I’ve been friends with Eric For a while. I swear he’s the FUNNIEST GUY EVER! Reading his Facebook posts usually crack me up. We are both Atheist so that’s how we became friends initially.

Eric St Germain last post on Facebook

The story below…
A man is dead following a deputy-involved shooting in Holiday that began with a domestic disturbance call.

HOLIDAY, FL — A man is dead following deputy-involved shooting that began with a Sunday domestic dispute that turned violent.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the agency was notified about the disturbance on Bluejay Drive around 8:55 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16. A caller told the agency there was a man armed with a knife and that “he was going to harm law enforcement,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said during a media conference.

The man the caller referenced was identified by the sheriff’s office as Eric St. Germain, 39, Monday afternoon.

When deputies arrived at the home, the victim from the domestic disturbance came out. The pregnant woman, Nocco said, had been battered and told deputies her St. Germain, her boyfriend, wanted “suicide by cop.”

That began a lengthy standoff, during which time authorities learned from a neighbor the initial dispute began earlier in the evening. Around 7 p.m., a neighbor saw St. Germain spit on his pregnant girlfriend and raise an arm, Nocco said. A short time later, the neighbor heard him yell out to call the cops.

Nocco said deputies attempted to negotiate with St. Germain to get him to come out peacefully. Two hours passed as deputies tried to de-escalate the situation, Nocco said.

Deputies used tear gas to try and entice St. Germain from leaving the home. They also deployed a robot, Nocco said.

Deputies ultimately entered the house and found a bathroom sealed off with towels to stop tear gas from entering the room. When deputies opened the door, Nocco said, they found St. Germain inside armed with a knife. Deputies say he charged at them, Nocco added.

St. Germain was struck with a taser, but it had no effect, Nocco said. He was subsequently shot and died at the scene.

“His actions dictated our reactions,” Nocco said. “It is very sad he wanted suicide by cop. We wanted a peaceful solution. He did not.”

On Monday afternoon, the sheriff’s office released the name of the deputy who fired the shot. He is Josuah Anton, 34. He has been with the sheriff’s office since January 2012.

“Anton is on paid administrative leave, which is normal protocol for these types of incidents,” an email from the agency said.

Further details about the incident have not yet been released.

I’ve always respected his views. He was highly intelligent and understood politics and the way the world works. His daily posts were either comical or something to make you think. Eric thought out of the box. He was not a conformist. He was not radical. He was just realistic.

A typical post of Eric. He wanted us to see the truth in the United States
Another post by Eric St Germain He loved and accepted everyone


As an Atheist for the most part, this is OUR MESSAGE! Its what we want. It’s what we believe. It’s what we breathe. We just want peace and unity.

The last thing I said to Eric.

As you can see, Eric was talking shit about Candy Corn and I wasn’t having it!

He actually LIKED my comment. Lol

I only have 50 Facebook friends BY CHOICE and Eric St Germain was one of them. My heart sank when I saw the notice on his page from his cousin.

I don’t know what happened with Eric and his girlfriend. I wasn’t there. But I hope it’s true that he wanted to die. I hope he’s at peace. It was his decision and HOPEFULLY he got what he wanted. Sometimes I wish that cops wouldn’t go so far as to kill someone who is being erratic. But I just don’t know what Eric was thinking. I wish he had said something before he died. They are making it seem like there was no other way and that Eric left them no choice. I hope it’s true. He was so young.

Having a heart that wants change but not being able to provide that change is crucial. Eric wanted a different world. He wanted the world to be better. Maybe This was his way out. It doesn’t make him a coward, it just makes him human. That’s all he was. It’s said that during the effort to try and negotiate with Eric, that he stated, ” A cop will have to kill me”.  If that is true then it means that he wanted to die. That is a very tough pill to swallow.

I’m going to miss you Eric! I’m going to miss your posts. I’m going to miss your thoughts and opinions. I wish you could have stayed longer.

My condolences to the family and friends of Eric. From what I knew of him, he was a cool dude. I hope you paid attention to his heart and listened to what he was trying to say. I hope you showed him love and tried to accept him and his lack of belief.

No matter what one believes, he or she still deserves love. You don’t have to know someone personally to know who they are. Just watch what they talk about. What they talk about, post about, stress about is what they CARE ABOUT. I never saw Eric post about hate.

Art by Eric St Germain