Well that is what sources that are really close to Jennifer Lopez are saying. They are saying that he was caught cheating. And that’s why she ended things with him.

As a woman I’m the FIRST to tell you that your success and wallet size will not keep a man loyal to you. So please stop with all the braggadocio. It’s bullshit. Jennifer can have any man she wants. But Jenny is a Leo. Like myself, I understand girl.

From looking at Casper, there’s nothing wrong with him. He seems mild mannered and considerate. But he’s YOUNG! Not too young for her, but young in general. A guy that age would have to possess some exceptional qualities for me to consider him even for coffee.

Jennifer Lopez has a problem. She’s a go getter. If she sees something that she wants, she goes after it. Unfortunately she applies that to men too. If she sees a man that she wants she goes after it. I’m the same way. I could never really wait for a guy to come around and ask me out. Did I just say it? Lol yeah anyway.

You see the problem? A lot of women are cut out like that. Men are objects. We don’t mean to treat them that way, that’s just something that may be in our DNA. I can’t help it, but when I’m in the stores or out sometimes I have an urge to want to smack a guy on the ass. It’s not my fault. Thats Jennifer Lopez’s problem. She is the Hunter. It’s not that she’s desperate, it’s just that she’s confident and knows what she likes. And the same way she would not hesitate to purchase a brand new car or buy a dress without permission, that’s the way she feels in her pursuit of a new love interest. She does not wait for permission she just goes up to him and asks him out.

Here is the problem with that. As a woman when you go and ask a man out, you don’t know whether or not he was interested in you. You did not require him to do any work and he did not have to put forth any effort. He did not have to chase. So he grows accustomed to you chasing after him. That is not the way you want the relationship to begin. But it is so difficult to wait for a guy to get up the balls to come and ask you out.

Even if it’s for just a booty call, you still need him to be the one to initiate that. The only time there’s an exception to the rule is if you know it is just going to be a one-night stand and you are never going to see this person again. In that case as a woman CHASE away.

The problem is WE DONT HAVE PATIENCE! WE WANT IT NOW!!! Jennifer taught Casper how to treat her. That’s why they are on again, off again. And it’s tough coming back from that point. All we want is sex and companionship. But it’s so complicated because people play games. Why can’t you just look at a woman who asks you out as a woman who asked you out and she’s interested in you and she knows exactly what she wants. Thats All it means. That does not mean that she does that with every guy. It just means she likes you. But that’s not the way it works. Most guys have a complex about that and they feel like the woman is being the aggressor and they lose respect for her. But you should feel honor and gratitude that she saw something in you.

No matter what a woman does, she loses! If she waits for a man to come along and ask her out, she suffers from lack of sex and romance.  If she asks him out, she’s looked at like she’s desperate. I believe there’s a great man out there for Jennifer. But she’ll have to WAIT on it and allow him to be the man.

The waiting is the hardest part. But just because a guy asks you out doesn’t mean that you have to accept. Only accept when you’re comfortable.

I’m rooting for Jennifer that she finds that great guy.

Lopez is a beautiful lady. But so is Salma Hayek and Halle Berry and Elizabeth Taylor and Ericka Courtney, and Tyra Banks.  All gorgeous women who’ve been cheated on before. Lol I had to throw myself in there. I was hoping you don’t catch it.

Read this line.


It does not matter how rich you are, it does not matter how educated you are, it does not matter how independent you are, it does not matter how responsible you are, it does not matter how sexually explicit you are, it does not matter how intelligent you are, it does not matter how self-sufficient you are. If a man wants to cheat and he wants to leave you he will do just that. And there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop him.

It does not matter how well you clean house, it does not matter how much you cook food, it does not matter how good of a cook you are or how good of a housekeeper you are. None of those things have anything to do with whether a man stays with you or not. When it comes to keeping a man in a relationship with you, you have absolutely no power. The only thing you can do is be yourself. And hopes that he decides to stick around.

The sooner you learn this, the sooner you can stop competing.