Many of you have been watching the news lately and you’ve seen the vicious attacks from Donald Trump and his supporters. We’ve seen or overheard the hatred being spewed from the mic and chanted in the crowd.

We’ve read about or at least heard about the different women coming forth saying that Donald Trump groped them or sexually assaulted them. And what we hear in the crowd is massive support continuously for Donald Trump. We are all entitled to believe whatever we want to believe about our candidate of choice. We are also hearing chants of violence toward Hillary Clinton from her opposing party followers. We are seeing in the news that Trump supporters are going to intimidate non white voters at the polls. And the list goes on.. But I don’t want you to miss the point of this blog.

As an African American I remember a time when I was really frustrated about slavery and I did not understand how my ancestors came to be slaves and so I started asking questions. Now what I learned or what I was told is that in Africa, certain Kings had the ability to own other individuals who were indebted to them. There are all these tribes in Africa at that time and certain tribes were more prosperous. Certain tribes had more land and more resources. I’ve been told by many people that African Kings sold lower class Africans to other countries on different continents. It was within their power to do so. Now maybe they did not have all of the details and maybe all of the details weren’t important, we will never know. The point is what is used to explain how I got to the United States is that I was sold by my own people.

It was also said that there was much fighting and many wars in the land and the people were constantly quarreling over things and territory. There was not a lot of solidarity there. I’m certain that some of the leaders were corrupt.

So when people came to the land in Africa looking for workers, I’m certain that they perhaps brought with them some articles to exchange. I’m certain that they bought with them perhaps something that could be of value to the people who remained in the land, or perhaps they offered some type of kickback to them for whoever they sold. Perhaps an agreement was made. But I’ve also heard that it was the Hostile takeover. They just entered the land and started killing people and chaining up certain individuals and loading them up on the ship. I’m certain that’s possible too. It’s highly possible that they did it both ways.

A country is just like a household. If you have a household with 4 people and 2 people do not like or agree with the other two, how do you think that household would operate? There would be no respect and no tolerance for each other. There will be constant chaos inside of the home. They would always be at each other’s throat and they will always be at odds. That’s the United States. But the problem with it being this country is the fact that people are watching us. Other countries are watching every move we make. They are watching everything we do. And because we have so little Unity especially during election time, this is actually our weakest point. If I were the enemy,  I would strike right now. Because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and their campaigns and their fight for the White House is creating so much hatred and Division. That is the time to strike.

Let me give you another example. You have a man and a woman who are married and they are always fighting. The woman leaves the house everyday upset because her husband has pissed her off once again. No matter what he does her husband is never sorry. He never apologizes for anything. Even when he’s wrong. Well this woman is extremely hurt and she goes to work like any other day. This time she goes to work there’s a new co-worker and he smiles and starts up a little conversation with her. She doesn’t mind the conversation. And over time she would get the nerve to confide in this man and tell him what her husband is doing. Well this man begins to tell her that she deserves better and that she can do better than this guy. He starts to put it in her ear that perhaps she should leave and perhaps the grass is greener on the other side. This woman really is considering what this guy is telling her. She knows that she deserves better but at the same time she’s afraid to leave. But this guy convinces her that it’s okay. Every day her attitude towards her husband changes. She’s starting to see him for what really is.

Now this guy really is a piece of shit, but she does not know that. The only thing she knows is that he is empowering her and telling her what she wants to hear. On one hand he is 100% right. She does deserve better, but on the other hand he’s probably no better than her husband.

The point is the husband creating a hostile environment with his wife gave opportunity for another man to come in and take her away. He left the door open.

If he had been treating her right there’s no way she would have even considered looking at another man.

That is the problem with the United States. There is so much fighting and corruption in politics and so much Injustice on our streets that we have no Unity. And it takes a terrorist attack to sometimes open up our eyes. After september 11 there was a lot more Unity. Many people were coming together and it was not about skin color or financial classes, OR political party,  it was that we are all Americans ( US citizens) And we WERE all in this thing together. But that has changed again and we are right back where we started from. And that makes us extremely vulnerable.

Every election it’s the same thing. Watch. The Republican party likes it that way. They threatened to kill Obama. Now they are threatening to kill Hillary. It’s the SAME THING EVERY 4 YEARS!

I’m getting to the place right now where I don’t care about politics anymore. And I’m getting to the place right now where I don’t really care exactly what happens in this country anymore when it comes to who’s president. Because I honestly just don’t want to have anything to do with it. I don’t want to have anything to do with the hate. I don’t want to have anything to do with the ignorance. I don’t want to have anything to do with the violence. I’m better than this. I used to hear a lot of people who would say they don’t vote, but I was always the person to say, how could you not vote or we fought so hard to obtain our rights. How could you not vote when you see those who were spat-on and those who lost their lives. Women just got the right to vote. So there’s no way I would ever refuse. But today the only thing I can do is just shake my head in pity and shame for what I see is going on in this country. I can’t even fix my mouth to tell someone to go and vote. I told you guys a long time ago that I lost respect for The United States of America. And I see that there’s so many other countries out there saying the exact same thing. They are losing respect for the United States. They don’t like us and the only thing we have against them is Weaponry. Our weapons are better, and we have a decent military.

I don’t know what to expect next in our country. I don’t know who will be attacking us, and I don’t know what direction they’re coming from. Maybe they’ll be coming from different directions. Maybe they’re all going to rise up and just beat the shit out of the United States. Maybe we are going to lose a lot of allies. I know they are watching. I know they see the hate, and now they see exactly what the United States stands for. Donald Trump exposed it all. We brag about being a MELTING POT, but nah, that’s NOT what we are. THATS just a dream that we want to come true.

And I know it’s not everyone, but the media is glorifying Donald Trump. They are sensationalizing him in his campaign. And it is putting a cloud over this entire country. We are losing respect. Anytime a man like Donald Trump can stand on the platform and spew hate And racism and still be qualified to run as president of this country, that tells a lot. Trump literally said the other day, ” I could shoot someone and STILL not lose followers”. He’s right.

A country or a nation divided against itself cannot stand.