Imagine that poor child. Watching her mother overdose on drugs along with three other women. All four of these women decided they would get high on Sunday and they all overdosed on what they thought was cocaine.

Four women in Springfield Massachusetts had to receive Narcan Naloxone to revive them after an overdose that took place around 12:30 a.m.

When emergency responders arrived at the 182 Ambrose Street address, they found four unconscious women, two of whom did not have a pulse, Delaney said.

The amount of children present during the interview was not available. However the Department of Children and Families was contacted.

According to sources, the women had all gone out and had left the teens and pre-teens upstairs in the bed room to play video games.

They were all given the opiate reversal drug and were able to walk after that. They were all taken to Mercy Medical and BayState Medical centers.

Police were able to seize paraphernalia and other evidence that would be taken to the lab for testing. At this time no charges have been filed.

Local resident states, They are lucky to be alive.

I suppose it’s normal that no charges have been filed at this time. I’m guessing they did not have any actual drugs on them just the paraphernalia that shows that they had been using.