The lifespan of a woman who is tossed into sex trafficking is 7 years. And even before that, if she stays in a certain demographic,  the men will no longer be interested in her. They want fresh meat. They will tire of her. That Means she would need to be transported to another location.

Do you realize that this is income based business? Men are selling their wives. Parents are selling their children. And on top of that, drug addicts have entered into the arena and are kidnapping children and selling them to support their habits.


Lover boy

Sexual Exploitation

A person who is trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation may be controlled by violence, threats, substance abuse, deception or grooming.

Grooming of children and young people can also include what is described as the ‘lover boy’ approach. Vulnerable girls may be approached and befriended by a man who acts like their boyfriend and gains their trust by giving them attention, affection and/or gifts. This ‘lover boy’ then asks the girl to go with his ‘friend’, the “lover boy” is a recruiter, his ‘friend’ is the trafficker. The trafficker controls the recruiter through threats and/or payments. The girl is then exploited by the trafficker and/or his clients.

Sexual exploitation may include:
Prostitution (commercial sex) – Creation of pornographic material – Ritual abuse.

I want you to think about what you’ve read here today and not only your children, but yourself as well.

Before you head to another country to meet that man who swept you off your feet, think about his agenda for having you leave your comfort zone.

Before you ignore your son or daughter who is bringing home lavish gifts when you know you’re not giving them enough cash for that stuff and they don’t have a job, questions are in order.

You really need to get to know people. Nowadays it’s imperative even more so. Check your children’s social network accounts. Keep talking to them. Keep checking on them. Build their confidence. Show them love.

Talk about sexuality EARLY! 3 on up. As soon as the child can form sentences, you need to start talking. They are going to hear about it in school. Be first. Inquire about their friends. Teach them the importance of keeping friends with good character. Religion doesn’t equate to anything. CHARACTER is everything.

The predator is in your child’s school. Teachers and administrators alike. They are in the churches. Pastors and Deacons and Sunday School teachers.

In the sex trade, who is sleeping with these sex slaves. Grown men are. And let’s not assume that they are not husbands and sons and fathers.

I will be writing part 2 to this blog post.

Please enjoy and please share.

I think it’s profanity free. 😊 I did it!