What he really means.

This is my work. As a writer it’s important that You know the truth about men and what they want.

1. A man will lie, manipulate, deceive, con, his way into your life for no other purpose than to fulfill his desire to have you. Don’t romanticize this because it ain’t cute or romantic. You aren’t special. Men are like this with EVERY WOMAN THEY MEET.
2. If he tells you that he’s NOT looking for anything serious, BELIEVE HIM! If a man says this, he’s telling you right off the bat that he wants NOTHING BUT FUN. MEN always say what they mean. They are NEVER confused or conflicted. They ALWAYS KNOW WHAT THEY WANT.

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That is a tricky statement. Because different guys want different things. A guy may say he’s not looking for anything serious, because he thinks that’s what SHE wants. He may not want to come off as clingy so he may tell her what she wants to hear. And some guys may say they’re looking for a relationship, because he knows she wants to get married and have a family some day. Perhaps from a prior conversation but not be genuine.

Bottom line is men, ALL MEN are taught to be chameleons towards women and become WHATEVER the woman wants. They want SEX and you’ve got it and they have to find the way to get it from you. So if that means that he has to pretend to love Jesus, like your kids, even like you, he’ll do it or say it. Why? It’s sex and sex and morale don’t have to agree.

That is the truth about men. They have no problems with separating their sex lives from the rest of their lives. You will have sex and think you just connected emotionally and all he’s done is work off some stress and tension.

Let’s ask ourselves some questions and and figure out some statements. I want you to think about these questions in the realm of men, how men think, and the lengths that a man will go to in order to get exactly what he wants.



  1. How many men do you know randomly go out to nurseries and pick up random Flowers just to plant all around their homes? Answer, they do it because they know we like it.
  2.  Are you familiar with the comedian Katt Williams? Katt Williams is horrificly funny and the way he expands his humor by stating that men buy what the bitches love will crack you up. Katt Williams goes on to say he keeps a satin or silk pillowcase in his house because he knows that bitches are coming over and he knows what type of pillow case they need to rest their heads on. Katt Williams goes on to say that he specifically buys a certain brand or type of wine because he knows the ladies love it.
  3. Men purchase certain types of cars because they understand that gold-digging bitches are going to be checking them out. So even the purchase that you think is random that this guy bought, he might have had you in mind when he purchased it.
  4. Let’s talk about the pretty boy with the fancy nails and the nice car and his hair is always on point. He looks like he walked out of a Vidal Sassoon commercial and headed straight to the cover of GQ magazine. Let’s talk about him. Underneath all of that Glitz & Glam you may have yourself an insecure boy indeed. So don’t be impressed by the shine and the bling. That may be all this guy has going for him. But even at that, he is still doing that to get your attention. It’s all about you. And when I say You, that’s not personal, that’s YOU, (women) PLURAL. He’s looking at all potential candidates. What makes him stand out from the crowd? How can he get the Up and up on the next guy. Whatever he has inside of him that he can use in order to maybe turn your head, that’s what he’s going to do.
  5.  AND joining the motherfucking choir. Negroes will join the choir just to be beside the bitches.  Wherever the women are, that’s where the men want to be. They will go through suffering just to be beside you.

It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

Basically it goes to show you what a man is willing to do. Wherever you are in life, you are going to meet men who are conducive to your environment. If you are the single mom living in the projects with your four kids, you are going to meet men who are looking for you. If you are a business woman making 6 figures a year, you are going to meet men looking for you. No matter where you are as a woman, there is always a man in need. You are in high demand And probably don’t even know it.

So let’s say you’ve met someone. …

So then the question becomes who decides where the relationship goes. Does the man decide where the relationship goes or does the woman? Ponder that for a moment.

The most important thing I can say to you is the woman controls 100% of the relationship until she does this one thing. Until she has sex with him. Once she has sex, she gives up 100% of her power.

You may notice that after the woman has sex with the man, she all of a sudden becomes clingy. Her self confidence drops 30%. Because she realizes that the power that she used to have is no longer available for her to use at her discretion. She is now ultimately doing the majority of the chasing. Basically the roles reversed. She may feel compelled to chase because he got quiet, perhaps he became aloof and she noticed it. This will cause a huge bruise to her self esteem. And he knows that. Both types, the player/Fuckboy and the MAN are both aware that the dynamics of the relationship changed.


Yet, There is a fundamental difference between the good guy and the bad guy though when it comes to their behavior after sex with the woman.

  • The good guy that loves or really likes her is always going to reassure her. He is not going to play games. And if he feels like she has the slightest bit of insecurity, he will have no problem with expressing his true feelings for her to bring her heart at ease. He wants her comfortable with the fact that she gave herself to him and that he will be honorable to her. He wants to reinstate her confidence to let her know that he is not going anywhere.
  • The bad guy is a taker. Not only did you give yourself up to him willingly because maybe he showed you something about himself where you let your guard down. But after you have sex with him, he is going to become distant and lead you on a chase. Because he now realizes that he has all the control and he wants you to become a semi stalker trying to win his affections. This was never about you two growing together as a couple. This was about his hatred for women and how he sees them as objects. He will begin to make lame excuses as to why he didn’t answer the phone or why he didn’t get the text message. Basically this guy is just full of excuses. He may be wishy-washy and unstable to his affections. Hot and cold. Up and down. And you will never know exactly where you stand with him. Your friends and family will not be able to call him your fiancé, because NOBODY KNOWS what you mean to him. Even if he gives a title to the relationship, his ACTIONS will vary and you’ll feel insecure at times. It’s not that you’re insecure personally, it’s just that you are INSECURE ABOUT this relationship With him.

So you’ve just read how to determine or how to distinguish the good guys from the bad guy right? Let’s go a little bit further.
Communication is essential in any relationship. And if you find yourself in this type of relationship you need to get out as soon as possible. If either party is refusing to talk and be open and honest and upfront with their feelings and emotions and concerns and desires and Passions, that is a dead end Road. You are wasting your time if you turn down that street. Because communication is vital. You are in an unhealthy relationship if you stay in that Union. The last thing you need to be doing is begging someone to open up to you and talk to you. Communication should be free. It should be forthcoming. It should be voluntary. You should not have to force words of meaning from another person’s mouth. They should be more than willing to talk to you and to validate your feelings. And if you are not getting that, then you are with the wrong person.

Dealing with the liar.

When he says he does not want anything serious but deep down inside he does, that’s a little bit deceptive. Don’t you think? You CANT READ MINDS! So DONT TRY.  An honest man with good intentions should be able to verbally articulate precisely what it is that he wants. There should be no guesses, no if ands and buts about it. He should know exactly what he wants and he will not play games with you. He will state his case up front and his actions will line up with what his tongue has said. Whatever his mouth speaks, his actions and his feet will go in that direction. You won’t have any confusion. If you are not the one that he wants by his side, he will not string you along, he will just drop you. He does not want you to waste his time and he does not want to waste yours.

Bottom line?

A mature man will start out saying he wants to just be friends, and perhaps take things slow, Because he doesn’t know you. It takes the pressure off and it gives you the chance to discover each other. But later after talking and hanging out with you, he may begin to develop feelings. That’s normal. But when he started out as friends he couldn’t have known what the outcome was going to be. So give him some slack. And if you know for sure that you like him and that you are interested in a relationship, The Next Step should make you blush. He would then need to reinvent the relationship and tell you that he changed his mind and that he really does like you and wants something serious. That is the conversation I know you would love to have. But hold your horses. That does not give you permission to start dropping your drawers and sleeping with a guy. That is permission to let him Court you if you are interested. If you were not interested in him, you shouldn’t have even gotten to this place, because you should have already told him you don’t see a future with him.
So the well intended guy starts out as JUST FRIENDS BUT LATER a relationship blossoms.

I don’t think the player will ever have that conversation.  Because if it’s a player and he’s not getting anything out of the deal he is not going to stick around that long. If you tell a player that you want to wait and get to know him, he’s not interested in that. He wants sex now! He will be moving on to the next one immediately. He may give you a little bit of time, but don’t think he’ll be loyal during that time. And if he tells you that he’s waiting for you, don’t believe him or make him Walt forever. Trust me. You’ll find out that he’s not about shit.


When a man tells you he does not want anything serious, the best thing to do is watch his actions. If he comes back later on after dating for a while and tells you he changed his mind, and that he wants something serious and you SEE his actions lineup with his words, there’s a good chance he means business. Keep your legs closed! If he comes back and tells you that he does want something serious, but you can tell he is playing games. He is acting suspicious and acting like it’s still your job to pursue him, and even though he said he wanted something serious his actions are not lining up with his words 100% and you see that, that speaks for itself. That guy means you no good. You shouldn’t be images-32on an EMOTIONAL roller coaster. He shouldn’t be playing with your feelings. Love DOES NOT HURT! And in a good relationship, there should be absolutely no confusion at all, and you should always know exactly where you stand.

And that standing should be exactly where you want to be. In a relationship you should be standing exactly where you want. Your guy will be proud to have you. He’ll be proud to hold your hand. He will be honored to walk beside you. You will NEVER have any doubts because he will erase all of them.
A play boy gets his kicks from making you suffer and sweat.He likes to see you acting crazy. He wants to see you crying and jealous and insecure. It makes him feel good about himself. Don’t give him the satisfaction.


And one more little secret.

90% of women who say that they want to be just friends is LYING HER ASS OFF!

WE don’t want that SHIT AT ALL!