So a drug is up for debate with the DEA and it’s called Kratom.

What makes this drug so popular? Well TECHNICALLY it’s not a lab created drug. It is all natural. And it’s being considered to be labeled a schedule 1 drug.

It is native to Southeast Asia and it’s in the coffee family. It also has some opiate and stimulant like properties.

So there you have it. Anything that makes you feel good, the UNITED STATES wants to ban it.

It can be used for chronic pain or opioid withdrawal. And of course some IDIOT wants to use it for recreational use.

I wonder who has their hands on the mic when it comes to this plant. They don’t want you knowing about it. Perhaps some pharmaceutical company. It’s not beneficial to their bottom line. But does it work? YES or the DEA wouldn’t be fighting it. What is wrong with nature? Why does everything we want to make here in the states have to be mechanically engineered? Why don’t they believe in alternative medicines?

Marijuana would be good even for my condition. I suffer from severe nausea. And although I don’t want to smoke anything, knowing that it’s illegal in my state, that is a bit disheartening. I’d like a muffin or brownie or something! Lol

With the heroin epidemic that we have going on right now in the United States, you would think that they will be willing to do anything possible to cut back on the abuse of prescription pills and heroin. But they aren’t. And it’s one thing when you want to legalize something for the entire country, but it’s another thing when you have the nerve to tell me what I can put into my own body to save my life or to bring me some type of comfort. In order to live the life that you want you have to move completely out of the United States. Because if you’re caught with this plant in the states and its banned, what’s going to happen to you?

They are not trying to figure out if it’s safe, they are shopping for manufacturing plants. Processing plants to see if they can profit from it.


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