Out of all the women in the world, when it comes to being mistreated and dogged out, you are the #1 choice.

Now let’s be honest and say, NOT ALL SINGLE MOMS are desperate and pathetic.

Ok. But the majority are. I’m not being mean, I’m being honest. Yes there’s a NICER way to say anything, but I’m a woman. I don’t have to be nice. I have to be myself.

So as a single mother, you are faced with many challenges. But it seems like the biggest challenge of all is trying to find a man to fill the void that you think you have in your life.

That is where the problem starts. You cannot replace a man in your child’s life. Either you made a fucked up choice by choosing a loser or you didn’t.

Yes there is an exception. Your child’s father died. He was a good man.

The reason for this stipulation is simply this. Chances are if you chose a bum to knock you up, you’re going to continue to choose bums. The feeling of loneliness is understandable but the feelings of desperation aren’t. What single mothers don’t understand is NOBODY WANTS TO CLEAN UP YOUR MESS!


There are different types of single mothers.

  • The responsible type who work profusely trying to keep their child afloat and make sure the bills get paid. She doesn’t have time for clubs because she’s focused on herself and her children. She may be on public assistance, but she carries herself with dignity.
  • The irresponsible type who works just enough to STAY ON the system. Shes not really interested in bettering herself. She’s just trying to make it till the next Welfare check. She’s a clubber, she’s fucking everyone in town. Her choices in men are distasteful. She’s always drinking and partying and she has no self respect. Her children are always SECOND to the latest man in her life.


Let’s talk about this. As a single mother, you probably have to maintain a certain level of stability. Even if your income is state subsidiaries. You must maintain a roof over your head and you get foodstamps and cash for yourself and your children.

Good for you! The problem with that is, the men who are scouting specifically for YOU. Lurking around the social networks looking for your desperation. And they find you every time. It’s easy to spot you. Usually your ass is hanging out or you’re posing provocatively. You’re mentioning something about how you’re the proud mom of 3 children. YOU brag about your independence. But you have no problem meeting up IMMEDIATELY for drinks. You’re impressed with yourself because you have a little job as a Tech. You have a cute little apartment or house. You think you have arrived.


That’s good boo. The problem is, you’re still YOU. And the cycle that you’ve been repeating is going to remain. You’ve got 3 children, all with dead beat dads. But something in your feeble little mind doesn’t see that you really dont have it going on at all. The ONLY REASON why you have that house or apartment is because you laid on your back and got pregnant and now the state has to take care of you. Your irresponsibility is now the burden of the state.

So you realize that you’ve fucked up with the last two guys and now you’re trying to fix it. But that’s your fault. You did that. But now you want to bring another screwed up individual into the equation. And what do you choose? You choose another loser to clean up the mess from the first two losers. He comes in like… well I was gonna say, like Prince Charming. But the truth is he doesn’t have a THING to offer. He’s just a taker. And you’re going to get taken.

I’ve written about this before.

You see the mature responsible woman is more focused on stability. She’s not desperate to get attention. She’s not trying to SHOW OFF her new boo to the loser. She accepts the fact that she fucked up and she’s just trying to repair the breach. She’s trying to keep it together. She’s serious and wouldn’t be seeking anything but what’s best for her children. She realizes that even though she’s not rich. All of her bills are getting paid because she has help.

The irresponsible girl has something to prove. She has to show the dead beats that SHE is still running things and that she can get ANOTHER MAN JUST LIKE HIM. He laughs because he knows you’re not going to be any better or different with the next guy. He realized when he first met you that you weren’t shit. He knew that because he knows that he’s not shit.

He knew that the moment you started giving him money for weed and liquor that you wouldn’t require much.

It’s not the Mans responsibility to teach you to respect yourself. His job is to get ALL he can from you and give as little of himself as possible.

You have to be smarter and wiser.

Single mothers make themselves targets. If I’m a man who was looking for someone to take care of me, the single mother is the best choice. Especially if shes on welfare. Because most of them are completely taking advantage of the government’s help. And when you have a girl who can pay her own bills and is getting financial help. JACKPOT!

It’s easy to fall in love with a girl like that. Lol if I were a guy I’d probably move in on her too. Why not? She’s paying for everything. And she’s proud of it. She’s bragging to her friends how she doesn’t need no man because she’s taking care of herself. In reality, she’s not. Take away her children, and she’s nothing. The foodstamps and cash would STOP. It’s kinda like KARMA. You think you’re getting over on the system, but there’s a man taking you for everything you have.

Let’s not forget tax time. These chicks are the most precious of women. Guys flock to them. They will not let you go. They hold on tight. Not because they love you. They NEED YOU. And that’s not sentimental. But they will tell you that they have FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE who able to complete them. They already know you have a child, son preferably and they will be a father figure for him.

But HOW? HOW THE FUCK will this unemployed, in and out of jail loser be a father figure? The fact that he’s THERE? Lol

He’s PHYSICALLY THERE because he has nowhere else to go! His only other option is JAIL! That’s why he’s always going back. It’s where he showers and catches up to his buddies.

The hobosexual is real. Be careful who you tie yourself up with this coming tax season. It’s a great possibility that he’s aware that you’re going to have a hefty check in a few months. He might even come bearing little gifts to throw you off his scent. Don’t fall for it. He’s probably got another woman out there who is giving him money.

Do you know how easy it is to land a single mother? All you have to say is, I LIKE YOU, I WANT TO GET TO KNOW YOU. I’VE ALWAYS WANTED A FAMILY. GOD BROUGHT US TOGETHER. lol Done!

On the irresponsible one, this works wonderfully. On the mature one, you will have to put up or shut up. She’s not looking for a roommate.