I’m not a REPUBLICAN so it should come as no surprise. But let’s inform you fuckers out there who THINK I’m supporting her because she’s a woman. Umm no! That’s stupid. The ISSUES are really what matters in an election.

Her position on IMMIGRATION matches mine, her healthcare ideas match mine, gun policy is still up in the air, abortion matches mine, gay marriage and Veteran affairs, ok along with her ENERGY POLICY IS FUCKING AWESOME!!! SHE WANTS SOLAR PANELS!! By 2020! That right there is what’s up!

All the Bashing of Trump ain’t even necessary. Vote for the person who cares about YOUR ISSUES. Hillary Clinton plans to do the shit I want to see done. Donald Trump doesn’t! It’s just that goddamned simple!

We could argue all day about who did what and when. But it doesn’t matter at all. Somebody gonna win and I want it to be Hillary. If you don’t agree? Who cares?

I looked up Trumps issues on IMMIGRATION, I did not like it 100% with the exception of getting criminal aliens out of the country. I like his education plan, his position on abortion is tricky, most religious folks would support his ideas, I’m not religious. I’m pro choice. I actually like his gun policy. Ugh foreign policy… tricky again. Trump makes a great point about not being apologists to terror organizations and to stop apologizing for killing terrorist. I realize that we have many terrorist in the states right now that we allowed to come here. Trump would put a stop to that. I kinda agree with his foreign policy stance.

Healthcare, he wants to repeal ACA, Obamacare. No fucking way Trump!! No way! I’m alive because of Obamacare. If he wanted to add on to it, that would be fine. But repealing it? Taking healthcare away from people? Wtf is wrong with you?

Energy?? Meh it’s not terrible, but i’m all for the solar!! Veteran affairs, Trump hit the nail on the head. Economy and business Trump needs to realize that CHINA IS NOT STEALING JOBS. Companies are sending their business overseas. American business owners are sending the jobs overseas and hiring the Chinese because they can pay them much less than Americans. Chinese workers make products with cheap labor and then it’s sold to you at high prices. You can’t blame the Chinese for that.  Mexicans are not stealing UNITED STATES citizens jobs. Lol

Guns, in the 8 years under OBAMA, NOBODY TOOK YOUR GUNS. So  it does not really matter what party you vote for, they are not going to take guns away. With age you learn that this is just a ploy to get fear and votes.

National Security, His position is still securing the borders. That’s great. But neither he nor Hillary Clinton talked about the Muslim community already here in the US. SOME of them are terrorist. And I believe some of them are waiting to strike.

The two things that made me say hell no to Trump are HEALTHCARE AND ENERGY.

I want that SOLAR and I need my health care. Obamacare works great for me and my family.

Look every damn election we hear the SAME TIRED SHIT. Democrats want to take away guns. That shit ain’t true at all. That’s just fear talking. These politicians know how to latch on to your insecurity and fear.

Trump cannot repeal ACA. ITS DONE! he can add to it, but he can’t dissolve it, more scare tactics and why would you want to take away healthcare from anyone? Lol Trump says he wants EVERYONE to have healthcare,  he literally said that. So that means he’s going to try and get it for everyone. Everyone=everyone. Homeless, welfare mom, disabled, elderly. Same thing Obama tried to do. What’s the difference? Who is gonna pay for it under Trump? What makes his plan better than Obamacare?  I’d love to see his numbers. You seen em? Hillary Clinton doesn’t have numbers either, but she’s not trying to take healthcare away from the needy. Lol

Ain’t nobody got time for all that drama shit. Just do what I want. Lol I’m practical. It’s like picking a mate. You cook, you clean, you fuck, you funny, you loyal, you bathe?? Then it’s yes!

Look yall there’s two bitches in front of you. You want sex. One bitch says no and FUCK OFF! THE other bitch smiles and says COME IN. WHO do you choose?

Ok guys! That’s my shit.