So these teenage girls were looking for money but not through the sex trade. Bullshit. I call bullshit. They were stupid enough and felt that their bodies was all they would need to make money. What other way were they thinking they can make money? By selling Girl Scout cookies? These girls are full of shit. They bit off more than they could chew and their appetites grew weak when they realized what the situation really entailed. They probably started seeing some of their clients and realized they did not have what it took to be real hookers.

Is it against the law? Of course it is. But you have to know somebody who knows somebody to even come in contact with these type of people. And these girls knew exactly what they were doing. They just thought it was going to be more glamorous than what it really was.

What is confusing to me though is how young the culprits are. 19, 22, 26, 20? They are the criminal masterminds behind this? My goodness I expected this from older experienced people. How did such a young crowd get into a disgusting business like this? Of course money is the motivator, and they merely capitalized off of some naive young girls ignorance and arrogance. They clearly were not ready for that lifestyle. They got exactly what they deserved. First of all if you have the audacity to lie to your parents about where you’re going when you know you’re out selling ass? You deserve exactly what you get. The only reason why I’m calling these girls victims is because the law says they are but in my opinion they are not victims. When you willfully choose to enter into this lifestyle that is exactly what you’ve done. Willful. So don’t come crying and pleading and begging for help because a 65 year old 350 pound man wants to sleep with you. That’s part of the job. Do your job little girl. When you romanticized about this job what did you think? You would meet Brad Pitt? Did you think you were Pretty Woman? Did you think you were Julia Roberts?

In a situation like this all you can do is shake your head at the filthiness that people throw up. I understand when there are innocent children who are kidnapped and blindfolded and held captive without their will, I understand when they go through this. They have no idea what is happening to them. I consider them the victims. But when you are 14 and 15 year old girls and you meet up with scum like this and you tell them you’re looking for work or you’re looking for money, what do you think they’re going to suggest? Did you not send them naked photos of yourself? What do you think those photos were for child? Modeling? They don’t have nude models at 14! Don’t play the victim now. You know better than to send out photos of yourself. This is horrible for the poor mother or father who were deceived by the lies that these girls told in order to be a part of this situation. My heart goes out to them.

I’m glad that ONE of them is safe. HOPEFULLY she learned a lesson from this. Always go with the rules. Breaking the rules could really hurt. You think you’re hurting your parents or getting away with something, but someone is getting away with more.


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Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel

The 14-year-old girl was brought to Orlando Regional Medical Center in the back seat of a car on Aug. 14, eight days after a group of people allegedly started forcing her and a 15-year-old into prostitution.

The younger girl, whose name was not released, had overdosed on drugs including cold medicine dextromethorphan and Xanax. She later died at the hospital.

“They gave the drugs to the girls in order for them to forget about having sex with men,” Orlando police Det. Michael Fields said. “… The girls felt threatened, they were shown guns, firearms, and told that bad things would happen to them if they were to tell.”

Two men were arrested on murder charges in the case, police announced Wednesday and authorities are still looking for two other suspects.

Avorice Jeno Holman, 19, and Jose Ignacia Santiago-Sotomayor, 22, are being held on no bond in the Orange County Jail. Police are looking for Arthur Lee Coleman III, 26, and Karla Michelle Quiros Alsina, 20. Quiros Alsina was the one who drove the 14-year-old to the hospital in August.

All four face charges including first-degree murder, human trafficking of a child, procuring a minor for prostitution, racketeering, and possession and transmission of child pornography.

Police are seeking murder charges because the girl’s death happened while the four were allegedly committing other felonies, Orlando Police Chief John Mina said. Under Florida law, they can be held responsible for her death.

“It was foreseeable to everyone involved in an inherently dangerous felony that someone could have died during the commission of these felony crimes,” Mina said. “Therefore, everyone involved in the conspiracy to commit these crimes, regardless of their level of participation in the organization, will be charged with first-degree murder and is responsible for her death.”

Fields said the 15-year-old who was also pulled into the ring, is now safe.

“She’s doing fine. She is receiving help, and she’s getting everything that she needs,” Fields said.

The local girls were introduced to Santiago-Sotomayor through a mutual friend who knew they were looking to make money, though not through the sex trade, Fields said.

Santiago-Sotomayor told them sex work would be lucrative, Fields said. The girls were also threatened.

For about a week in August, the 14-year-old girl told her mother she was going to a friend’s house whenever she left home, police said.

The accused traffickers allegedly told the girls to send nude photos of themselves to prove they were not working with the police, Fields said. Then the accused traffickers used a classifieds website called to find clients and drove the girls to meeting locations.

This went on for about eight days, police said, until the 14-year-old overdosed. A police officer at ORMC started investigating and decided to call homicide detectives.

Since August, police have conducted interviews, pulled records including text messages and surveillance video, and executed search warrants. Fields’ affidavit, which was not made public in its entirety Wednesday, ended up being 732 pages long, he said.

Santiago-Sotomayor has been in the jail since Aug. 13, a day before the girl’s death, when he was booked on charges of grand theft, possession of a weapon by a felon and probation violation. Police say he introduced the girls to the other three suspects.

“If not for him, this whole thing would not have happened,” Fields said.

Holman was booked into the jail on Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation is still investigating the human trafficking operation, which police believe has already been dismantled.