Aren’t you tired of men running the country? Aren’t you sick of them all up in our business telling us what to do with our vagina’s? What I do in my bedroom is none of your business. And the only man who should be concerned with whether or not I have an abortion is the man who I’m fucking. That is a personal and private choice between the man and the woman. Not the government. And if you’re not going to support Planned Parenthood and you insist on shutting down all of the facilities that would assist women with getting birth control for free, then you need to shut your fucking mouth. While you’re talking shit, instead of putting us women on birth control pills all of the time and giving a shot,  why don’t you have programs out there that also give guys a free Vasectomy? Why do you put all the burden on us to be responsible? The man should be equally responsible.

A politician has absolutely no business in my bedroom.

It’s time we elect a woman. See women don’t typically have egos that are completely out of control. We aren’t raised by our emotions to the point where we just blurt out foolishness. Women are more controlled, we’re more concise, we’re more correct. We like to take our time with situations and we don’t rush into making decisions. When it comes to war we tried to weigh all sides and explore all options and investigate every alternative. We want to make sure that war is the final result. We’re not led by our egos.

I’ve noticed something this year with a lot of men who I used to support. This one guy is a bodybuilder with over a million followers on Facebook. He’s nobody I’ve ever known, just a fitness guy. I have many Fitness guys and girls in my news feed because I’m inspired by Fitness and positivity. Well I was looking at my feed today and I saw this guy’s name pop up and he was bashing Hillary Clinton. I’m usually okay with people having their own opinion, but this guy was brutal. He was vicious. He was calling her names like stupid bitch, and moron. It was terrible. He was so childish I thought that the account had been hacked. I had to double check to make sure but it was the right guy whose news feed I was looking at. I check for Authentication and it was him. So I thought, wow, I’ll just go and ask a question. Well before I know it, he’s insulting me too. His crew were egging him on. Now listen, I understand we’re all human. But Joe didn’t even know me but he called me an idiot because I asked a question. I was shocked!

The hatred for Hillary Clinton on his page is surmountable. It’s so full of anger, and fear. Its like he’s taking it personally. Like maybe his mom didn’t teach him that LIFE AINT FAIR! I don’t understand that type of anger over the inevitable. Either she or Trump will win. But why so angry? Why so serious? Lol

This guy is glued in disgust to Hillary. He can’t survive unless his hate for her is fed.

I assumed that it’s perhaps the fact that his dick has withered away after all these years of hormone shots. Perhaps his girlfriend cheated on him with a REAL man. I don’t know these things. But regardless, someone needs to give that guy a tampon and a pad. He’s a complete MITCH. ( Man bitch)

You know it’s one thing not to agree with a particular party. But it’s a completely different thing to become extremely vile and abusive. Any time a man comes at me that way I automatically know he beats his wife, or his wife beat his ass. It’s one of the two. Either way he’s in an abusive relationship and he doesn’t have the balls to stand up and get help and fix his abusive attitude, or he doesn’t have the balls to leave the wife who’s kicking the shit out of him.

This election is showing me just how men really feel about us. And it makes me feel good that I’m single and not tied down with anyone. It makes me feel very proud to not have a man on my arm right now. This is probably the most powerful I felt in a long time. I think it’s time that women start fighting back for our power and take back what’s ours. We’ve let them have reign for far too long it’s time to take over.

We don’t need them at all. And if they don’t know how to treat us and respect us, then they can get on their knees and kiss our feet. Women are extremely beautiful, we are extremely powerful, and we have full power and control of our destiny. And we don’t need a man to get us there. There’s only one thing that a man can do that a woman cannot do and that is she cannot get another woman pregnant. Other than that we can do everything. Let’s see them try to do everything that we do.

The today’s man acts like he doesn’t see a reason for a woman in his life. They try to act like we’re not worthy and they try to treat us like we don’t matter. But that is the furthest from the truth. They have all these macho attitudes and walk around like they are Kings. I tell you what, you show me your throne and I’ll take your crown. Until then, kiss my ass you’re beneath me. I don’t even consider you equal. I’ve never been one to fight for equal rights. I think I’m better than any man. I consider them inferior. Without the woman a man doesn’t even have a plan. He doesn’t even know what to do with himself. It’s just like James Brown said, he is lost in the wilderness.

You men need to realize that you are absolutely nothing without a woman.

Everything you do and everything you will try to be it’s because of us. We brought you here, not the other way around.

All of the disgusting egotistical things that men say and women are told that if they want to keep their man that they need to stroke his ego. Fuck your ego.  You need to grow the fuck up and become a man. Nobody has time to keep stroking you and telling you how beautiful and awesome and great and strong and powerful and magical you are.download-38If you’re a woman and your dumb ass wants to cater to his ego, you go ahead and do it, but I’m not doing it. I don’t like smoke blowing up my ass. I call a spade a spade.

Boy I’m not your momma. If you want somebody to stroke you then you better go find your mama or dig her ass up. And when you want some pussy, hit that bitch up for that too. If she is stroking Egos and not telling you the truth about your stank ass then you need to go ahead and be with her.


Grown women don’t have time for that. If you have a male like that in your life, you need to pack his little suitcase and send his ass back home to his mama. That little boy will never appreciate what you do as a woman and he will never respect you as a lady.

I want you to think about this as well. When he’s making his little stupid amateur degrading jokes about you as a woman why do you laugh at all? When he’s acting all Macho but you laughing and Catering to it, how stupid does that make you look? Disrespect isn’t funny. Its no laughing matter. Are you that desperate to keep that man that you’re willing to put up with his insults and his demeaning attitude toward women? If he is disrespectful to other women what do you think he feels about you? Are you willing to have a daughter with this idiot? As a woman you don’t ever be in a relationship with a man who you would not want your daughter to date. Basically if the man you bring home had a son just like him and you would tell your daughter to stay away from him, then you need to stay away.

There are so many men out there fighting against Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman. Their only issue is the cause of her genitalia. They don’t even care about the issues. They just don’t want to feel like they have to answer to a woman. We’ve been answering to men for hundreds of years. And the one time a woman is going to run this country these men start menstruating All at the same time!


You have Donald Trump over there whining like a little bitch talking about the votes are rigged. You have grown men on social network crying and whining complaining about Hillary and her followers. But you ask these men what they’ve done in their personal lives and communities and I guarantee you they’ve done absolutely nothing. All they can do is sit back on the sidelines and watch and complain while someone else tries to fix the problem.

If you’re not going to grab tools and assist in the project, then you need to sit down and shut the fuck up. Joe Donnelly please sit your punk ass down.

All of the male chauvinist bullshit in this country is just disgusting. And just like when President Obama won the election, all of the hatred, racism, Prejudice and stereotypes came out of the woodwork. It was horrific and now we have the same thing because we’re getting our first female president.

I think we need to start chemically castrating certain men in the United States. That way none of us women are confused anymore. Right now it’s really hard to tell the difference because the men act just like women. I’ve always considered myself a lover of all men and I actually thought that I would be with one of them again in the future. Now I’m not so certain. Because I can already imagine that the moment Hillary wins, the doors won’t be opening for me anymore, and all of the gentlemen would disappear. They already are and Chivalry is dead.

Having a woman like Melania Trump who defends her man at all costs is part of the problem. She stands right there like a puppy and nods. She grins for the camera. But I know she hasn’t forgotten that he’s a liar. I know she hasn’t forgotten that he’s unfaithful. Doesn’t she realize that her wrinkles are showing and that it’s time for Trump to upgrade or do a trade in? She’s convinced herself that she is nothing without him. Don’t be that woman. Don’t be that girl.

I was reading a story about Halle Berry and Mary J Blige. And it brought me to the point where I realize that both of these women had husbands who sued them for spousal support. What kind of shit is that where a man sues for support? SEE I understand we’re getting out of gender-based and gender equality. But financial support from your wife? Call me old-fashioned. But I’m glad I’m poor. Poverty is the best thing in life for me right now because I would hate to have some money and some bastard try to sue me because we broke up. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not being an asshole. I’m not being hypocritical. I realize that it is a double standard when it comes to that. And I can also understand why Oprah Winfrey never got married. Girl keep all your money to yourself. There ain’t no such thing as love when it comes to money. These men will go for the jugular too.

But there is still something that seems so unnatural when a man files for spousal support. And mostly because this country was not set up that way. From what I’ve always seen in the United States, men work, women stayed home and tended to the children. So unless he is saying he was a stay-at-home father while she toured and brought in money for the family, this is some bullshit. But Marys ex, he ain’t cute enough for that. Halle Berry is responsible for providing spousal support to her ex Gabriel. At least he was a good-looking model. I’m just saying if you gotta pay out money at least make sure they look very nice. I realize things are changing and that’s good. Great actually. I love to see powerful women. Yeah a lot of them are still stupid and naive and think that they can’t be happy without a man. But in time, every woman will see that HES JUST NOT WORTH IT.

A good man is rare. Extremely.

Wrong attitude? Nope. Just realistic.

You teach people how to treat you. And as a woman I don’t tolerate any disrespect. I don’t care if you are 500 pounds. If you’re in my face and you say some shit to me I will bust you upside the head with a bottle. He better be glad he said that shit over the internet.

I don’t know what happened when I was married for 15 years! Lol I came back out of the pin and discovered that women were not getting any kind of respect and they weren’t demanding it either. They were just putting up with whatever. Not on my watch bitch.

If you just so happen to have a feminist as a husband, you go girl! Good for you. That means he supports you and respects you. That means he will always encourage you. And it pleases him to see women get ahead. Because he understands how much we’ve struggled and how we still struggle and fight for justice today. HOLD on to that guy.

But if you have the meat head type like Joe Donnelly who doesn’t even respect his own mother, watch out for that. Don’t even waste your time. He’s probably hating on women because he wishes he could be one.

There are plenty lady killers out there. They don’t open doors, they don’t help old ladies with grocery bags. They don’t respect the waitress and matter of fact they treat everyone else like shit except you. They detest the single mother.  They don’t have common courtesy at all. They are called douche bags. And when it comes to a meat head like Joe, he went from actually HAVING a dick to just BEING a dick.

You wanna test your relationship? Go ask him how he feels if Hillary Clinton wins. If both of you hate her, then you just got off. But if he’s hateful and spiteful towards her, especially without verifiable cause, you have yourself a MITCH.


Female Presidents

Liberia , Ellen Sirleaf,  Current President

Croatia, Malta, Nepal

Marshall Islands





Central African Republic

South Korea




Costa Rica











These are just some of the countries who kicked our ass and have already had a female president. But the United States is better?

Donald Dump called Hillary Clinton a NASTY WOMAN. Guys, I can’t do politics. I’d kill him. That sagging balls bastard would choke on his nuts if I had the chance.

Where is Anthony Hopkins when you need him?

And those of you who want to talk shit about her statement on LATE TERM ABORTION. HERES what she said.

Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sept. 20, when host John Dickerson asked if she supports a “federal limit on abortion at any stage of pregnancy.”

Clinton answered that this was a painful question, then went on to discuss the medical need for late-term abortions, FactCheck.org reported.

Clinton responded: “I think that the kind of late-term abortions that take place are because of medical necessity. And, therefore, I would hate to see the government interfering with that decision.”

She said, I THINK. She’s NOT an expert. But plenty of times she said she supports LEGAL ABORTION. That means in her mind, shes with the assumption that ALL or the majority of Abortions that are late term, are medically necessary. She NEVER SAID,  I’LL ALLOW everyone who wants a late term abortion to do so. Her statement Implies that if it’s medically necessary, then do what must be done. If you Can save a life, then save a life. But a woman shouldn’t have to die carrying a baby.

Abortion is a personal choice. Please learn to empower and encourage. It’s easy to dismiss the opinions of others, but ultimately what you’re doing is attempting to silence their voice.

We don’t just need protection from sexist men. We need protection from the women who love them. They are so desperate for attention, they’ll get on board with anything.